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Best Disney Channel Movie Ever

Author: cdcolenda from United States
26 June 2005

This was by far the best "Disney channel original movie" ever. It is funny, good plot, and a great cast. The special effects were kind of corny but so what. This movie is a great family movie and I could watch it 20 times over before I get bored. A personal favorite.This movie is a thousand times better than Cadet Kelly and 10 times better than The Even Stevens Movie but not as good as Get A Clue. A funny, clever, lighthearted movie. Even teenagers will like this movie and that is saying something. This movie probably could have made a lot of money if it had come out in theaters, because Herbie fully loaded did and if Herbie can do it than the Irish sure can. This movie also teaches you a lot about Irish heritage and if you watch close enough you can learn some stuff.10/10

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Only minor flaws...But still good!

Author: BHorrorWriter from Ohio, USA
19 April 2001

Having a One year old means the Disney Channel is on...All the time! So, my wife and I are always reluctant to watch something we want...So, every now and again, The Disney Channel(TDC), throws out a commerical for one of their Prem-Ear movies. I have seen a few in the past, and felt they were okay kids movies...nothing special to speak about. I saw this preview for this movie, and thought: "Okay, this doesn't look too bad...Ryan Merriman is an excellent actor, and shined in Smart House." So, I gave it a go...

We watched it the night it premiered. I must say it was a good made for tv movie. IT didn't have the best script, sometimes corny dialouge, low budget special effect, but the actors....the actors held the movie together.

Ryan Merriman is probably one of the better actors among those of his age. He not a: "oops, I looked at the camera again, oh, what is my line, this is hard, i love acting though" actor. He is solid and delivers his lines like a professional! After being in the big screen flop that was The Deep End of the Ocean, Ryan has stayed on the small screen, or in the Indie Spotlight. I hope to see him excel in bigger roles with bigger actors. He is talented.

The parents in this movie were not typical Disney dumb parents. They had a secret to hide from their child and he was trying to figure it out. Not the other way around..Where the kid is hiding something and the parents give up way too easy to find out what it is...

The supporting characters kept up with the pace, and didnt act like they were acting. I would like to see a sequel to this movie...I don't know of a plot, but could be done...TDC has made worse decisons about movie

Overall, I would give this movie a 9 out of 10. The high rating because of the strong performance by Merriman. 7 out of 10 for the script.

I hope Disney puts this on Video or DVD i would like to own it

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Disney's Not Completely Evil

Author: Chris Winston from Fairbanks, U.S. Territory of Alaska
22 May 2003

Okay, I hadn't planned on this but it appears I must defend this movie. NO, this was NOT a great movie. Anyone who thinks so really needs to get educated in what makes a fine film. Basically nothing in this is great. On the otherhand, it's also not of the worst movies ever. Now as far as Disney Channel movies go this is about in the middle. I'm an adult, I found this somewhat enjoyable and not too terribly ludicrous or annoying. Believable? DUH! Of course this wasn't believable, it was a fantasy kinda like Star Wars and Mary Poppins... both great movies, neither highly believable. I tell ya, boyo, some people just gotta get an imagination to enjoy certain movies otherwise without a doubt they won't like them. People've also gotta realize that not every Disney Channel movie is playing to a wide ranging audience. This is clearly visible here. I don't believe the writers were thinking, `How will 40 year olds with a Masters Degree react to this part?' The writing and directing here, for the most part, is very simplistic. They weren't aspiring to reach Einstein-like intellectuals nor were they looking to please the true Irishman. So yes, on a grand scale this movie comes in below average. On a Disney Channel scale this comes in slightly above average. Couple things that were interesting: the Twin Peaks-ish musical score at times was practically the same as some of the musical score in Disney's The Poof Point... same dude, that's why. Obviously, he's not very original and surely Angelo Badalamenti is someone he emulates. Also, the casting of minorities - blatantly obvious in this and in SEVERAL Disney Channel movies where minorities are cast in supporting roles. Hardly ever is a Disney Channel movie chock full of white people. Unless a movie stars minorities like The Poof Point, Disney often feels the need to add minorities in supporting roles. In a way it's pathetic that they feel the need to do this. Don't get me wrong, i believe all people are equal. I just wonder what Disney's answer is! And why were these kids in Junior High School and not High School? Oh, I know, again Disney Channel is playing to a certain demographic. If these kids were supposed to be 14 and 15 years old then my name's Lucky O'Leprechaun. Well, in any case, this is a decent family movie and kids won't come away from it thinking anything bad or have a wrong impression about the Irish. What's here is harmless. Not well thought out, not appealing to everyone, but any adult with a decent imagination and some patience should enjoy it at least somewhat. One serious plus about this is the scenery. More movies oughta be filmed in Salt Lake City and the surrounding suburbs ‘cause it's just fantastic there! My grade for this movie: 5 Pints of Guinness out of 10... a.k.a. C-

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Pretty Lame but Pretty Fun

Author: Scars_Remain from United States
5 April 2008

I remember watching this film with my family when it first premiered on the Disney Channel. I must have been in 6th or 7th grade and I remember having a blast with it. It had a nice blend of comedy and fantasy and became my new favorite Disney Channel movie. I revisited it today and was pretty let down after 7 years or so passing by. This isn't the same movie! Don't get me wrong, I still like it had a fun time watching it but it's strange how we love movies as kids and then revisit them as adults and find that they weren't so great after all.

