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Waiting for a DVD release
squeezewax2 July 2004
I was familiar with Andy Dick from Newsradio, but was introduced to the real comedy of Andy Dick by his MTV show.

It was amazing! So funny and creative. I looked forward to seeing his new shows and was gone!

To this day, I remember those hilarious Andy Dick skits and sketches, Kid Christ, The Anus and Andy Show, Daphne Aguilara, Marilyn Manson. I still have the clam-al-toe song in my head.

I cannot believe MTV let the Andy Dick Show go. He is a true gem of comedy and I am a now a big fan of Andy Dick. I am looking forward to seeing his new show on MTV, The Assistant, but I miss the old one. So I'll be here waiting and waiting for a DVD. Please let there be one?!
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An absolute ABC classic!
Catherine_Grace_Zeh1 August 2006
"THE ANDY DICK SHOW," in my opinion, is an absolute ABC classic! I haven't seen every episode, but I still enjoyed it. It's hard to say which episode was my favorite. However, I think it was always funny when a mishap occurred. I always laughed at that. Despite the fact that it was a short-lived series, it was nice that all of the main characters had stayed with the show throughout its entire run. It seems that no one stays with a show throughout its entire run. Everyone always gave a good performance, the production design was spectacular, the costumes were well-designed, and the writing was always very strong. In conclusion, I hope someone brings it back on the air for fans of the show to see.
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Andy Dick does not belong on MTV; he deserves so much better!
hmm_7 September 2001
ANDY DICK DOES NOT BELONG ON MTV! He should move his show to HBO or Showtime. More flexible timeslots, and freedom to do more than what MTV is letting him do. Oh yeah obscenities un-bleeped also would be cool. I agree with the first person who commented about this show, Dick is a funny and talented person, he shouldn't have to prove this by only giving MTV ratings.
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Fiona45 May 2001
The "Andy Dick Show" is the best show on T.V.! I have never missed an episode of it!It is a very creative,Funny,and very "Dick"!

Andy is the most talented person on earth! He is my biggest rolemodel (next to God)I give the "Andy Dick Show" 5 big bright stars! *****
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the best show on MTV
mjos12 September 2001
i just love this show! i think it is Andy Dick at his best. he was wonderful on Newsradio but this is his show and it is hilarious. my favorite character that he does is Daphne Agularia. i like other shows on MTV like TRL, say what kareoke, jackass, and celebrity death match but the Andy Dick show is the best.
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Dick Rules!
fashionbabe8013 September 2001
I have read some of the comments of "The Andy Dick Show." I can't belive you people say that about Andy. He is cute and funny. My friend and me we never miss an episode and we love to intimidate he's skits. So what I'm saying watch Andy once and give him a chance.
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Hilarious stuff
klintmcintire13 February 2011
This short-lived series was, in my opinion, the greatest collection of sketch comedy ever. "The Andy Dick Show" is without doubt one of the most under-appreciated comedy shows of all time. Unfortunately, the series still hasn't been released on DVD (as of February 2011). I'm guessing that there must be some sort of conflict between Andy Dick and MTV, otherwise I can't fathom why the series was never given a DVD release. Unless you're able to find a VHS to DVD bootleg on Ebay (what I had to do), or a torrent file of the series, I'm afraid to say it's impossible to presently watch this comedic paragon. Check it out if you're able to.
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It's been awhile...I need the DVD!
noizyme14 March 2006
This show was a great return for Andy Dick for his own show (much like his work on Ben Stiller's confusing whirlwind of a show). Everyone remembers Daphne Aguilera and his Marilyn Poppins characters. I loved the stalker-for-hire sketch and just about everything that was shown on this show.

I hope that the lawsuit filed against the crew of the show goes through so they can deliver the goods on DVD soon (or in my lifetime). This was one for the MTV books because, if I remember right, this was a great and hugely comedic show for them. I hope all goes well with a release of the DVD again.
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Dick does not belong on MTV..
HogMild7 March 2001
The Andy Dick Show (as broadcast on MTV) is a mediocre sketch comedy show that basically spoofs MTV programs and pushes the limits of TV censoring.

Although Andy Dick is a brilliant comedian, it seems that this show could do better. (Dick does not belong on a Music Television Station, he belongs on HBO.) In order to understand many of the jokes, you have to be familiar with MTV programs and it seems that MTV is trying to re-create the success they had with the inane Tom Green Show by giving a wildly unpredictable comedian his own half hour program.

There are moments that are absolutely priceless (Dick teaching a Prison Guard how to intimidate prisoners, and a documentary about Dick's personal assistant who, among other things, changes Andy's diapers and pre-chews his food), and there are moments that make you want to change the channel (the entire "Boogie Man" skit).

Andy Dick, (who writes, stars AND directs) is an amazingly gifted person and it is unfortunate that the only way to see this man's talents is by giving MTV ratings.
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forgetting the question mark guy
hustongregor6 April 2004
Everyone is failing to mention the question mark guy who runs around trying to sell his book saying you'll get free money from the government. Dick makes this skit great by saying you can have sex with the entire country of Thailand....FREE!!! or something like that. You also can not leave out Zitty, who is trying to become a male model, while eating beef jerky from his portfolio and using crisco as an acne wash. Or the cell phone executive with a giant tumor on his ear. Daphne Aguilera was funny at first, but I became tired of it by the end. Although that clam juice or whatever skit was pretty damn funny. All in all, it was a great show that should come out on DVD soon, hopefully.
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