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Year: 2001 | 2002 | 2003

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 1: En Ordentlig Sneppetur

27 February 2001
The host of a breakfast television show gets in a state of chock when his girlfriend breaks up with him, causing him to believe that it is 1985. A new receptionist needs to be hired, and someone has altered the spell check on the computers.

Season 1, Episode 2: Trillekød

6 March 2001
Casper is trying to repress his newly found enjoyment in the lifestyle of the elderly when he meets his boss' 14 year old niece who is one week from the age of consent.

Season 1, Episode 3: Danish Dynamite

13 March 2001
JumpStart is plagued by flies. Robert finds luck in an old football shirt, and Casper is dating a woman who farts all the time.

Season 1, Episode 4: Ordnung Muss Sein

20 March 2001
JumpStart's getting ready for a visit from their unpopular money man. Casper gets scurvy and falls in love with his new neighbor.

Season 1, Episode 5: Kærlighedspokalen

27 March 2001
The men of JumpStart have to deliver 20 semen samples in order to receive a free roman vase.

Season 1, Episode 6: Proletarkæden

3 April 2001
Casper is struggling with the popularity of a mysterious man who accidentally saved his life.

Season 1, Episode 7: Sexfreak

10 April 2001
Casper has to date a tabloid journalist in order to better JumpStart's press coverage.

Season 1, Episode 8: Se & Hor

17 April 2001
In order to better JumpStart's press coverage, Casper has to go on a date with a gossip columnist he hates.

Season 1, Episode 9: Heidi, Del 1

24 April 2001
Casper dates a German woman into very experimental sex, and the people on JumpStart is trying to find out who the man behind the new superhero Sonny Boy is.

Season 1, Episode 10: Heidi, Del 2

1 May 2001
Casper is going to a royal party and the Sonny Boy mystery continues to unfold.

Season 1, Episode 11: Én På Egnsdragten

8 May 2001
Casper and Kenny challenges each other to perform progressively more idiotic tasks - The penalty for not completing a task is the publication of some quite incriminating pictures, taken at a strip-club. Meanwhile Robert is in the process of acquiring a hunter's permit, which, as it turns out is not the best idea.

Season 1, Episode 12: IT Phone Home

15 May 2001
When Anne decides on leaving Casper for another man, he allows the new man to use his apartment for a few of his things. Jump-Start hires a new IT-administrator and Lisa is waging a war or the fur industry - Meanwhile Casper's apartment is filling up, with what seems to be stolen goods.

Season 1, Episode 13: Helmig Fucki Fucki

22 May 2001
Casper decides to tell Anne, that he is in love with her. But Anne finds Casper, Thomas Helmig and two girls in his apartment after a night out, and the situation is suddenly more complex.
Lars Hjortshøj ... Robert Lange Dølhus

Sofie Stougaard ... Kim Dorowsky
Mikael Wulff ... Wulff
Klaus Bondam ... Niels Buckingham
Katja Kean ... Lisa Bremer Harris

Frank Hvam ... Kenny Nickelman
Stine Stengade ... Anne

Casper Christensen ... Casper Christensen
Thomas Helmig ... Himself
Asbjørn Byrholdt ... Wagner
Signe Sejlund ... Sygeplejerske
Sando ... Lassie
Chanatip Bretting ... Thai-pige 1
Siriwan Olsen ... Thai-pige 2
Martin Brygmann ... Thor Fintasdottir (uncredited)

Laura Christensen ... Trille (uncredited)

Trine Dyrholm ... Birla (uncredited)
Niels Hausgaard ... Erik Noppenau (uncredited)
Annette Heick ... Liselotte Foss (uncredited)
Lizzie Jensen ... Ældre kvinde (uncredited)
Svend Jensen ... Ældre mand (uncredited)
Kristian Holm Joensen ... Corben Vedersted (uncredited)
Anders Matthesen ... Stanley (uncredited)
Søren Rislund ... Wilhjelm Fried (uncredited)
Niels Severin ... FCK Fan (uncredited)
Søren Søndergaard ... Brøndby Fan (uncredited)

Season 2

Season 2, Episode 1: Lars Herlow

5 March 2002
Caspers credibility is finally restored, and he is once again ready to tell Anne he loves her. This time tough, Anne is leaving him for the charming Lars Herlow.

