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A great cartoon classic I loved as a child!
Fire_Seraph7 January 2005
It is one of the best cartoons based on a movie, right next to The Real Ghostbusters! I really wish I could find copies of this somewhere. Or better yet, the series should be released to DVD! Here is summary and recount of the series and characters. Okay a young teenager named Scott, lives in a town obsessed with werewolves called Wolverton. The have everything with wolf and werewolf in the name. Little do the town's people realize, that Scott and his family ARE real life werewolves.

That's because they have keep the family secret under wraps, or be persecuted like witches, or worse; become lab experiments. However, that doesn't stop them from wolfing out during the full moon, or when they get angry sometimes.Both Scott's girlfriend and his scheming best friend are the only ones who know about their secret. The grandparents tend to let their wolfish forms hang out all the time in the house, with or without the moon's help.

The grandfather always tries to chase the neighbor lady's cats next door, and she is always trying to snoop and spy on them. She suspects something strange is going, and thinks one day she'll expose the truth. Lupey, the younger sister in the family is always wanting to become a werewolf, but she is just a child; and she has to wait until she is in her mid-teens. She makes up for it by wearing a werewolf costume and plastic fangs, and running around howling.

Though many fans of the original movie might disagree, I think this is a vast improvement on the movie of the same name, with the addition of these characters. The show also has the crappy high school bully and his stupid girlfriend, who are always trying to make Scott look bad. Together, the whole family and friends have exciting adventures, with comedy in tow. I recommend showing this to your kids, over some of the garbage on CN and Nick Toons are currently showing. 10/10 stars!
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I'm also voting for it to be on DVD because it was personally
pioneergrrrl16 May 2007
This cartoon presented Scott's wolf outs like a seizure episode, asthma attack..etc because he could feel 'getting different' happening and was concerned he would not fit in at school..etc because of being different.

It made me and other people with disabilities feel GREAT to see ourselves represented. When high school seemed really far away to a first grader, I was reassured things would work out.

Okay, maybe the studios just wanted to make a quick buck on a movie, itself made for a quick buck, but I found so much more in the series--and still do. The VHS tapes I have are wearing out again!
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This show was AWESOME.
thegreatelbobo20 September 2001
I was three when this show was on, but I remember it just fine. This cartoon was great. I remember the episode where Scott's family has a family reunion and there are all those werewolves at his house and his Grandpa kept acting like a dog. This show WAS great, and I never missed an episode when I watched. I think they used to show taped versions of it at my day care too. Funny how I don't remember hardly anything about my childhood except for the 80s cartoons that were on at the time. Oh yes. That was the greatest decade for Saturday morning cartoons EVER.
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Teen Wolf cartoon=Mankinds Finest Hour(half hour actually)
8ball-420 March 2001
I guess I'm the only one who remembers this show (or watched it for that matter), but Teen Wolf: The Cartoon was an eighties classic. In fact, if I had to define the eighties with one form of media (film, televsion, music) I would have to say Teen Wolf The Cartoon. I think in the years to come this show will be heralded as an important step in not only Saturday morning television...but for mankind as well.
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From a bad movie to a boring cartoon.
Joseph P. Ulibas1 July 2004
Teen Wolf (1986) was a Saturday morning cartoon based upon the movie Teen Wolf. Like the movie, the cartoon was pretty bad and very unnoteworthy. A lot of cartoons that were based on movies came out during this time period. To this day I haven't found one that was slightly entertaining. The cartoon featured a cheesy "Teen Wolf" logo whenever some "action" occurred. I couldn't take the animated series anymore that I could bear watching the original movie or it's lame sequel. Why don't these animation creators get some imagination or make another retread of a classic cartoon character. What is the purpose of remaking a bad movie into a television "animated" series.

They'll never learn.

Please avoid, it's not worth watching.
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I think I remember it being better than it really was.
ginger198128 November 2009
I remember loving this cartoon series when I was 5 years old. Every Saturday morning I would get up at the crack of dawn to watch such shows as The Real Ghostbusters, Muppet Babies and Teen Wolf. I found the old Teen Wolf cartoons on you tube, and as I suspected the series is not as good as I remember it being. The animation is nowhere near as good as animation is today, and some of the story lines are cheese-tastic, but this was the 80's and I think it was somewhat intentional to keep this show in line with the same level of campiness as the movie. But I think it probably would still be relatively entertaining to many 5 year old even today, so I give the show a relatively high rating keeping in mind who the audience for the show would be.
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