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Horror Highlights: The Wraiths Of War Exclusive Excerpt, The Shelter, IFC’s Horror Marathons, 360 Degrees Of Hell, Slimer & Sloth Pins

The Wraiths of War hits shelves from Titan Books tomorrow, October 11th, so we encourage our readers to continue reading today's Highlights for an exclusive excerpt from Mark Morris' new novel. Also: a new trailer for The Shelter, IFC's "Wake Up and Smell the Evil" Marathon, 360 Degrees of Hell Vr experience, and photos / release details for the Slimer and Sloth pins.

Exclusive Excerpt from The Wraiths of War: Synopsis: "Alex Locke is desperately trying to hold onto the disparate threads of the complex web of time he has created. He travels to the First World War, living through the horrors of trench warfare in order to befriend a young soldier crucial to his story; then to the 1930s to uncover the secrets of a mysterious stage magician. He moves back and forth in time, always with the strange and terrifying Dark Man on his heels, gradually getting closer to
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Nymph aka 'Killer Mermaid' (2014) review

Reviewed by Kevin Scott

Nymph (2014)

Written by: Marko Backovic, Barry Keating, Milan Konjevic

Directed by: Milan Todorovic

Cast: Kristina Klebe (Kelly), Franco Nero (Niko), Natalie Burn (Lucy), Dragan Micanovic (Boban), Slobodan Stefanovic (Alex), Miodrag Krstovic (The Guardian), Sofija Rajovic (Yasmine)

As you can see from the very challenging names to spell in the cast, this film has an international flair. Some scenes were filmed in Montenegro and some in Serbia. As of this writing, this film is streaming on Netflix under the title “Killer Mermaid”. I tend to gravitate more towards “Nymph”, the films’ original title. It leaves a little more mystique and still lets the film hold on to that exotic flair I eluded to earlier.

If anyone remembers “She Creature”, it involved a killer mermaid as well. That’s the only other film that I know of that can be compared to this one. I liked it a lot,
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Back to Andromeda

By David S. Schow

Hall: “Where’s the library?”

Dutton: “No need for books — everything’s in the computer.”

One of the few regrets of my adult life is that I never got to meet Michael Crichton, who died too young, November 2008. Eminently emulatable, he had conquered publishing, film and television and remains a personal hero. I was hooked from the moment my father returned from his Arctic DEWLine duties bearing a paperback first printing of The Andromeda Strain, which I plowed through while in high school. Then immediately re-read, and re-read again.

I still have that paperback.

Subsequently I devoured everything Crichton wrote — the “John Lange” potboilers written to pay his way through medical school; the landmark A Case of Need (written as “Jeffrey Hudson;” a stingingly strong pro-choice novel done prior to the Roe v. Wade decision); even the dope fantasia Dealing, written with his brother as “Michael Douglas.
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Aip Remakes Set by Sam Arkoff’s Son, Hal Sadoff, Jeff Katz

Aip Remakes Set by Sam Arkoff’s Son, Hal Sadoff, Jeff Katz
Samuel Arkoff’s son Lou Arkoff, writer-producer Jeff Katz and Hal Sadoff are teaming to remake 1950s cult pics from the Arkoff-Nicholson library of American Intl. Pictures.

Katz, Arkoff and Sadoff will initially update 10 of the 25 low-budget titles in the library: “The Brain Eaters,” “Girls in Prison,” “She Creature,” “Viking Women & the Sea Serpent,” “Teenage Caveman,” “Runaway Daughters,” “The Undead,” “War of the Colossal Beast,” “‘Cool & the Crazy” and “Day the World Ended.”

All the redos will be set in the same Aip universe, with the possibility of the same characters appearing in several films. All 10 will be shot back-to-back, with production set to start this fall.

Lou Arkoff previously produced Aip remakes on Showtime’s Rebel Highway series in the 1990s, as well as a series of Aip creature titles for HBO Cinemas with Stan Winston.

Founded in 1954 by Samuel Z. Arkoff and James H. Nicholson, Aip was devoted to low-budget,
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Digital Fury: DVD Essentials for January

A Planet Fury-approved selection of notable genre DVD releases for the month of January.

Lightning Bug (2004) Image Entertainment Blu-ray and DVD Available Now

Effects guru Robert Hall’s semi-autobiographical film about a small town teen (Reaper's Bret Harrison) who has aspirations to become a special effects artist. An opportunity to manage the town’s local haunted house is thwarted by his alcoholic stepfather and the staunchly religious views of the surrounding population. The solid supporting cast includes That 70’s Show’s Laura Prepon, Hellraiser’s Ashely Lawrence and Kevin Gage. Written and directed by Hall, it’s an affectionate coming-of-age drama that works in spite of an uneven narrative that falls apart in the final half hour. Hopefully this new extended cut will remedy the scripting problems of the original release.