Season 2, Episode 2: Mia Hundvin

12 March 2002
After losing Anne, Casper has lost his ability to be funny, and Kim is as always craving for just a mediocre love-life - the obvious solution to both of their problems, get married.

Season 2, Episode 3: John Travolta

19 March 2002
Below the cool and noble surface an actor is hidden in Kenny, so when there is an opening as John Travolta in the theatrical version of Grease, he goes for the audition - but competition turns out to be surprisingly tough.

Season 2, Episode 4: Mek Pek

26 March 2002
Due to a Photoshop prank, Casper loses his job for apparently having a small penis - now he needs to make a plan for getting his job back, and restoring his public image.

Casper Christensen ... Casper Christensen

Frank Hvam ... Kenny Nickelman

Sofie Stougaard ... Kim Dorowsky
Katja Kean ... Lisa Bremer Harris (as Katja K)
Klaus Bondam ... Niels Buckingham
Lars Hjortshøj ... Robert Lange Dølhus
Mek Pek ... Himself
Klaus Pagh ... Henning Tilsmann
Tina Bilsbo ... Morgen TV-vært
Linda Steffensen ... Regisør
Luise Thiele ... Sygeplejerske
Charlie Thyboe ... Pige i koma
Stefania Omarsdottir ... Jomfru Mille
Henning Jensen ... Stemme i Motorcykel Reklame (voice) (uncredited)

Season 2, Episode 5: Mufufu

2 April 2002
Casper's African sponsor child has become an adult and now he has proclaimed himself the dictator of an African state - Casper is in despair, has he failed as a "parent"?

Season 2, Episode 6: Michel

9 April 2002
Kenny receives mysterious death threats in the form of darts, and he is forced to hire a personal bodyguard, Michel. As it turns out Michel is a woman, and Kenny is soon fascinated by the concept of a female bodyguard.

Season 2, Episode 7: Liva

16 April 2002
Casper has decided to go into celibacy and dedicate himself to his work on Jump-Start. Kenny makes a relationship contract with his bodyguard, and Buckingham is testing a new way to improve productivity at Jump-Start. But what Casper didn't plan on, was to fall in love with Liva.

Season 2, Episode 8: Mogens K. Eberhart

23 April 2002
Casper is going to meet his new in-laws for the first time. But the meeting doesn't go as planned, and especially Livas father, the renowned Dr. Eberhart, are not impressed by the young, easy going comedian.

Casper Christensen ... Casper Christensen

Iben Hjejle ... Liva Eberhart

Frank Hvam ... Kenny Nickelman
Katja Kean ... Lisa Bremer Harris (as Katja K)

Sofie Stougaard ... Kim Dorowsky
Klaus Bondam ... Niels Buckingham
Lars Hjortshøj ... Robert Lange Dølhus
Henning Jensen ... Mogens Eberhart
Solbjørg Højfeldt ... Vibeke Eberhart
Bjarne Lisby ... Kustode
Anastasia Famanko ... Irene
Anja Rømier ... Selvforsvarspige
Anna Bolt ... Selvforsvarspige
Agnete Nielsen ... Selvforsvarspige
Charlotte Budtz ... Selvforsvarspige
Claudia Siesbye ... Selvforsvarspige
Julie Toft ... Selvforsvarspige
Maria Gunni ... Selvforsvarspige
Sofie Lauersen ... Selvforsvarspige
Tatianna Juel ... Selvforsvarspige
Tasja Iversen ... Selvforsvarspige
Tina Andersen ... Selvforsvarspige

Season 2, Episode 9: Monsieur Dipp

30 April 2002
Kenny's love life is far from glamorous, and when he finally gets lucky with a female athlete he incurs a nasty itch in his private regions. somehow he now also seems to have infected Casper - so now the game is up for containing this mystery disease.

Season 2, Episode 10: Oliver

7 April 2002
Liva is pregnant, but only being in a relationship for a month, Casper doesn't feel ready for children yet. Kenny and Robert make a bet of who can keep a coin fixed on their foreheads for the longest time. Casper decides on naming a bag of chips Oliver, to show Liva how terrible it would be to have children.

