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Victoria Wood dies – latest tributes and appreciations

Victoria Wood dies – latest tributes and appreciations
The much-loved comedian, whose comic range stretched from clever musical spoofs to sharp observational standup, has died after a short cancer fight. Follow our liveblog to read all the tributes and share her best moments

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Among her many projects, Ted Robbins recalled working with Wood on 2000’s Victoria Wood with All the Trimmings, in which she took on the role of Anne Widdicome at one point. Here’s that memorable moment:

6.58pm BST

The actor and presenter, Ted Robbins, has been remembering the woman who have him his first chance in comedy more than three decades ago, when Wood and Walters allowed him to be their warm-up act.

While saying that it was clear that she was “hilarious”, he told the BBC: “She was also a great writer, her words were so crafted. She did not mind who got the laughs. She wrote wonderly lines for other people.
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James Bond movie Skyfall tops Christmas Eve ratings with over 6 million

Skyfall has led this year's Christmas Eve primetime ratings outside of soaps, according to overnight data.

ITV's terrestrial premiere of Daniel Craig's third outing as James Bond was seen by 6.33m (28%) at 8pm.

Meanwhile, BBC One's most-viewed evening programme outside of soaps was Toy Story 3, airing to 4.73m (23.1%) from 6.30pm.

At 8.30pm, Harry Hill's Incredible Adventures of Professor Branestawm enchanted 3.6m (15.9%), with 3.2m (13.9%) watching the last episode in the current series of Not Going Out at 9.30pm.

A re-run of a classic Vicar of Dibley festive episode aired to 2.85m (13.9%) at 10pm, while a repeat of the Mrs Brown's Boys 2013 Christmas special 'Buckin' Mammy' was seen by 4.26m (26.4%) at 11pm.

Over on BBC Two, part two of The Choir: New Military Wives aired to 1.94m (8.5%) at 8.30pm, while Julie Walters: A Life on Screen was seen by 1.74m (7.7%) an hour later.

Earlier in the evening,
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TV highlights 22 December

Christmas With Gordon | Victoria Wood With All the Trimmings | Panorama: Supermarkets | Close Up With Sir Peter Hall and Julie Taymor | Ugly Betty | Little Crackers

Christmas with Gordon

8pm, Channel 4

Obnoxious ex-footballer Gordon Ramsay shows us "the secret of how to cook my family Christmas dinner." After the year he's had, it's impossible to watch him smarming at his mum or barking orders at thin air without thinking, "What a prat." He teaches Ma Ramsay how to make Christmas pudding, then violates a turkey with two onions, a lemon and some herb butter before dragging his children into it with yet another cooking demonstration. Oh yes please, dad, we'd love to watch you chop mint. Again. Chump. Jnr

Victoria Wood with all the Trimmings

8.05pm, BBC2

A repeat of Wood's most glorious festive special from Christmas Day 2000. Because that's where she belongs, on Christmas Day. This wondrous show includes
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BBC confirms Victoria Wood Xmas special

The BBC has confirmed that Victoria Wood is filming a Christmas special. An hour-long special, titled Victoria Wood's Mid-Life Christmas, will arrive in late December, her first in nine years since Victoria Wood With All The Trimmings. The show is said to feature highlights from The Mid-Life Olympics 2009, the costume drama Lark Pies To Cranchesterford and the further adventures of Julie Walters' Bo Beaumont. "The show is a whole night's telly crammed into one hour," said Wood. "Christmas is a stressful time, and (more)
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