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This mission just got a hell of a lot more impossible!!
Geoffrey Maher21 February 2001
This is the best thing Tom Cruise has ever done in my opinion (OK, Magnolia was pretty good too, but I digress). This short film has had me laughing every time I think of it. Ben Stiller is great and Tom Cruise plays off him very well. Even John Woo gets some good lines in as well. I hated MI2 but since I heard this is on there as an extra I've rethought buying it for myself. Believe me, this thing is hilarious.
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One of the funniest things that MTV's cooked up in a long while
"Mission: Improbable" has got to be the most hilarious parody I've ever watched. Ben Stiller plays 'Tom Crooze', Tom Cruise's supposed stunt man. It shows Stiller doing 'stunts' for M:I2, Magnolia, Cocktail and Risky Business. Some involve Crooze playing with beer bottles (Cocktail) and fighting other stunt men (M:I2). The best part is that it's basically Stiller impersonating Cruise for five or ten minutes. Stiller does it perfectly. 7.5/10.
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rbverhoef2 July 2003
This is a fake documentary about the stunt double from Tom Cruise. His name is Tom Crooze, played by Ben Stiller. We see them on the set of 'Mission: Impossible II' where they are both explaining how important they are in each other lives and careers. John Woo has a nice cameo, Ben Stiller is very funny and Tom Cruise does a wonderful job just by anticipating in this hilarious short. Especially the ending made me laugh very hard.
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Wonderfully funny Ben Stiller Short.
dobbin-416 November 2007
Tom Crooze or Mission Improbable is the 6 and a half minute short starring Ben Stiller and Tom Cruise. The movie is a look behind the scenes of Mission Impossible 2 with Tom Cruises stunt double. This short is laugh a minute(I do remember though it is only 7 minutes long) show that you can tell some of it or most of it was ab libbed. Overall if you can find this then you have to watch it (it is on Youtube for those interested) and if you cannot find a way or else. I rate this 86%. If you liked this one then you would probably like Dodgeball and The Ben Stiller Show. This is definitely my favourite short ever and Ben Stiller has 3 thumbs up for his performance.
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Only the first half is good
Warning: Spoilers
This little short film from 2000 was apparently made for the MTV Movie Awards back in 2010 and is obviously a spoof of Tom Cruise's "Mission Impossible" movies. Ben Stiller appears a stunt double for Cruise and takes all the punches for him, yet he seems to be perfectly happy with what he is doing and with catching a glimpse of Hollywood stardom, even if it's just because he is a lookalike. John Woo has a cool little cameo too, the director from "Mission: Impossible 2" Unfortunately, they did not leave it at that, but included several other early Tom cruise movies and spoofed them too and it stopped being funny soon unfortunately. I would have been perfectly fine with them keeping it at just 3 or 4 minutes and completely doing without the entire second half. So yeah, as a whole I cannot recommend it, but I am glad this was made because apparently it brought Stiller and Cruise together and they made the excellent "Tropic Thunder" a couple years later. Watch that one instead of this short film here unless you're a really big fan of the M:I franchise.
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One of the best of its kind
TBJCSKCNRRQTreviews2 January 2010
I personally love that this is the only thing on the DVD that the menu does not give a description of, beyond that it is six minutes long. A few seconds into it, you realize that it is one of the MTV Movie Awards film parody. Going on Cruise doing almost all of his own stunts in the flick, this gives him a fake double, and Stiller(who gets to do his spot-on impression again, after doing it in the early 90's in his self-titled show) plays it like a psycho stalker. Everyone who appears in this(including Woo) does a great and entirely credible performance, and the material is just about invariably hilarious, jokes and sight gags alike. Also, today this is funny in a different way, with Tom saying "he's harmless", now that he is known for the Scientology praising and the time he guested on Oprah, now immortalized in Scary Movie 4. This is well-edited and sharp, and it doesn't wear out its welcome. The pacing is spot-on, nothing lasts too long and it doesn't speed ahead, either. The concept is potentially disturbing, but there is no language, and the violence is brief and clearly intended to hold comedic value. I recommend this to everyone who enjoys these spoofs, and has at least a basic knowledge of TC's career. 8/10
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I never knew Ben Stiller was so attractive.
c753030310 March 2004
Seeing the two side by side (Tom Cruise and "Tom Crooze") I realize that they really DO look alike. It was spooky and funny. Very funny.

This short bonus/extra to the Mission Impossible II DVD was absolutely hilarious. It shows highlights of the 14 movie career of stunt double Tom Crooze, from Risky Business to Cocktail to Magnolia, and now to Mission Impossible II.

Ben Stiller is not only a gifted comic, he's a magical mimic. I loved every expression of his (he got the Tom mega-smile down, the Tom laugh, the Tom underwear dance, etc.), every body stance, every motion he made as "Tom" was just right on and so funny. The best scenes were the two men interacting side by side, dressed identically.

Tom (the real one) is sure a good sport to not only put up with this silliness but partake in it.

Favorite clip was Ben as the bartender in Cocktail. No, wait, it's his look at Frank Mackey in Magnolia.

You've got to see this.
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He's harmless...
TheJiglett23 April 2003
Though I absolutely hated M:I-2, this short is simply hilarious! It also helps if you have seen other Tom Cruise movies like Magnolia, Cocktail, and Risky Business because some wonderful references are made to all three. I think Ben Stiller has some sort of TC obsession because he is always doing the funniest impersonations and skits. See it some how! Download it, buy it, rent it, whatever. Just see it.
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Hilarious short film
Hasslen-28 February 2001
If you bought the Mission: Impossible 2 DVD, you may have stumbled across this funny little short film starring Ben Stiller, Tom Cruise, and John Woo. It originally aired on the 2000 MTV Movie Awards, which is where I originally saw it.

Ben Stiller isn't Tom Cruise's stunt double, but his stunt oneble. This is his experience in making M:I-2 with TC. Even if you didn't like M:I-2, I'd prefer you buy it anyway, for this short.
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Well done and very funny
belacane21 August 2003
Ben Stiller is perfect in this little short mockumentary on the M:I2 disc and the best part is that Tom Cruise is laughing at Ben's commentary throughout the whole thing. Between this and his turn in "Goldmember" we can see that Cruise is not taking himself too seriously, which is great.
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