Special Features include:

* Never-before-released extended cut of the film.

* Making-of Featurette

* Audio commentaries with the writer/director and cast.
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Halloween TV 2010: Marathons, monsters and mayhem

Halloween week is kicking off Sunday, Oct. 24 and Zap2it's got you covered for all your spooky programming needs.

From marathons of classic TV Halloween episodes and Fearfest lineups to family fare like "It's the Great Pumpkin" and current shows' Halloween episodes -- we've got a little something for everyone. Enjoy!

Sunday, Oct. 24

ABC Family's 13 Nights of Halloween: "Teen Witch," "Bridge to Terabithia," "Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium," "Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory," "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," "Corpse Bride," "Disney's Trick or Treat," "The Spiderwick Chronicles"

AMC Fearfest: "The Wolf Man," "Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman," "Pet Cemetery," "Cujo," "House on Haunted Hill," "Return to House on Haunted Hill," "Constantine," "28 Days Later," "Jeepers Creepers 2," "Ghost Ship" and "Exorcist - The Beginning"

Syfy: "Boogeyman," "Boogeyman 2," "The Midnight Meat Train," "Timber Falls," "The Grudge," "Identity," "The Reaping," "The Rapture," "Dread," "Bram Stoker's Way of the Vampire"

Monday, Oct.  25

NBC: "Chuck,
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Carla Gugino goes straight to the web in Girl Walks Into a Bar

  • JoBlo
Stop me if you've heard this one: Carla Gugino and director Sebastian Gutierrez make a movie together. Wait, you have? Well, this one is new. The filmmaker and the sexy actress have (besides Irl) collaborated a number of times -- Women In Trouble, Rise, Elektra Luxx, the cable movie She Creature, etc. Their latest is the oddball comedy Girl Walks Into A Bar, the first major motion picture created exclusively for online distribution. Gutierrez says: "We want to prove that Web...
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Bert I. Gordon resurrects “The Pit and the Pen” column in Fangoria

  • Fangoria
Bert I. Gordon resurrects “The Pit and the Pen” column in Fangoria
Iconic sci-fi/horror filmmaker Bert I. Gordon (The Amazing Colossal Man, The Food Of The Gods, etc.) will be joining the Fango family this summer, reviving the long-dormant “The Pit and the Pen” column. The late writer/producer Alex Gordon (The She Creature, Ed Wood’s Jail Bait) wrote the popular feature for Fangoria magazine during the 1980s, presenting an ongoing diary of his wild and weird war stories from the front lines of the B-movie business during its heyday in the 1950s and ’60s.
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Elektra Luxx

SXSW Review

Elektra Luxx

Director: Sebastian Gutierrez

World Premiere

Spotlight Premieres

104 minutes

Complete Coverage of SXSW 2010


Pregnant porn star Electra Luxx (Carla Gugino) is trying to make a living teaching sex classes to housewives. But her life is thrown into disarray when a flight attendant (Marley Shelton) with ties to Electra’s past approaches her for a favor. Chaos ensues as fiancees, private investigators, a twin sister and even the Virgin Mary force her to face up to an unexpected series of decisions and revelations.

Director Bio

Sebastian Gutierrez was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela.

His feature credits include, as screenwriter: The Big Bounce (starring Morgan Freeman and Owen Wilson), Gothika (starring Halle Berry), Snakes On A Plane (starring Samuel Jackson) and The Eye (starring Jessica Alba).

As a director: Judas Kiss, HBOs She Creature, Rise and last years SXSW world premiere Women In Trouble.

Who’S It For?
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SXSW Interview: ‘Elektra Luxx’ Director Sebastian Gutierrez

I first became aware of director Sebastian Gutierrez when I watched one of his first films, She Creature. I’ve followed his career since that time and watched most of his other movies with interest. His latest, Elektra Luxx, the sequel to his ealier film Women In Touble, chronicles the exploits of former porn star trying to change her life now that she’s discovered she’s going to be a mother.

I caught up with Gutierrez during the recent SXSW Film Festival where his film screened to a packed audience, not once, but twice. Here’s what he had to say about the film, his creative process and working with his movie star wife Carla Gugino.

The Flickcast: This film is a sequel of sorts to your earlier film Women in Trouble, correct? Was your plan always to make a sequel to that film? I also heard you are actually going for a trilogy,
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SXSW 2010 – Day Three

SXSW 2010 – Day Three

The little gem and a film stopping short.

