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So bad it gets to be compelling to see it through, like not quitting half way through a tattoo, or the dentists.
Russ Brown1 September 2016
For those who bought the wrong "20012" movie don't make the same mistake with 'Stranded' (2002). This clunker is so bad that it becomes stupidly funny, arguably the worst Science Fiction movie ever.

Lowest point, of many low points, in the screenplay was when one of the 'astronauts' did not know what happened to Apollo 13.

I note a vacuum in the goofs section on this page. No one has the energy to list them all.

I should have noticed the 2.8 IMDb rating, or the $1.2M budget, less than they were spending on some Westerns in the 1930s. And only marginally more than the lead cast members of TBBT get paid per half- hour episode. In fact the The Big Bang Theory's special effects when Howard went into space were far superior!
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More space junk from Fred Olen Ray
Leofwine_draca23 October 2015
Director Fred Olen Ray seems to pride himself in churning out the dumbest, most boring B-movies in history, and in that respect STRANDED is another string to his bow. It's about a crew of international astronauts who are stranded aboard a damaged space station, and the rescue crew's efforts to save them. Plus, there's action back on Earth, as some heroic types pursue some dastardly Russians who are withholding information crucial to the rescue attempt.

As with a number of Olen Ray films, STRANDED seems primarily to be a celebration of stock footage. Almost every time you see a space shuttle or an outer space shot, it's likely to be stock footage. The dialogue scenes are dull and the whole film feels as lifeless and weightless as a body floating in outer space; certainly for a film whose main aim is to thrill the audience, it fails spectacularly. Even a few familiar faces like those of Ice-T, action man Michael Dudikoff, Art Hindle (THE BROOD), and Andrew Stevens (THE FURY) fail to make an impression.
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Silly, but quite entertaining
suchenwi13 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I habitually check some IMDb comments after I bought a film (spent 3€ on this at the video rental bargain bin).. and I was surprised how many negative reviews this one got. So I let it simmer on my shelf for about a year, not expecting much.

But today, on a boring rainy holiday, I threw it into the DVD player. And guess what... I was positively surprised. Of course it didn't ooze out blatant realism, but which SciFi film does - from Melies' Voyage à la lune (1903), via Fritz Lang's Frau im Mond (1928), and countless others?

I felt reminded of Space Cowboys (in the culture clashes between Russia and the US, the heroic self-sacrifice, and more), or the nonchalance of John Carpenter's Dark Star as to realism in a space craft, escalators and all, and many others.

This is not to say that Stranded plays in the same league, but I cannot confirm the negative reviews I read. I had fun with Stranded, had some laughs at overly silly parts, but in general felt well entertained. And the Apollo 19 & 20 finale was cool, in my humble opinion.. :^)
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Sub-standard but still watchable...
No One9 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
The Russian space station 'Avna' with a crew of four Russians and two Americans is threatening to re-enter the Earth's atmosphere in a matter of days. Russia asks for NASA's help in rescuing the stranded crew and NASA scrambles the space shuttle Atlantis. The NSA also have an interest in the 'Prometheus', a prototype microwave power source being tested aboard 'Avna' and organise for one of their men to be placed on the mission.

That's the plot. Onto less important things. The space station and the shuttle are the same, blatantly obvious models used in 'Fallout', 'Memorial Day' and 'Dark Breed' (and a handful of other films, I suspect). The model effects are so obvious throughout the entire movie and make the film look very 1960s. The sets are a little better but are far too '80s for what is supposedly a brand new station built by an American company (which later comes in as part of a conspiracy to destroy 'Avna' and the 'Prometheus' and claim the insurance. The script has a few good moments (including Yuri's farewell and the little spiel at the end) but is otherwise fairly bland and sub-standard. The acting is okay; the only real standout performance comes from Alex Veadov who offers up some of the film's better dialogue. Michael Dudikoff is, surprisingly, one of the best parts about this film. Ice-T is Ice-T. 'Nuff said. The film offers a few surprises, though, that I don't wish to spoil.

