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A smart and scary voyage into the uncanny realm where hard realities,mind-spinning myths, and hallucinatory visions blur.
Until it goes off the rails in its final 10 or 15 minutes, Wendigo, Larry Fessenden's spooky new thriller, is a refreshingly smart and newfangled variation on several themes derived from far less sophisticated and knowing horror films.
Fessenden uses an unsettling mix of montage, time-lapse photography and animation to create an atmosphere of great, unknowable menace that closely approximates the haunted spirit of Algeron Blackwood's unforgettable tale "The Wendigo." These hills are indeed alive.
Chicago Sun-Times
The ending doesn't work, as I've said, but most of the movie works so well I'm almost recommending it, anyway -- maybe not to everybody, but certainly to people with a curiosity about how a movie can go very right, and then step wrong.
Philadelphia Inquirer
A thriller fusing the primal elements of "Bambi" with those of "The Blair Witch Project."
New York Daily News
The intriguing elements never quite coalesce into a consequential whole; we leave this yuppie nightmare feeling both unsettled and unsatisfied.
Entertainment Weekly
If you think it all adds up to a bald-faced rip off of ''The Shining,'' you'd be right, with a crucial difference: Wendigo trades the puffed-up metaphysics of middle-class murder for the no-budget spectacle of...an incredibly fake-looking monster deer.
Boston Globe
Ultimately, this film is only scary if you're afraid of artfully self-conscious, grainy cinematography.
Fessenden cooks up a likably offbeat horror movie. But somehow, it never jells, never really scares us.
Wants to be a monster movie for the art-house crowd, but it falls into the trap of pretention almost every time.
New York Post
It all falls apart when the Wendigo unleashes its fury - no doubt upset at being neutered to look about as frightening as Bambi.

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