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25 Aug. 2001
The Minotaur
In processing a new artifact for his cyber museum, Dr. Bellows frees an evil deity from captivity and into a cyber world.
1 Sep. 2001
Hammer of the Gods
Alex re-enters cyberspace, this time winding up in Norse mythology as Vali, son of Loki, where he aims to steal Thor's hammer and possibly free his father.
8 Sep. 2001
Red Wolf's Daughter
Cleo enters the cyber world, becoming Seelo of the Nez Perce Indians and discovering she has use of her legs again.
15 Sep. 2001
Returning to Greek mythology, Alex lives out Orpheus' tragic journey to the underworld while Gorgos awaits a successful outcome.
22 Sep. 2001
A hair comb sends Alex to Japan where he becomes a vampire's mortal lover.
29 Sep. 2001
Sir Caradoc at the Round Table
Alex's meddling in a King Arthur story begins to change the modern world when he prevents Lancelot's and Guinevere's love affair from being discovered.
6 Oct. 2001
The Doppelganger
Alex enters cyberspace through a looking glass where an experience with an Italian painter's doppelganger haunts him when he heads back home.
13 Oct. 2001
The Oracle
Cleo goes to ancient Greece where she becomes the Oracle at Delphi and has visions.
20 Oct. 2001
Isis & Osiris: Part 1
Believing they're close to finding Matt, Alex steps into Egyptian mythology and finds himself Osiris, king of the gods, with murderously jealous brother Set at his elbow.
Oct. 2001
Isis & Osiris: Part 2
With Alex/Osiris dead, Gorgos allows Matt to take form in cyberspace so he can then be accused and executed for his son's/Egypt's pharaoh's murder.
27 Oct. 2001
As the Gorgos Stone begins erasing myths, Cleo aims to head it off and winds up in a Celtic trial charged for murder and judged by wizards.
3 Nov. 2001
The Blessing
Wallowing in self-pity, Cleo enters cyberspace to investigate an African elephant box and finds herself conversing with a shape-shifting snake.
17 Nov. 2001
With a 65% chance of finding the Gorgos Stone, Alex ventures into the legend of Quetzalcoatl, where he becomes Xunak, the next human sacrifice.


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