Certainly one of the better low-grade, contemporary-set sci-fi films of the last six years, but not the best. The film is watchable but the special effects and plot will probably put a lot of viewers off. Rent the other 'Stranded' sci-fi film instead.
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"Black Horizon".I Knew It Was Going To Be Awful But Not This Awful!! As It's One Of The Most Boring Movies I Have Ever Seen, Not A Damn Thing Happens!
callanvass8 November 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I knew it was going to be awful but not this awful!!, as it's one of the most boring movies i have ever seen, not a damn thing happens!. All the characters are dull, and the story is stupid and incredibly boring!,plus The ending is especially lame!. The only reason i rented this piece of crap because i am a big fan of Michael Dudikoff, however he is wasted here, and looks extremely bored and shows no emotion what so ever!, plus i cheered out loud when the movie was over!. It's like the movie had no plot and it was all about nothing, and Ice-T is god awful(even though he is OK in some stuff), plus Dudikoff and Yvette Nipar had no chemistry together at all. There's one scene that the director tried to make emotional but he fails miserably as Yvette Nipar didn't really show all that much emotion, however there is a decent Car chase scene, but that's not enough for me to recommend this god awful film!, plus the dialog is atrocious. Avoid this movie like the plague not a damn thing happens, please avoid and trust me on this one you may thank me afterwords. The Direction is horrible!. Fred Olen Ray does a horrible job here, with shoddy camera work, laughably cheap looking set pieces, terrible angles, laughable use of stock footage, and keeping the film at an incredibly dull pace. The Acting is terrible!. Michael Dudikoff is nowhere near his usual amazing self, he looks extremely bored, and shows no emotion what so ever, his character is also extremely dull, as i can't believe he signed on for this piece of garbage, he also had no chemistry with Yvette Nipar(Dudikoff still rules!!!). Ice-T has barely anything to do and also looks bored, and he didn't convince me one bit. Hannes Jaenicke is not very good here, he had somewhat of a wimpy character, i didn't like him. Yvette Nipar is pretty but was really terrible here, she didn't show much emotion, and had no chemistry with Dudikoff, and as a result i didn't give a damn about her character!. Art Hindle,(Owen Marsh),Kathy Harren(Katharine Marsh), and the rest of the cast are bad as well. Overall Please avoid like the plague!, Fred Olen Ray and Steve Lathshaw should be ashamed of themselves!. BOMB out of 5
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OMG! Stay away from this movie! You have been warned! MAY have spoilers!
Miss_MiChiMi4 August 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I rented this movie because I am a huge Dudikoff fan. I figured it couldn't be that bad. Boy was I wrong! At the 15 minute mark , I was begiing the others to let me rip the DVD out and fling it back to the rental store, but they refused. They swore it had to get better.

They were wrong! This movie was lacking everything. The actors delivered their lines with as much emotion as a comatose rock! The plot was ridiculous and I was offended that Hollywood assumed people were dumb enough to enjoy it. None of the characters interacted very well with each other. Ice-T gives one of his worst performances here.

After watching footage of the wrong plane, bad guys standing up to get shot, and clips being emptied and missing everything, I wanted to scream and bang my head on concrete. The movie hit its plateau of ignorance when the people on the space station used an elevator to travel. Space suits are not needed and there is gravity in space regardless of what real astronauts may say.

I didn't finish this movie and hated it. I don't want to finish this movie. This is slow suicide. I could feel my cerebral cortex planning to avenge the torture I put it through.
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my god whatever you do don't watch this movie!!
mr0goodtime28 April 2005
Admittedly, you can put a model airplane against a black background and call it sci-fi, and thats enough to get me interested, so if you are like that, Black Horizon will at least get you interested before you watch it. The best part of the movie is when they rehash some actual footage of a shuttle launch.

The movie plays like the Naked Gun series, spoofing cop dramas with bad clichés and bad acting. Unfortunately, i don't think they meant to be funny, the actors really are made of cardboard, the dialog really does suck, so well just have to laugh at them, and not with them.