Complete Coverage of SXSW 2010

I’ve been taking the bus to the festival. Sure, I could sit here and describe the things I am seeing during the bus ride like McM (Mole Cheek Man) or .. well, I should describe him. He had this big mole on his cheek. Not so much wide, as it was tall. I couldn’t help but think about shaving. He had some significant stubble, so you know he’s stuck shaving twice a day at the least. How. How? How has he avoided the temptation of just taking the razor and slicing it off? I was stuck on that thought for a solid 25 minutes. Morbid? Not enough sleep? Sure, these are possible excuses for this train of thought, but really I just want a straight-edge and two minutes with that mole. Apparently this is
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Women in Trouble trailer

  • JoBlo
The sex comedy Women In Trouble seems to have it all -- gorgeous ladies, madcap mishaps, ample cleavage, Josh Brolin doing a dubious British accent, crying, breasts, characters named Elektra Luxx and Holly Rocket, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and a stripper getting hit by a car. If you need more than that to catch your interest, you may be hopeless. The film comes from Sebastian Gutierrez (Rise, She Creature), who's already in post-production on the sequel. Check out the trailer below or a bigger version at Apple.
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Rise: Blood Hunter (Tribeca Flashback Review)

“Even if you hate the movie, it’ll still look great,” said Rise: Blood Hunter writer/director Sebastian Gutierrez, introducing his film’s world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival and acknowledging the contribution of double-Oscar-winning cinematographer John Toll. As it turns out, I disagreed with both parts of that statement to different degrees; Toll’s images are good if unremarkable, and Rise itself, belying its long stint on the shelf, is a swift, efficient B-movie that doesn’t go anywhere surprising, but makes the trip an entertaining one.

Gutierrez (who previously scripted and helmed cable’s The She Creature, wrote Gothika and contributed to the screenplays of Snakes On A Plane and the remake of The Eye) gets Rise’s ball rolling with an attention-grabbing sex-and-violence sequence. He then jumps back six months to reveal how Sadie Blake (Lucy Liu) was transformed from an ambitious reporter digging into the
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Vinyan: Matters of Life and Death

Rufus Sewell, who stars in the haunted-jungle tale Vinyan (now out on DVD from Sony Pictures; see an exclusive clip below), thinks acting is a sham. More to the point, he agrees with writer extraordinaire David Mamet that acting schools are just out to rip you off—including London’s School of Speech and Drama, which he himself attended. However, he does acknowledge the benefits of such institutions as well.

“I believe it’s definitely worth getting that training, but I also don’t disagree with Mamet,” Sewell says. “It’s all a damn sham anyway, but if you want a part in the sham, you go along with it to a certain extent. I had no idea on how to become an actor, and it was very useful to be in a room with a lot of aspiring performers and have someone come along and look at us. If
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Before the Oscars, They Belonged to Us, Part 3

Disclaimer: This article may contain sarcasm; irony and “LOLs” proceed with caution.

The Final Chapter (read Part 2 here)! We have Howard the Duck, Freejack and Shyamalan flicks on the list; these are never good signs. Nonetheless we are bringing it all to you in full-color and in 3-D. (Ed. Note: Due to the economy, 3-D has been dropped and will be replaced by Smell-o-vision — check for your scratch and sniff cards in about 4-6 weeks.) Best Sound went to rage-zombie veterans Ian Tapp and Richard Pryke, leaving Mark Weingarten who worked on Rejuvenatrix in the dust. The Sound Editing section contains one too many references to Ron Silver, and at least two references to a Roger Corman film.

The visual effects category pulled on our heartstrings this year due to the loss of Stan Winston, who was noted en memoriam along with other heroes, Vampira, Leonard Rosenman and Charles H. Schneer
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'Rise' shines for Gutierrez, Senator Int'l

'Rise' shines for Gutierrez, Senator Int'l
Sebastian Gutierrez has signed on to direct Rise, an original thriller that he also wrote. Senator International will produce alongside Greg Shapiro of Kingsgate Films. Rise is a supernatural thriller in which a young female reporter wakes up in a morgue to discover that she is no longer among the living. She vows revenge against those responsible for putting her there and hunts them down. Casting for the lead will start immediately. Senator International will be fully financing the film and handling worldwide distribution. Nathan Kahane and Aubrey Henderson will oversee the project for Senator. Gutierrez wrote the Halle Berry starrer Gothika as well as the upcoming Elmore Leonard adaptation The Big Bounce, starring Owen Wilson and Morgan Freeman. Rise will mark his third outing as writer-director. He handled double duty on Judas Kiss, starring Emma Thompson and Alan Rickman, and HBO's She Creature, starring Carla Gugino and Rufus Sewell. Shapiro produced the upcoming New Line release Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle for Senator International and produced last year's The Rules of Attraction, directed by Roger Avary. Gutierrez is repped by WMA and Warren Dern of Offer, Weber and Dern. Kingsgate was repped by David Matlof of AHJTW.

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