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Author: keanuette from London, England
10 January 2002

I hate to see Keanu Reeves as the butt of jokes, but I have to congratulate whoever wrote this parody for taking the right royal mick! It was brilliant!!

Sending up the Matrix, done so many times, but not as cleverly as this!

Putting Carrie from "Sex and the City" into Neo's role and Jimmy Fallon into Trinity's role as Neo was a scream.

I haven't laughed so much in ages. If you can get your hands on a copy of this ~ do so, you won't regret it.

I especially like the non-plussed look on Keanu's face as he was watching it.

Let me remind you ~ Ted 'Theodore' Logan was a character. It isn't how Keanu is in real life. He's a very intelligent, articulate fellow and doesn't deserve this funny as it may be.

Well done!

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Wishy washy

Author: Thomas ( from Berlin, Germany
19 February 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

"Sex and the Matrix" is a 5-minute short film from over 15 years ago and a combination of the famous television series and science fiction film in the title. The MTV Movie Awards loved doing that back then and so we see host Jimmy Fallon as Neo and all the girls from "Sex and the City", especially Sarah Jessica Parker in this unusual combination. I cannot say I laughed once, maybe because I am not a great fan of any of the two things mixed up in here (or of Jimmy Fallon), but still. I do not recommend watching this and there are many more entertaining mix-ups from other years with much better comedy. Thumbs down for this one and I do not recommend checking it out.

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Little Was Needed to Actually Spoof The Matrix Reloaded.

Author: Evil_Magus from United States
19 July 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The Matrix Reloaded was one of the worst movies I have ever seen in my life (although not THE worst). It needed very little in the way of spoofing this to make fun of it. But this short spoof did an excellent job, making fun of the three most ridiculous scenes of the entire film (the rave at Zion, The Fight with the X,000 Smith's and the scene with The Architect).

The Zion scene was ridiculous to begin with, a 10 minute long scene of a rave that bordered on an orgy. This takes it a step further and makes it just that. The scene with the Smith's was ridiculously long, repetitive and ended on a whim. This mocks the scene, and funnily so, but it doesn't mock the correct parts of it (although that might just be because it was so utterly ridiculous to begin with). Then the scene with The Architect, that was the most hilarious part, and the best use of archived footage in the entire spoof.

This is more consistently funny than, say, the Jack Black: Spider-Man spoof, although it never quite becomes as hilarious. The footage they use of Keeanu Reeves was brilliant. They connected the spoofing scenes together well with whatever that Hallway in the movie was. Overall, it was a memorable and worthy mocking short.

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Pretty good except for Jimmy Fallon......

Author: troyuselius from Canada
27 February 2006

This would have been a great spoof if Jimmy Fallon wasn't in it. He almost ruins this spoof with how bad he is which is ridiculous seeing as it is only a very short parody! Sarah Jessica Parker is great in her Sex and the City role even though she is not exactly focused on, she is more just a small bit part in the short movie.

The script is very funny and combines Sex and the City and the Matrix very well. If you have seen the show and the movie the Matrix or even if you have just seen one of them you will find this short film enjoyable to watch but I am not sure where you will ever see it again unless you get your hands on a tape of the awards broadcast or if they ever broadcast it again for some reason. It would be great if they put together some sort of a "best of the awards parodies" show and put this in it, but only if they could somehow replace Jimmy Fallon with computer effects, with another actor or just a computer generated one like a Star Wars character, really anything would be better than Jimmy Fallon. Or they could just delete him from it entirely or just put one of those black dots or fuzzy dots over him and have someone else record his dialogue to play over top.

Seriously Jimmy Fallon was that bad and annoying in this. Would give it a 9 but with him a 3 and a generous 3 at that because I would feel guilty giving the other people in it and the people who made this otherwise good short less than 3. Jimmy Fallon gets a -10 and they get a +13. Scores are out of +10.

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Affectionate spoof of both creations

Author: bob the moo from United Kingdom
1 October 2007

I'm not a massive fan of Sex and the City but I checked out this short Matrix parody recently when I had brief access to broadband ( believe it or not, I only have 56k dialup in my house – I know, I'm a rubbish internet geek). Like the Matrix Reloaded parody, this takes clips from the film and merges it with new material – in this case Sarah Jessica Parker reprising her Sex and the City role.

The effect is as expected but yet funny and I think it helps that the film uses original scenes to recreate the Sex and the City feel rather than just inserting Parker into clips in the way other parodies have done. It is not brilliant but it is a clever mix of the two creations and it is the contrast between the two that works so well because it affectionately mocks both of them while also recognising how the majority of us will "get it" because of how well known and recognisable it all is. Fallon is fun as Neo while Parker, Cattrall, Davis, and Nixon all reprise their normal lunchtime chat with good spirits.

Overall a fun little spoof that is affectionate and mocking of both The Matrix and Sex and the City. Worth a glance if you are familiar with both.

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One of the funniest movie parodies ever

Author: Melissa ( from Nebali
10 February 2001

OK, Jimmy Fallon as Keanu Reeves+"Sex and the City"=great fun had by all. This was totally unexpected! I knew the MTV Movie Awards were known for their super funny movie parodies (I'd have to say 1997 was the best year for them, with Mike Myers hosting and doing brillaint parodies of Scream and Romeo + Juliet), but I wasn't expecting a Matrix parody THIS funny. I was already a huge Jimmy Fallon fan, having seen his hysterical work on SNL, and he didn't fail to disappoint in this. His Keanu was right on, from the airy beach-bum voice to the insanely funny and goofy line "I know Kung-Fu." And Sarah Jessica Parker was a stitch! Reprising her role on "Sex and the City" as Carrie, she was as funny as she is on the show. this making any sense at all? Well, anyway, I thought it was very funny, and Jimmy Fallon is also the sexiest man on TV, so you can't go wrong there. I just realized this whole paragraph makes me sound about 13 years old, so I'll wrap it up. Weeeee!

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