Season 3

Season 3, Episode 1: Feng Shui

17 September 2002
Casper is thrilled by Liva moving into his apartment, but he is very reluctant to let her bring along her cat. In an attempt to get her mind of the cat, Casper tries to get her interested in other things instead.

Season 3, Episode 2: Kat

24 September 2002
After letting Liva bring her cat to live with them in Casper's apartment, he is now in danger of losing his job because he is heavily allergic to cats, and keeps sneezing on TV. Something must be done, and drugs are the answer.

Season 3, Episode 3: Laust

1 October 2002
When Liva's ex-boyfriend Laust is fired from his party-guide job in Greece, he is allowed to come live in Casper's apartment. As a teenager, Laust was Liva's first sexual experience - Casper is obviously jealous of having the two of them together in his own living room.

Season 3, Episode 4: Polle Pot

8 October 2002
When Kim has a miscarriage she is devastated by the thought of losing her child. Everybody on Jump-Start tries to cheer her up again, and it is decided to find a clown from a fond childhood memory. Regrettably, the clown Polle Pot, is now an old drunk, with no interest in clowning.

Season 3, Episode 5: Bedste, det er bare mig

15 October 2002
Liva is hung up by work, so when her grandmother comes to visit she needs Casper to care of her, for a few days. Looking out for an old lade shouldn't be a problem, but things don't always turn out as you expect.

Season 3, Episode 6: Tis

22 October 2002
The friends have played an innocent game of "Spirit of the glass". But soon after Liva starts wetting herself in her sleep, something is up - Casper is afraid that she has become possessed by evil spirits.

Season 3, Episode 7: Jeopardy

29 October 2002
Casper and Liva are invited to attend the TV-game show Jeopardy, in a pair special. Liva loves playing but cannot stand the idea of losing, so when she realizes Casper have little or no knowledge of anything, she initiates a strict training program for him to follow.

Season 3, Episode 8: Kærlighed gør blind

5 November 2002
There are troubles in their relationship, and the situation is not made better when Casper is temporarily blinded in a boxing match. Liva has to tend to Casper's every need, and gets more and more frustrated of his helplessness.

Season 3, Episode 9: Som søn så far

12 November 2002
When Liva leaves Casper he decides to call his parents for advice. The phone call results is Casper's hippie father moving into his apartment. But being close to your father isn't always a good idea.

Season 3, Episode 10: Det sidste ord

19 November 2002
To avoid paying rent, Robert moves into the office where he now lives under his desk. In the meantime Casper is desperately trying to get the last word, in the relationship with Liva.

Season 4

Season 4, Episode 1: Pressemødet

18 March 2003
The tension between Casper and Liva is everything but lessened when she gets a job as PR-Manager, at Jump-Start. Arguments and fights escalate, and soon they are supposed to host an international press-conference together.

Season 4, Episode 2: Don't Wanna Lus You Now

25 March 2003
Due to some subtle hints, Casper is thinking that Liva might be into him again. Liva on the other hand is worrying of how to get rid of the head lice she suddenly contracted, but luckily for her Buckingham has a miracle cure.

Season 4, Episode 3: Starfucker

1 April 2003
Caspers starts dating the young blonde, Kimmie, but Liva is convinced Kimmie is a star-fucker, and only wants Casper because he is on TV - Casper though, is determined to prove her wrong. In the meantime Kim is working hard to convince her colleagues that she is not as boring as it might seem.

Season 4, Episode 4: Mere møs til Dennis

8 April 2003
Casper sees a picture of how the young man Dennis will look after his sex-change operation, and he decides that his best chances of dating her will be to start while she is still a man. Kenny is "helping" Robert harden his behind, so he can compete in an pole-sitting contest.

Season 4, Episode 5: Tino, Gunnar og en hel krukke bolsjer

15 April 2003
Casper hires the plumber Tino to fix his leaking sink, but Tino are both slow and expensive, and really bad at his work. To get back at Casper, Liva starts to date Tino, and now Casper cannot fire him without looking jealous.

