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Hounded is the bomb movie. Tahj is such a good actor and he's so...

Author: at3
12 August 2001

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

***SPOILERS*** ***SPOILERS*** Hounded is the the bomb movie. Tahj is such a good actor and he's so fine. You see, this movie is about a teenager who is trying to get a scholarship for this art school. In order to get it he has to do a presentation. He had a realy presentation that he drew himself but the principal takes it away. The principal's son, who is also trying to get that scholarship, steals it from his father and uses it for his presentation. Jay (Tahj) finds out and tells the principal. The pricipal already knows this but he wants his son to win so he tells Jay (Tahj) that his son couldn't have done it. Trying to find evidence, Jay (Tahj) goes over to their house while the family is gone. Finding nothing Jay (Tahj) attemps to sneak back out. But the family dog is somehow attracted to him. He follows Jay (Tahj) home. So then the adventure begins. I really think that this is a great movie for all ages. My advice to everyone who is reading this, is to go check it out.

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A Pomeranian With Issues

Author: bkoganbing from Buffalo, New York
18 February 2010

Tahj Mowry, younger sibling of Tia and Tamera Mowry, gets to star in Hounded, still yet another Disney comedy that's purportedly supposed to appeal to the youthful viewer. I'm not sure how young you have to be to appreciate this one and if you're too young you might get nightmares and learn a fear of dogs from Hounded.

Young Mowry is going to a really posh prep school and when his elocution project is stolen and presented by the headmaster's spoiled kid Shia LaBoeuf, he takes it lying down rather than speak up. The presentation could mean a scholarship.

So what does our young genius do? He breaks into the headmaster's house to retrieve his project and accidentally makes friends with little Camille, a seemingly friendly Pomeranian. But off her meds the pooch becomes the hound from hell and she wrecks the Mowry digs after she follows Tahj home.

Hounded though it has some cute moments is really just more silly than genuinely funny. Mowry gets his older brother Craig Kirkwood who's a drill instructor at a military academy involved as well and you can't quite believe someone like that would engage in the dumb behavior he does.

The Magic Kingdom went to the dogs for this one.

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give Disney a break

Author: friendlypain from United States
12 June 2007

my sister, who was five at the time, saw this movie and didn't seem upset at all about the crazy dog. in fact, she laughed most of the time and immediately realized it was a stuffed animal.

i could understand if a kid already was petrified of small dogs, but if they were, then wouldn't they demand NOT to see the movie? plus, Disney channel puts out an original movie EVERY MONTH, ALL YEAR. a movie a month is no easy task for this small Disney department, let alone a huge industry pumping out theater worthy movies. these Disney channel original movies (DCOM's) are low budget and rushed because Disney just likes the idea of having a new movie a month with a child-friendly message for kids to watch.

a parent should be appreciative of Disney channel. it's a great balance between the nickelodeon shows that seem to skip from toddlers with nickjr. straight to the tweens. the shows nick has for the ages in between are suitable and clean, but never have a message. they seem just fine entertaining kids by having cartoons picking noses and being ridiculous.

hounded has a great message. and it's free to watch. so just chill out and know your kids are gaining good perspectives and morals.

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Author: BluAngelWings103
14 August 2001

I liked it. It was funny and good for little kids. However, they kept trying to for Jay into Starkwell. It is sort of telling kids to do what others want you to. My little sister liked this movie. But some of the actors were overacting.

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kinda stupid

Author: Shia_Fan_All_The_Way ( from Rosamond, CA
22 May 2003

okay to tell you the truth the only reason why i would ever watch this show is because of shia labeouf. this movie had a way stupid plot. tahj mowry is an okay actor but he just wasted time on this. the dog thing was really stupid on how it went beserk on them. i would give this movie a 3/10

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Author: Justin Rashidi ( from Southern California
14 August 2001

This is a very funny movie!!!! Hounded has a lot of heavy and a few moderate laughs. It's a must-see for any Tahj Mowry or Shia LaBeouf fans. It makes you laugh your head off! HA HA HA HA!!!! **** out of **** stars!

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so disappointed

Author: movie addict from phoenix AZ
27 April 2001

Most of the disney original movies are pretty decent, some are even surprisingly good. This is not one of them! This movie is a total waste of time for anyone over 5. The plot is weak, the situations stupid, overdone and downright boring. I can't believe Neil Israel did this movie. Did he read the script before he decided to do this project?? I'm sure that disney was counting on the strength of their lead, Tahj - a very watchable and likeable actor, but there is just nothing else in this movie. It's flat, boring and basically an all around pathetic effort and has nothing to offer that isn't contrived and/or stolen from some much better movie. I'm guessing the only positive reviews will be from 10 yr old girls with crushes. This is by far the most disappointing of the disney orig. movies that I have seen so far. Shame on you disney, the trash bin is the one located next to the recycle bin, use it next time you have a project that just didn't work in the end.

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A poorly written movie with little plot

Author: DKlug
16 April 2001

I kind of thought this movie would be better then it is, but its not. The script is terrable, and there is hardly an plot. A teenager is left at home alone because his mom and brother are away. Well, this kid stole a presentation from him, so he goes to find evidance in the kid's house while hes away. A cute little dog finds him, and wouldn't leave him alone. Although there are a few parts that are funny, this movie is overall an exercise in boredom for the viewer, and could be tould in a half hour. Don't waste your time seeing this.

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could have been better

Author: AnimagusGirl from USA
31 October 2002

This definetly could have been better. I was confused half the time: Is the point of this movie taming or returning the dog...and it definetly could have been better.

Seventeen Again is much better if you're a Tahj Mowry fan.

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Not for tots!

Author: Larry Kloth from Chicago, IL
7 May 2002

"Hounded," a Disney Original, naturally has become a staple of the Disney Channel. Watch it only if you have absolutely nothing better to do. No -- don't watch it --stretch yourself and find something better to do. A lot of what the Disney Channel runs is pretty inane and forgettable. That goes double for "Hounded." Except that there is something very disturbing in what the makers of this film consider humorous. What I'm referring to is how the little dog, deprived of his medication for a behavioral problem, becomes very vicious, goes berserk, wrecks the house it's in and attacks people. Much of the dog's behavior falls into the category of "cartoon violence:" a Pomeranian obviously can't punch a hole through a door nor can it fly. The film makers might have succeeded a little more if they had stayed with that. But no -- time and again the dog attacks the boy who is stuck in the house with it and all that it looks like is a snarling little dog viciously biting a boy. Man, that's funny. That scene alone should take "Hounded" off the list of movies suitable for small children. Are we to the point that parents of small children have to be wary of the Disney Channel? C'mon Disney -- can this one.

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