On a side note, it is rare to see a movie that takes place half in outer space, half on earth, and doesn't mix in the expected extraterrestrials and supernatural events. I really do ache for more realistic drama based on our space endeavors.
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I Can't Believe I Watched the Whole Thing
MsMamaBaby19 January 2005
I really should have learned more about this movie before renting it. It was one of those movies where you keep watching it figuring it's got to get better. Then, when it ends, you feel stupid for having wasted precious time in your life that you can never get back. Ice-T did his bad guy thing and, well, that was the highlight of the evening. The pictures of the shuttle looks like it was done with a little toy inside of a box and the spacewalking scenes were funny because you could see the strings attached to the space suits. The script was lacking and the car chase scene with the guy bleeding and going unconscious was incredible because he drove better than I could have on one of my best days. All in all, I have seen worse but this sure isn't one I'd recommend or want to remember.
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Disgrace of a Movie, Waste of Film!
benzulla15 December 2004
I borrowed this movie from my local library and thought it would be entertaining, particularly because it had an attractive cover and talked about people being stranded in mars. I was really very disappointed to note that it was the most unwatchable, disgusting movie ever. Screenplay is disgraceful, no emotion, no intelligent dialogues, the actors have no character, the captain of the ship doesn't even seem to be in command. Each character seems disjointed in the movie, each character seems to be acting in a high school play rather than in a professional movie! The story is just plain unbelievable too, and there are no reasons given as to why the movie moves the way it does. The cover talked about being stranded in mars and how they were rescued, but there was nothing about the rescue part..they just remain on mars the whole time. Most unbelievable was the fact that while more than one member is shown to die from lack of oxygen, towards the end, everyone in the spaces ship just open the doors and go out and seems to miraculously live. Everything seems to unreal...just too much a waste of time and money and effort. If I find any of the cast around, I'll really want to beat them up for taking up such assignments! YUCK!
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I've Seen Much Worse
laurielotso12 November 2004
After reading nothing but bad reviews of this movie, I went out to rent it just to see if it was all that bad. This coming from a woman, it was worth my $4.23 to rent it just to see how these once handsome actors aged. Michael Dudikoff is 50 years old so he was 47 when he made Stranded and he looks great... he is in great physical shape as well as his face and hair. Art Hindle of Porky's I & II (as Ted) is now 56. He still has his body in shape but his face is a mass of wrinkles for being only 53 when the movie was made. Andrew Stevens who was once so handsome in The Fury is 49 now and only one year YOUNGER than Michael yet didn't age as well. He still has his hair and body, but wrinkles galore. I have seen many movies worse than this and although I agree it wasn't that good, it certainly wasn't as bad as it's made out to be (once again a woman's opinion). So if you want to compare yourselves at 46 (Andrew) 47 (Michael) and 53 (Art) it's worth renting just to see how different people age.
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Ew, Ah, go on without me, it's too late for me.
Trey Roberson5 October 2004
Ed Wood rides again. The fact that this movie was made should give any young

aspiring film maker hope. Any screenplay you might have thought of using to

line a litterbox or a birdcage should now not seem that bad. Do not watch this movie unless you have a healthy stash of Tylenol or Rolaids. Watching this

movie made me realize that Boa vs. Python was not that bad after all. It probably would have been better to do this movie in Claymation as at least that way no actor would have had to take credit for being in this film. It is understandable why this director has so many aliases. There is a bright side to watching this movie in that if you can get someone to bring you a bag of chips, then you can eat your way out of the cocoon of cheese that surrounds you enabling you to

make your toward your TV set's cocoon of cheese that surrounds it.
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Apollo 13: why didn't this one die?
pwoods126 September 2004
What a clunker!

It MUST have been made for TV or Cable.

Look: forget the screenplay - forget the bunch of forgettable actors. Excuse me? Continuity? The NSA/NIA/whatever or whoever he is (an agent) takes-off in an F16 - is shown in an F18 chucking his guts up and, later, the aircraft shown taxiing is an F4 Phantom! Oooh, wish that I could be so cavalier.

