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Season 1

30 Sep. 2001
Goren and Eames investigate a robbery at a house that left both of the residents dead.
7 Oct. 2001
A pair of art critics are found dead, leading Goren and Eames to discover a series of forged paintings.
14 Oct. 2001
Goren and Eames search for the killer of a pregnant woman who was struggling to stay clean from drugs.
17 Oct. 2001
The Faithful
Goren and Eames suspect a thieving drug addict is the killer of a Catholic church sexton.
21 Oct. 2001
Goren and Eames track a married lawyer suspected of murdering his petite girlfriends.
28 Oct. 2001
The Extra Man
A man found dead in a hotel room is thought to be an international con artist who has cheated a number of wealthy investors.
11 Nov. 2001
Goren and Eames suspect a nurse of poisoning several hospital patients with cyanide.
18 Nov. 2001
The Pardoner's Tale
Goren and Eames investigate the shooting of a reporter and his fiancé.
25 Nov. 2001
The Good Doctor
Goren and Eames attempt to locate the missing wife of a plastic surgeon.
9 Dec. 2001
Enemy Within
After a an elderly and paranoid businessman dies in his penthouse suite, Goren and Eames must sort through suspects that include his son, caretaker and wife.
6 Jan. 2002
The Third Horseman
Goren and Eames investigate the murder by sniper attack of an abortion doctor - a subject close to Eames' heart.
13 Jan. 2002
A psychiatrist and frequent expert witness becomes obsessed with a younger woman. When her young niece is suspected of being abused, the father is murdered. A messy divorce with mob overtones muddies the water.
27 Jan. 2002
The Insider
Goren and Eames suspect a murderous nightclub owner of stabbing a wealthy father to death.
3 Mar. 2002
Homo Homini Lupis
The kidnap of a man's wife and daughters turns out not to be for ransom, and catching the kidnappers comes down to Goren reaching a traumatized girl.
10 Mar. 2002
When a judge's clerk is found dead in the judge's home, clues point to a semi-professional hit-man. But Goren and Eames uncover rivalries and jealousies among the judges sitting on the bench. How can the detectives and ADA solve this mystery under intense political pressure?
17 Mar. 2002
Goren and Eames must untangle the story behind a mysterious man living a double life while telling his family that he is an economist for the United Nations. As his world of lies unravels, murder seems to be his only way out.
31 Mar. 2002
When a woman is found murdered in a hotel room with the same signature as an accused serial killer awaiting trial behind bars, Detectives believe it to be the work of a copycat. Considering that details of the case have been kept strictly under wraps, and the accused killer, Reddick, has had no visitors other that attorneys and psychiatrists, aids Detectives in limiting the suspect pool. Once Goren and Eames discover that Reddick is involved in a clinical study linking a brain lesion to rage killing, they grow to suspect that one of the doctors conducting the study ...
14 Apr. 2002
When the highly mummified remains of a woman long dead are discovered washed up along the Bronx River, Goren and Eames find that this cold case is an unsolved homicide investigated years ago by James Deakins, the man now their captain.
21 Apr. 2002
The American-raised daughter of a Russian mafioso, author of a tell-all memoir about growing up in a criminal family, is killed soon after starting work on a new project. But what was to be the undisclosed subject of her second book?
28 Apr. 2002
An apparent murder-suicide by an auditor at the city's comptroller office takes a turn when an audit of the school district's security system is found.
28 Apr. 2002
Goren and Eames investigate the death of a magazine publisher and a brilliant scam involving a sick child no one has seen.
10 May 2002
Tuxedo Hill
A female financial executive is framed for murder and blackmailed to hide her company's illegal stock practices.

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