I liked Ryan Merriman in this because he was just some kid that no one knew about. Much better than the garbage he was in, Final Destination 3 and The Ring Two. The other actors weren't very good but they didn't ruin the movie for me. The story is silly Disney fun about a kid who loses his family's lucky coin and experiences a ton of bad luck while trying to steal the coin back. Sounds like a blast, doesn't it?

I would only recommend this if you're a fan of other Disney channel movies. It gets a 6 from me because it's fun to watch but I'd give it a 4 compared to other movies. You decide For yourself!

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Faith And Begorrah, It's The Leprechaun Potato Chip Tycoon

Author: bkoganbing from Buffalo, New York
12 November 2008

Now if anybody is thinking that Disney studios got the rights to remake the famous Twentieth Century Fox classic that starred Tyrone Power, put those thoughts aside. This film is about yet another Disney Channel teenager whose inquiry into his roots for his high school heritage day leads to all kinds of problems.

Poor Ryan Merriman has the decidedly unethnic last name of Johnson and as far as he knows his family hails from Cleveland. He doesn't know that his maternal grandfather is the head of Emerald Isle potato chips and further that he's a leprechaun. Which makes mom one too and Ryan a mixed breed that can be volatile.

When his lucky coin's been stolen from him that he's had since he was a kid by bad leprechaun Timothy Omundson, it's time to get in touch with grandfather and get the coin back.

One similarity with the 1948 classic is that a leading actor played a rather stooped version of a leprechaun in both films. Cecil Kellaway got an Academy Award nomination in the older film. Here Henry Gibson plays the leprechaun potato chip tycoon where in his factory it's required to speak with a brogue.

It's a Disney Channel film so don't expect too much from it. The cast is pleasant enough and easy to take. You can be sure to see Luck Of The Irish on the Disney Channel come Paddy's Day.

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It was never trying to be more than cute.

Author: Dewhistle from United States
27 March 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

And on basis of that, it did exactly what was wanted. I was surprised to like this movie since I'm in my 30s. But it's a light story that always keeps a sense of humor, and that's vital. A lot of mediocre movies are done with too serious of an attitude. This one is miles away from reality and was written, acted, and directed with that approach. Every Irish gag comes with a wink, even the touching moments stay light, and the finish is at once stupid and playful, and fun enough to pull it off. Things such as the boy's bewilderment after he trips and falls and cries in cheesy Irish brogue, "Oh, fer the love o' Mike!" are a stretch, fairly stereotyped, and still cute. The accents barely stay on the actor's tongues but you don't care. The story is just twisted enough that you'll watch it through, and not feel too stupid for having done it. This sounds like faint praise but it isn't... it's just how it is.

Light and silly but still enjoyable, it beats spending a St. Patrick's Day getting plastered.

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Pretty Good For a Disney Original Movie

Author: psush_girl ( from Philadelphia, PA
2 October 2004

I've never been a big fan of Disney Channel Original Movies but after seeing 'Motocrossed' and liking it, I decided to give 'Luck of the Irish' a chance. I wasn't disappointed. While I didn't like it quite as much as 'Motocrossed', it was still a good movie. It has a great lesson for kids: You should be proud of your heritage. Ryan Merriman also did a great job in this film. I have always been a fan of his work and this movie was no different. The other actors were good as well, though some of them had less than perfect Irish accents. The actor who played his best friend (Glenndon Chatman), however, was painful to watch. His acting was stilted and unbelievable. Now, as far as the plot was concerned, I thought it was pretty creative. It held my attention, anyway. I thought some scenes were a little silly and some of the Irish stereotypes were a little over the top, but I'd have to say that all-in-all, the movie did what I expected it to do. I especially like the ending; it was quite touching. But I won't spoil it for you. I recommend this movie for families to teach their children about being proud of their heritage and wanting to learn about their ancestors. I give this movie 7 out of 10.

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All in all this movie is great for those who are uneasy about there heritage

Author: Shifty Eyez from Australia
24 September 2005

I really liked this movie as I am from an Irish background I know the jokes and comments that were put into this movie. The movie clearly outlines what a true Irish man is like. Ryan Merrimans acting was sensational and he knew how to do the accent which was quite surprising. The movie is very creative and a feel good movie for all. The plot for this movie was very good and the cast were perfectly fit. The movie also has a good morale to it. The movie was in genre funny,sad and dramatic all rolled in one it is a significant movie for all. I recommend watching this movie as it is an exciting movie to watch

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My comments contain spoilers of this family film.

Author: sandynpat
21 October 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A popular teenager who is phenomenally lucky in everything he does--tests, sports, and avoiding difficulties--has a rude awakening.

In an effort to prepare for his school's Heritage Day, he attends an Irish festival and is robbed of his lucky charm. This event also leads him to find his estranged grandfather and begin a series of unlucky incidents ending with the discovery that his mom is a leprechaun.

He then must battle the evil leprechaun thief for the return of his family's luck. The age-old Gaelic sports competition is especially fun to watch.

The final out-tricking of the bad guy is clever and entertaining. I found this to be a delightful family film.

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Good film

Author: John (
25 September 2004

Not everyone can "understand" this movie - and I think misunderstanding it is the only reason anyone could give it a negative review. Movies like this one - by nature of being made-for-television and made-for-12-year-olds - are outside traditional standards for judging movies. In fact, a lot of the factors that would make regular movies bad, in this case, actually make this movie better: not-so-convincing accents, silly plot, random coincidences, and evil leprechauns. Luck of the Irish isn't about challenging intellectual beliefs or pulling heartstrings - it's the movie to watch with friends (that you're comfortable with) after knocking back a few drinks. And in that context, the weirder it is, the cornier it is, the better.

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