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Greatest Danish Sitcom Ever !
thomasboy_89200531 January 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Langt Fra Las Vegas is the funniest danish TV concept! .. I don't believe anything will ever match this show. Casper Christensen (Casper) and Frank Hvam (Kenny Nickelmann) have already tried by making an 'authentic' comedy show called Klovn (Clown). But that doesn't even come close! To understand the jokes i believe you must understand the danish language, and 'danish-humor'. If you do that, you will laugh your ass of several times during each episode. It might not be great acting, but it is indeed FUNNY! Always horny Niels Buckingham and paranoid Robert Doelhuse always makes me laugh!

10/10 . No doubt!

If you ever visit Denmark, and learn Danish! .. Watch this!
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American Point of view
paskamainen7 November 2005
I had a Danish roommate last year and he had some DVD's of Langt Fra Las Vegas, so out of curiosity, I put one in. I ended up watching the rest of his collection, laughing all the way through. I don't even understand Danish! Of course there were times where I had to ask my roommate to translate some/most of it, but I found the characters very likable, and I was always curious to see how things would turn out for them. Yes of course Katja K was nice to look at, but Casper was probably my favorite character. I really need to get my hands on the box set and bring it home. If you are really patient and willing to sit through it until you pick the storyline, then you will not be sorry.
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The Greatest show ever
Krissz29 September 2005
Well I have seen a lot of sitcoms, but this is the best show ever! i know that a lot in here think that "Martin" (1992) is the best show ever, but they haven't seen Langt Fra Las Vegas or just good TV.

Langt Fra Las Vegas has it all. Great Actors, great story (or just a story great for a sitcom) and extremely great characters. Great jokes, great punch-lines and you cannot see a episode without just laugh until you fall down from your chair! believe me its funny!

Frank Hvam and Casper Christensen is just a great pair! They are funny, and they are just made to make comedy together! a comedy with Casper but no Frank, its like no Bunny without Clyde or Lilo without Stich.

And with that said, i have to buy the DVD, 10/10
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This is the funniest TV production ever
anderssivertsen5 May 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I think you'd have to be Danish to understand the humor in this. I reckon it has some totally far out lines, especially the ones coming from Niels Buckingham (Klaus Bondam), who in my opinion is the funniest ever Danish actor. But I don't think everyone would like that kind of humor. Sometimes it's even sick, but still it makes me laugh like I could cry.

But as said, I don't think it would have much success in other countries. Only Denmark, because of it's culture and unique kind of humor. The closest you get, is the Monty Python, Fawlty Towers-like kind of humor. I think John Cleese and Klaus Bondam has some similarities, but still there are some differences in between. A must see for any Dane.
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Danish humour vs. US. humour
Emil Mortensen9 July 2004
The series 'Langt Fra Las Vegas' is really funny. At least seen from a Dane's viewpoint. I always laugh at the overly grossed and perverted Buckingham, the inexplainably stupid Robert Dølhus, the unfortunate but always charming Kenny Nickelmann and all the others. The show was made in Denmark, by Danes, to be viewed by Danes and naturally the humour would have to be Danish too. I've watched a long list of American stand-up comedy shows and I didn't at all find them funny. I've watched German shows and didn't really get to laugh much though that was probably the shows' intention. I've even watched Polish, Brittish and Turkish humour and neither of that really made me laugh the same way as Langt 'Fra Las Vegas' does. It's kinda the same as with 'Casper % Mandrillaftalen' or 'Banjos Likørstue'. It really isn't that funny if you're not Danish and don't get the twisted humour. In the same way Danes might not find it that interesting to laugh at David Letterman poking the same jokes night after night with his 'Will it Float'-girls and what have you. Therefore my conclusion is this. Since every nation has evolved individually so has the humour in every nation. And what might seem funny in some countries may be considered horrible in others. 'Langt Fra Las Vegas' is an excellent show seen from a Danish point of view.
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The best Danish sitcom
Bobcat30032 December 2003
Oh my God this is the funniest sitcom I've ever seen!!! Ok maybe I overreacted a little, but seriously this is some of the best entertainment ever showed on Danish television. And now it's over, the series is dead. :( Every episode was something special, and I always laughed, not one episode was boring. Well now that the show is over, I'm really glad that all the episodes has just been released on DVD, so now I can see all my favourite episodes again and again. I especially like the character Robert, he's just so dump and really perverted... He's so idiotic that's it cool. :)
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Well well well, they said it couldn't be done...
Ghydda19 August 2001
"Langt fra Las Vegas" is the story about a handful of people who produces a TV-program called Jumpstart, aired on one of the nation wide channels. The main character, Casper Christensen, plays himself (he is a well known comedian in Denmark) and he is the host on the program Jumpstart. During the 13 episodes we follow Casper and his coworkers through good times and bad times. And nothing on this show follows standard procedure!!! All the characters contribute beautifully to the outrages plots and wacky dialogs. Nothing is sacred, nothing gets spared and lots of fun is made! Everything is given a twist and every joke is pushed right to the limit, making this show the best ever made on Danish hands. Director Jarl Friis-Mikkelsen and Casper Christensen have truly excelled here. And on the side note I can say that there's a female actress playing the role of the receptionist and I can safely say there's not a single male within 5 lightyears who doesn't know who she is! Nuff said!

Anyway, if you master the Danish language I highly recommend seeing this show. It doesn't get any better than this.
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Great Fun!
moritz_dk28 March 2001
As a big fan of Casper Christensen and Frank Hvam i had huge exportations to "langt fra las vegas" (hmmm "long from las vegas" if it gives any sense). after watching "Kasper og Mandrilaftalen! The tv-serie was exactly as good as i hoped it would be, or even better. Casper Christensen, Frank Hvam and Lars Hjortshøj are all making brilliant performances but Claus Bondam and Sofie Stougaard could have done a better job! The tv-serie is packed with 100% fun and if i should rate it i would give it 11/10 :0)

Langt Fra Las Vegas can't be described, you'll have to watch it (if you can speak danish :0)
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