Apart from the male actors(!?) The women are WASPS: blue-eyed and long-legged and, eventually, get to cry about the heroes who save them. Even when a solid weld could save most of the cosmo- astro-nauts, the blond drops the welding tool. Duh!

As an SF movie one out of ten. As a movie per se: 1/2 (that's a half point). They should have ditched the space station and headed for Mars.

Major raspberries.
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So bad, it's hilarious.
Rob Smythe12 September 2004
I kept with this turkey because my family wanted me to stay with them in the room. For a while I was angry, then began to laugh. The acting is awful, the script pathetic. (The only good line: "(pause) Ya."

Every cliché is used: - the million bullets that don't hit anyone, then each bad guy in turn stands up in full view and gets shot - the rookie who shouldn't be there but goes anyhow, first treated with little respect by the crew but gains their admiration - the rookie dies saving someone's life - the crew member who doesn't respect himself (drinks on the job) performs the ultimate sacrifice - the rousing "we're not going to let them die" speech near the end (remember Apollo 13's "not on my watch" and Independence Day's presidential inspiration speech) - the recruited, reluctant villain gets shot by the good guy but, just before dying redeems himself by passing on the "crucial" information - the successful just in time getaway - the greedy villain willing to kill to make the big business deal - the heroic female leader beginning to cry over a mistake but being pepped up by a crew member (shades of [slap] "Thanks. I needed that!) - cigars at the end!

One of the worst movies I've ever seen.
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belongs on 100 worst list
widescreenguy12 June 2004
I rented this movie (first mistake) because Ice-T was in the credits (2nd mistake) and I like his work on law&order svu. he must have lost a bet or something to wind up in this useless tripe. stock footage of an F18 hornet taking off. stock footage of a space shuttle taking off. stock footage of the Johnson Space Centre. and the final straw, walking about on a space station in full gravity (3rd mistake)

they changed the title from 'stranded' to 'black horizon' (4th mistake) just to fool people. I really need to check the IMDb comments before wasting my money on this kind of juvenile pap. am I ever glad my DVD has a fast forward because I cut the playing time from 90 minutes to under 30.

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Painful to watch.
Rented this tonite from my local video store. It was titled "Black Horizon." I guess someone felt this was good enough for a 2004 re-release...

Micheal Dudikoff is unfortunetly not a ninja in this movie, one of the major flaws of this film right off the bat. Another major flaw would be that Ice-t's action scenes are stolen from other movies, particularly the first scene of his rescue, which is directly from the Wesley Snipes movie "The Art of War," with Ice-T edited in. I hope they paid for that footage.

The plot is awful, the special effects had little effort put into them (love those wires holding them in space), the acting is wooden (also love those New York/Russian accents). Ice-T being in the movie is pointless. These guys also forgot the fact that there is no gravity in space, but I guess they weren't worried about it.

Micheal Dudikoff should go back to doing what he's "good" at and make American Ninja 6.
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Waste of time and money...
Vincent Black9 April 2004
If you can survive the first 20 minutes you better check for a pulse. This turkey was released at my video parlor under "Black Horizon", I spent $2 on the rental... I am kicking myself now. The movie was so bad I shut it off and I am tempted to run it through a microwave to protect others. It has bad acting, the space station scenes are shot in a gravity environment (might as well be on Earth). The characters are so paper thin you could give a rip if they die. Dialog... what dialog. Action... no action. Space aliens... Ice T? Watch out for this movie don't rent it, don't watch it, don't even look at it on the shelf. You might get a good nights sleep if like sleeping in front of your TV.
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Terrible Movie
LoudLoyd9 February 2004
Poorly acted, poorly written and poorly directed. Special effects are cheap. Best performance is by Yvette Napir, but that's not saying much. Story is a confusing mess about corporate greed leading to sabotage of a space station and an attempt to rescue those stranded aboard.

There is little suspense and even less action. There's one car chase that's not bad, but the rest of the movie is simply a waste of everyone's time.
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