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Chicago Sun-Times
Has laughs, thrills, wit and scary monsters, and is one of those goofy movies like "Critters" that kids itself and gets away with it.
San Francisco Chronicle
Has a smart mix of things going for it, including a self-effacing sense of humor.
Doesn't try to be anything it's not. It's happy being a funny, shoot-'em-up, run-for-your-life, green-guts monster movie. And as green-guts monster movies go, it's a beaut.
Philadelphia Inquirer
The movie's combination of unabashedly fun carnage, cool special effects, and tongue-in-cheek dialogue keeps the ball rolling (albeit at reduced speed), until the last of the titular terrors has bit the dust.
Charlotte Observer
The cheesier it got, the more I liked it.
Starts like a house afire and then suffers an imagination burnout.
New York Post
Indeed, for all its jokiness, this isn't the film for anyone who suffers from even the mildest fear of ugly, scuttling, jumping creatures with spindly, furry legs that have a habit of hiding in your shoes.
Entertainment Weekly
Like many of the worst pop-referential parodies of the post-''Scream'' era, this one stalls on laughs once the big joke has been established.
Isn't tough to take as long as you've paid a matinee price.
Wall Street Journal
I can't say I was scared, but I wasn't bored. By way of full disclosure, Warner Bros. provided free popcorn at the screening. I gobbled up every greasy morsel.
New York Daily News
Neither particularly funny nor especially scary. But it's so cheerfully silly, you may just have fun with it anyway.

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