Season 4, Episode 6: Ultimate Kosher

22 April 2003
A bully forces the friends to leave their favorite café. Casper contacts Goldstein, a Jewish martial-arts expert who will train him, so he can finally stand up for himself. But Goldstein is very touchy about his religion, and everything Casper says are misunderstood as anti-Semitic.

Season 4, Episode 7: Arrivederci Kenny

29 April 2003
After years of mail-correspondence, Kenny's Italian cousin is coming to visit, the only problem is that Kenny has been pretending to be Casper. So for a week Casper and Kenny needs to switch roles. but everything gets complicated when the cousin turns out to be a beautiful young woman.

Season 4, Episode 8: Nestor

6 May 2003
When Liva gets a new boyfriend Casper reacts by becoming extremely jealous - he is too old, and smells bad. At the same time Robert delivers an old VHS-tape back to the store, a few years late, and since he cannot pay the fine, he is given a suitable punishment.

Season 4, Episode 9: Trøstepagten

13 May 2003

Season 4, Episode 10: Kammeratstolen

20 May 2003
Casper and Liva are back at being more than just good friends again, but moving back together can be a problem, since Kenny has now moved in with Casper. Kenny doesn't realize that he is in the way, and Casper has to find a way to tell him to leave again.

Season 5

Season 5, Episode 1: Skat

23 September 2003
Casper receives a letter telling him to pay a significant amount of extra tax. Kenny is having intimate dreams about Casper, and to get rid of the disturbing dreams he is told to live them out in real life. all along, Casper has made an elaborate plan to avoid paying the extra taxes.

Season 5, Episode 2: DVD-aftener

30 September 2003
New company rules dictated by Buckingham means that everybody must wear identical uniforms. Liva and Kenny are having a battle of foreign-words, and all along Casper is trying to make Liva understand why "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" is the best movie ever.

Season 5, Episode 3: Den forsølvede barnesko

7 October 2003
Liva has been traveling for a week, and Casper really needs sex - But disaster strikes as Liva's mother moves in for a couple of days and private time is hard to come by. Robert and Buckingham are testing toilet paper, to find the smoothest of them all.

Season 5, Episode 4: Hvem ka' Lie Kaas

14 October 2003
Liva and Casper are having an argument over which TV-personality they like the best. Kim decides that the only way she is ever going to get married is for her to change her name and Robert thinks he has accidentally killed Lisa.

Season 5, Episode 5: Picaspero

21 October 2003
To better spy on his employees, Buckingham installs a solarium in the office, with a hidden hole in the wall. Liva tries to sell some of her paintings to a gallery, but something happens to the paintings at night. In the meantime Kenny visits the dentist for the first time in 21 years.

Season 5, Episode 6: Onani

28 October 2003
Casper is caught masturbating by Liva, an argument erupts, and the situation is not made easier when Liva's parents get involved. Buckingham would like a baker to name a cake after him, but they only name cakes after people who died - what to do.

Season 5, Episode 7: Who's Your Daddy?

4 November 2003
A hotel maid is pregnant, and Casper is the main suspect - now the hunt is in for the father, he will need Kenny's help to prove his innocence. Robert wins a cosmetic breast surgery, and tries to sell is to his female colleagues.

Season 5, Episode 8: Herretur

11 November 2003
Casper and Kenny are going on a camping trip for the weekend, and are using Liva's father's tent. To deter his father in law from joining the trip, he tells him that they are going north of the arctic circle - but now Dr. Eberhart really wants to join the trip.

Season 5, Episode 9: Kim og femidomet

18 November 2003
Kim and Kenny are both struggling to find a life partner, one thing leads to another, an suddenly they are in a relationship. So he is allowed to take erotic pictures of her, Casper tells Liva that it is his first time doing it - that is of course a truth with modifications.

Season 5, Episode 10: Et fister øjeblik

25 November 2003
After Kim and Kenny engage in their relationship, Casper suddenly experiences problems getting an erection - Kenny thinks it's contagious and tells Casper not to infect him. Buckingham gets tired of everybody working at Jump-Start and tries to fire them all, but that is not as easy as he expected.

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