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Not a heist film, a thriller, a twisted romance, a film noir or a character study, but a unique concoction that bends all these genres to its vision.
Entertainment Weekly
Expertly sinister, office-as-devil's-playground French thriller.
While the plot twists in Read My Lips may be too intensely melodramatic for some tastes, the performances of the two leads are impeccable, just about compelling our belief.
Wall Street Journal
Since you can't read my lips, read my words: See this movie.
Chicago Sun-Times
Not a simpleminded movie in which merely being ABLE to read lips saves the day. In this brilliant sequence, she reads his lips and that ALLOWS them to set into motion a risky chain of events based on the odds that the bad guys will respond predictably.
Philadelphia Inquirer
This is the kind of unusual but involving picture that's ripe for a Hollywood remake - but while you're waiting for the Sandra Bullock-Ethan Hawke edition (it's a good post-movie game: coming up with your own casting ideas), Read My Lips is well worth checking out.
An inventive, propulsive office thriller.
A finely written, superbly acted offbeat thriller.
New York Post
Isn't just scary, charming and delightfully unpredictable - it's also smarter and subtler than any new movie out there.
Unlike in many character studies, the plot is more than just a simple framework. It is complex and unpredictable, and, as a result, provides the perfect means to better get to know the characters and understand the shifting nature of their relationship.
Baltimore Sun
An unconventional and engrossing French thriller.
New York Daily News
A gritty thriller on the theme of the con man conned. It works as well as it does thanks to a captivating lead performance by Emmanuelle Devos and the superb direction of Jacques Audiard.

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