Hellraiser: Hellseeker (Video 2002) Poster

(2002 Video)


[as he sticks Trevor in the back of the neck with a pin]

Pinhead: Which do you find more exhilarating, Trevor, pain or pleasure? Personally, I prefer pain.

Pinhead: Welcome to the worst nightmare of all... reality!

Pinhead: All problems solved? Not so simple, I'm afraid.

Chief Surgeon: You're freaking me out. And I'm a coroner.

Chief Surgeon: What have we got here?

[pulls an eel out of Trevor's throat with tweezers]

Chief Surgeon: And we have a winner. OK, zip it up, we'll finish at the morgue.

Dr. Allison: Wait, wait.

[to Trevor]

Dr. Allison: Sorry I had to leave you like that for a minute, Trev. I'm back. Can you hear me, Trevor?

Chief Surgeon: [disgusted] Jesus, Allison, what possesses you to talk to cadavers?

Dr. Allison: What if there's no afterlife? Wouldn't you want someone to talk to you like a normal human being one last time?

[touches Trevor's hair]

Chief Surgeon: You're creeping me out and I'm the coroner.

Pinhead: [as the Seller of the box] Wherever there is hate, violence, depravity... a door will always be found.

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