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Spooky and sadly forgotten
preppy-311 October 2002
Spooky little tale about a coven of evil witches who are trying to resurrect Satan. A local family gets involved trying to stop them.

That's all I really remember. I saw this on afternoon TV when I was about 12 and it scared me silly. No blood, no gore, minor violence, but it worked. It all leads up to a chilling ending. It's probably long gone, but it would be nice to know if this is available anymore.
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Made For T.V. Horror that's fun yet impossible to find
ArmiesOfTheNight21 July 2002
The ONLY time I ever got to see this was when I lived in LA in 1993. Caught this on a late night/early morning Los Angeles t.v. station and was lucky enough to tape it although the tape has since been stolen by a ruthless film nerd I used to know. Dammit! This is the kind of horror that is probably only made in the UK today as it was lensed on video tape back in the early 1970s and has the look, feel and acting of a staged play. Tale of a newlywed bride encountering occult terror on an desolate farm fits right in with those British late night imports that was churned out on American t.v. during the 70s & 80s. Produced on the cheap, this seemingly lost little flick would really make a great double feature with 'Crowhaven Farm' (another hard to get but not entirely out of reach horror) or better yet 'Deadly Blessing' (the Wes Craven film that echoes the occult terror of 'Last Bride' and also stars Lois Nettleton in another rural lass role!). In today's age of film collecting and special edition versions of movies, films like this are sadly hard to come by and it seems only an act of God will let a made for television film (especially one of the Horror genre) make it tape or dvd. Keep checking those t.v. guides...One to look for!
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Not bad at all, and surprisingly spooky...
shanakin1 April 2006
Wow, I searched for this movie for quite some time till I came upon it on Ebay and took the time to buy it. I really enjoy obscure movies just for the fact that there hard to find but this one was a real treat. The movie is some what dated, and it does have that feel of an afternoon 70's special but what makes up for it are a simple story at it's core and some strong acting buy it's leads. Lois Nettleton and Bradford Dillman are quite good and bring quite a lot to the movie. (SPOLIERS) The movie starts out a little slow but builds to a nice ending with some nice touches of suggested horror, I like the witch story in the middle of the movie to try to explain everything that's going on, and the doll that the daughter hold's on to in the latter part of the movie add's to some nice atmosphere. A nice surprise ending add to the movie too. If you love made for TV movie's out of the 70's give this one a try.
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Cheap and creepy....
MartinHafer13 February 2017
"Last Bride of Salem" is a super-creepy made for TV movie that also, at the same time, looks incredibly cheap. The simple sets, only occasional use of incidental music and look of the film just looks cheap...though it does have a reasonably good cast.

Matt and Jennifer Clifton (Bradford Dillman and Lois Nettleton) move with their daughter to a farmhouse in Salem. Things seem just fine at first. However, through the course of the film, Mr. Clifton and the daughter begin acting strangely--angry and distant towards Jennifer. She doesn't realize it, but they are coming under the power of a Satanic coven...and what, exactly, they plan on doing sure ain't gonna be good!

As I watched this movie, I clearly could see that the folks who made this must have seen another ABC made for TV movie from a few years earlier...."Crowhaven Farm". Many of the same story elements are present, though "Crowhaven Farm" was a much better looking picture...and even creepier. Both excelled at creating a great, moody and scary atmosphere but the goofy ending to "Last Bride of Salem" lacked the scare factor of the other film. Good but not great.
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