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San Francisco Chronicle
The result is something rare, especially considering how fine the novel is, a film that's fuller and deeper than the book.
Kidman, Moore, and Streep do some of their best work, backed by a first-rank supporting cast.
Wall Street Journal
The links and resonances remain largely abstract -- to understand them isn't necessarily to be moved by them -- while the individual dramas of those three lives are often stirring, and the three starring performances are unforgettable.
Chicago Sun-Times
For a movie audience, The Hours doesn't connect in a neat way, but introduces characters who illuminate mysteries of sex, duty and love.
Miami Herald
The film actually improves on Cunningham's novel, thanks to gorgeous cinematography, a deft script by playwright David Hare, a mournful, melodious but never intrusive score by Philip Glass and a superb cast that brings the delicately formed characters to full, raging, sorrowful life.
Charlotte Observer
Brilliantly interweaves stories that take place decades apart, and features stellar work by three of the best English-speaking actresses: Nicole Kidman, Julianne Moore and Meryl Streep.
These three unimprovable actresses make The Hours a thing of beauty.
Richly layered, deliberately paced, dealing with difficult emotions and life decisions, it feels like a moody wintry afternoon.
Entertainment Weekly
While we can admire their attractive exteriors, we don't know anything about the interior lives of the three women so vibrantly miserable in their unhappiness.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Though Daldry elicits brilliant performances, particularly from Meryl Streep and Claire Danes, on balance The Hours is more pretentious than penetrating about existential despair.
New York Daily News
A meticulous, elaborate stunt, a movie two degrees of separation from its source, and maybe another degree from viewers' hearts.

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