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Chicago Sun-Times
The heart of the movie is in the Spacey performance, and in knowing that less is more, he plays Prot absolutely matter-of-factly.
This is a tour-de-force performance, delivered by an actor at the top of his game, and it's a shame that K-Pax, instead of engaging our imaginations as it promises to, devolves into such a conventional, paint-by- numbers disappointment.
The images are lustrous, the cutting is brisk and the acting of the two leads is right on the money.
Wall Street Journal
When Kevin Spacey takes center stage, our planet really does seem bright.
Entertainment Weekly
I rather like the whole mystic- crystal-revelations aspect of K-PAX, and the idea that even a psychiatrist of Jeff Bridges' handsome, American substantiality is open to notions of cosmic improbability.
Boston Globe
It would be gratifying to report that there's a lot more to K-Pax than Spacey at the top of his form, but there isn't.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Both consoling and confounding.
A pleasant enough entertainment raised above its station by the quality of its acting.
As impressive as Kevin Spacey ordinarily is, this isn't the best vehicle for his considerable talents.
New York Daily News
Not worth the rocket fuel.
Miami Herald
It's all very "Cuckoo's Nest," but in a glib, facile way, and it leaves K-PAX adrift in its fuzzy, New-Agey orbit.
New York Post
The biggest load of New Agey hogwash to grace the big screen since Spacey's "Pay it Forward."

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