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A comic actor of genius who raises silliness to an art form, the wonderfully expressive Atkinson makes excellent use of those devastating looks in the spy spoof Johnny English, where he turns up as a James Bond type more likely to kill adversaries by accident than on purpose.
Wall Street Journal
The movie is, at times, funny enough to make you cry, and, when it's not, it moves nicely as a parody.
Entertainment Weekly
The hilarious Malkovich, coiffed in an artful pageboy and savoring a fruity French accent, would overpower the competition on sheer thespian madness.
The jokes often are corny or labored, and the story is predictable. However, Atkinson raises the movie to the level of good fun by the force of his outrageous persona and skill at physical comedy.
New York Post
It's a chaste "Austin Powers," a less ridiculous "Casino Royale," a more subtle "Spy Hard" - in other words, yet another James Bond parody.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Once in a long while, it even comes tantalizingly close to that rarest of modern film commodities -- ribald wit.
Aussie singer Natalie Imbruglia gets to play the babe, nothing more, but she does that brightly. The rest of the movie is a dim bulb.
By playing the boob so brilliantly, Atkinson allows us the catharsis of recognizing our own incompetencies and lack of poise.
New York Daily News
There weren't enough good laughs for me to recommend it to anyone other than the most devoted Beanheads.
Chicago Tribune
An old-fashioned comedy. And in this case, "old-fashioned" means tired, out of date and so abominably blah that you'll fall asleep in your popcorn.
Where's the real 007 when we really need him? Or better yet -- Calling Inspector Clouseau!
Miami Herald
Despite its contemporary-sounding anti-French cracks, could easily have been made 20 years ago.

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