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Portland Oregonian
Though you get caught up in the criminal element (you really want these people to get away with it), you're also fascinated by who to trust. It's an unusual dance between the awkward and plain that becomes romantic and thrilling -- a subtly impressive feat to say the least.
Entertainment Weekly
Expertly sinister, office-as-devil's-playground French thriller.
Wall Street Journal
Since you can't read my lips, read my words: See this movie.
Washington Post
Fascinating and transgressive love story.
It's a wholly amoral movie, but it's honestly amoral. And that's a relief for the audience.
New Times (L.A.)
Audiard keeps things shaky, grim, claustrophobic, doomed. His film has the feel of documentary, as he follows Clara through the daily grind that pulverizes her. We're in her head, literally.
New York Daily News
A gritty thriller on the theme of the con man conned. It works as well as it does thanks to a captivating lead performance by Emmanuelle Devos and the superb direction of Jacques Audiard.
Charlotte Observer
The two leads don't have sexual chemistry together, but that's part of the point.
New York Magazine (Vulture)
Devos is especially fine as a woman whose inner solitude carries depth charges.
The first half is a well-acted psychological drama, but the second half is standard thriller fare with more action than insight.

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