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Season 2

29 Sep. 2002
Several people are murdered and Goren and Eames must find what connected them. Soon the detectives realize they are after a very intelligent and dangerous killer.
6 Oct. 2002
Bright Boy
Goren and Eames go up against a determined father and his gifted child while investigating the death of a social worker and the deputy mayor.
13 Oct. 2002
A university president is killed and the suspects include a professor who wants a chairman position, a grad student, and a lecturer from Oxford.
20 Oct. 2002
Best Defense
After receiving misleading phone calls, and discovering a severed brake line, A.D.A. Peter Bonham appears to be the target of a contract hit. When Bonham kills the hit-man, Gary Burke, in his wine-cellar, Goran and Eames set out to discover who hired him. All of the evidence uncovered by the Detectives seem to point directly at Bonham's own wife, a successful trial attorney. It doesn't take long after arresting her, however, for Goren to suspect that she is being framed, and why. The challenge facing the Detectives is proving it, while not tipping their hand to the ...
27 Oct. 2002
The death of a young mother in front of her children while they're in Chinatown points towards the events at Tiananmen Square, but the clues send them towards antiquities instead.
3 Nov. 2002
The murder of two deliverymen leads to a scheme to make money from drugs, and man's standing in his church community.
10 Nov. 2002
The murder of a wealthy man's two children and their friend has Goren and Eames looking at his ex-wife, but a closer look at the evidence reveals a different connection and sisters with an unusual attachment.
17 Nov. 2002
The Pilgrim
When a Pittsburgh cop's daughter goes missing, Goren and Eames find themselves on the trail of radical Muslims who will do anything to accomplish the next lesson for America.
1 Dec. 2002
The investigation into the murder of a Jewish woman turns towards her family once Goren and Eames find out about her husband's affair.
5 Jan. 2003
When a mob-related father-son murder-suicide doesn't hold true, detectives Goren and Eames find a connection to a nobody younger brother, a self-help guru, and two million missing dollars.
12 Jan. 2003
The death by vicious beating of an airline supervisor seems to point toward the men she's complained to management for harassment.
2 Feb. 2003
Suite Sorrow
After the tyrannical owner of a Manhattan luxury hotel is found submerged in her bathtub, evidence seems increasingly to indicate that the woman's death was the work of her deeply frustrated, long-suffering daughter.
9 Feb. 2003
See Me
A psychiatrist is stabbed to death one night in a park adjoining Gracie Mansion, and the killer seems to be a hostile schizophrenic from a nearby homeless shelter; but there proves to be far more to the case than meets the naked eye.
16 Feb. 2003
Detectives Goren and Eames are investigating the murders of several homeless people.
2 Mar. 2003
Soon after a notorious "Yuppie Killer" leaves prison, his mother is found dead. As Goren and Eames investigate, however, they find disturbing hints tying her murder to yet another infamous, but closed, case: the "Reservoir Runner Rape."
9 Mar. 2003
Cuba Libre
A millionaire ex-con's wife is murdered the night of his release, and as the detectives piece together a complex case they must somehow devise a way to use his extreme paranoia against him.
30 Mar. 2003
Cold Comfort
Esteemed former Senator Randolph Kittridge succumbs to cancer while his son and daughter wrangle over a codicil to his will providing that his body be cryogenically frozen after his death. But when not only the ailing Senator but also his daughter die, Eames and Goren start looking at murder suspects and their motives.
6 Apr. 2003
After a father and son are found with their throats cut, detectives Goren and Eames find everyone in the victims' supposedly "low-crime" neighborhood strangely reluctant to cooperate with the murder investigation.
27 Apr. 2003
Cherry Red
Goren and Eames try to unravel a deadly mystery after an elderly woman dies in a fire and bequeaths some of her estate to a young woman who is subsequently murdered. Soon their investigation turns to a shady state public administrator who has re-invented the concept of "grave-robbing." Goren discovers the suspect's weakness for expensive collector cars, but to make the case succeed in court, he might also need to exploit his quarry's personal relationships.
4 May 2003
The murder of a young collegian leads to the world of gambling and a man without fear.
11 May 2003
An investigation into the murder of a probation officer leads Goren and Eames into the world of Irish Travellers.
18 May 2003
Part 1 of 2: The murder of a crooked cop puts Detectives Goren and Eames on the trail of an obsessively clean doctor whose previous girlfriends all seem to be afflicted with a "zoonotic" disease -- or a virus found only in animals. Their probe also points to a preening veterinarian as well as a looming psychological component that is crucial to putting a bulletproof case together.
18 May 2003
A Person of Interest
Part 2 of 2: Goren's misstep while working a victim opens him to press scrutiny and ushers an old adversary back into his life.

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