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Season 1

12 Jun. 2001
Det. Sara Pezzini is slowly learning more about the witch blade. She also finds herself before a hostile review board as they try to piece together what happened at the Rialto Theater. She is saddened to learn that her mentor, Captain Joe Siri, is retiring and he leaves her something from her father. When Sarah and her new partner Jake McCartey answer a call to a shooting scene, they learn of a now defunct secret military program to create assassins known as the Black Dragons. One of the remaining Dragons, Hector Mobius, seems to be on the rampage and whom is planing ...
19 Jun. 2001
Sara and Jake investigate when skeletal remains are found carefully posed in a downtown park. Using missing person reports, they determine that the remains are those of Gina Maris, a model employed by Dominique Boucher. Slowly, Sara begins to realize that the woman's death and Boucher are somehow related to the Witchblade. She is shocked when she interviews Karen Bronte, Gina's roommate, only to find a photo of a woman and a young child whom Karen claims is her mother and grandmother. The grandmother could be Sara's identical twin. Irons informs Sara that Dominique ...
26 Jun. 2001
Sara and Jake investigate a series of serial murders in the art community in New York. All of the cases somehow seem related to artist Isaac Sullivan but he has cast iron alibis for all of the murders. Much of the case involves the gay community and Sara takes Jake to task over his homophobia. Sara meets Gabriel Bowman and continues to learn about the history of the Witchblade and the fact that only one who is chosen can use it. Kenneth Irons interferes with her attempts to gain more knowledge about her past.
3 Jul. 2001
Pezz investigates the ritual murders of young women. With some assistance from Kenneth Irons, she learns of an ancient Celtic legend that tells of human sacrifice required to bring back to life a warrior queen. She also meets Conchobar, an Irish rock singer who has a profound effect on her. From Gabriel Bowman, she begins to gather information about the woman who may be her grandmother and her role as an Allied spy during World War II.
10 Jul. 2001
The police arrest a troubled young man, Edward Nolan, for the murder of Monsignor Joe Bellamy. Except for Pez, the police are convinced that he is guilty. She is not ready to assign guilt so quickly, particularly when another priest, Father Del Toro, suggests that Nolan may be possessed. Using the Witchblade, Sarah is able to make contact with he dead priest in the same way she can speak to her now dead partner, Danny Woo. She learns that the Vatican may have a particular interest in the Witchblade. Del Toro is not what he seems or claims to be. Sarah continues her ...
17 Jul. 2001
Sara has to rescue her boyfriend, Concobar, when an Irish gang kidnaps him. They're actually looking for his older brother Edward, a member of he Irish Republican Army who reputedly set off 20 car bombs in Belfast. Sara will stop at nothing to find him, but her late partner doesn't approve of her methods. When the kidnappers agree to release Conchobar for a hefty ransom, one of the gang also demands the Witchblade bracelet. When Kenneth Irons refuses to help her out, Sara seeks to get the money from the police evidence room.
24 Jul. 2001
Sara is grieving over the loss of Conchobar and her partner Jake is worried about her well-being. The time has come for Sara to undergo a test of worthiness, the Periculum. In a dream-like state she meets some of her predecessors who explain the power and origins of the Witchblade and her own role in the world. If she fails the test, she will die. Meanwhile, Captain Dante invites Jake to join a group within the police who ensure that justice is done - and don't hesitate to keep any of the financial proceeds that might come of it.
31 Jul. 2001
Captain Dante assigns all of his officers to track and hopefully arrest Armand Parsegian, a known arms dealer. He is assassinated before anything can be done however and Sara has a vision that indicates there is a connection between the murdered man and Kenneth Irons. She also sees Ian Nottingham as the assassin. Meanwhile, Gabriel asks for Sara's help when his best friend is found hanging from the rafters in his apartment building. He is convinced that his friend was murdered but again, Sara finds a connection to Irons. Jake decides to accept Dante's offer to join ...
7 Aug. 2001
Sara learns about the White Bulls from her late father who left her a video statement. She also knows who killed Prospero, a local pimp - Detective Orlinsky. She also learns of the long standing feud between Captain Dante and her father. She visits her old Captain, Joe Siri, who tells her of the role the White Bulls and Captain Dante played in her father's death. Kenneth Irons offers to help Sara but she is wary and it turns out that Dante also has powerful friends.
14 Aug. 2001
With her life is danger from the White Bulls, Sara's not sure who to she can trust. Even with partner Jake's revelation, she's not entirely sure she can trust him. Kenneth Irons desperately needs something from Sara or he will face dire consequences. He tries to get Captain Dante to call off his hunt for Sara, but the Captain is dead set on eliminating her. Sara and Jake set a trap for Dante but she is shocked when she learns who actually gives the White Bulls their orders. Sara learns of her extraordinary powers and how to use it to right many wrongs.
21 Aug. 2001
Kenneth Irons tries to get Captain Dante to call off his hunt for Sara, but the Captain is dead set on eliminating her. Meanwhile, Sara and Jake set a trap for Dante but she is shocked when she learns who actually gives the White Bulls their orders. Sara learns of her extraordinary powers and how to use it to right many wrongs. Sara's unlikely protector, Ian Nottingham, surfaces with a life-threatening passion to watch over her that leads to irrevocable consequences. Sara has no choice but to accept the destiny that comes with wielding the gauntlet and use it to ...

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