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a very well done Joanne Kilbourn murder mystery
disdressed1210 February 2007
this is a Joanne Kilbourn mystery,of the continuing series of movies with Joanne Kilbourn(Wendy Crewson) as the main character.Basically,Joanne is a retired police officer,who finds herself knee deep in one mystery after another,involving murder.Technically,she aids the police in the investigation,although she does most of the work,and ends up solving the crime herself(with the help of the police).the police,at least in this movie,are represented mainly by Inpector Philip Millard,Joanne's old partner,played by Victor Garber.both Crewson and Garber are first rate actors,and work very well together.both are very credible in their respective roles,and add an extra air of legitimacy to the project.the rest of the cast is also strong.This movie is very suspenseful,has a lot of action,and some pretty violent and graphic(for a TV movie)scenes.the production value feels much higher than it probably is,a rare treat for a TV movie.there is certainly no "movie of the week" feel to this one.I really enjoyed it.i only wish we had more actors the calibre of Crewson and Garber in more movies.(Garber can be seen in the thrilling spy series "Alias",with Jeniffer Garner,and Crewson has been in some high profile American movies)both are underused and underrated in the film industry.Any way,enough prattling on.this movie gets a strong 8/10
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Third film in the Joanne Kilborn series
iamluvd31 July 2003
I loved the changes that we see in the character of Joanne Kilborn in this installment. She is branching out into the world of Television journalism, bringing her own brand of honest and ethical views of law enforcement to the public eye. She is more confident and seems to have her personal life more in order. This being said, Wendy Crewson, as expected, continues to deliver in this role. She effectively portrays the worried mother, as she watches her oldest son become involved in a toxic relationship, and she carries that concern and compassion to include girls trapped in prostitution, trying to help them change their lives while she is also busy solving several murders in her spare time. Is there nothing Joanne Kilborn can't do?!!! Ms. Crewson makes it all engaging entertainment. What more can we ask?
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Another "somebody is killing hookers" clone
helpless_dancer5 November 2001
Nothing new or particularly intriguing with this thriller wannabe. As is current we have the power women and their lackeys educating us all on how much better the world would run if only the girls were at the helm. The police go all out trying to figure out who is bumping off these wonderful pillars of the community as the power chick weeps and moans over their plight in life. These characters were all cut from the same pattern as in past similar films: I could only yawn and sigh as the "surprises" reeled off toward the end. I've seen worse movies, but this was a long way from being anything but another tepid whodunnit.
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