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intriguing foray into escapism
unclesatan6 October 2003
I found the six episodes of "Frank Leaves for the Orient" to be quite entertaining. It spoke to the part of each of us that wishes, on occasion, to dodge everything about the lives we have built for ourselves in favor of some great unknown. And by providing a send-up of all the annoying details that would have to worked out in order to make a clean break, it puts the reasons why most of us never go through with such flights of fancy into a sharper perspective.

Were this miniseries available on DVD, I would surely own a copy.
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live action Family Guy but less funny
n0rmnbates25 July 2005
i caught this last night in comedy central's 'on demand' library, and was oddly attracted to it. it wasn't side-splittingly funny, but i just couldn't take my eyes off of it. it reminds me of what a less funny and live action Family Guy would be. basic storyline--with random scenes spliced within it. thats pretty much how it was set up. however not as funny as family guy, it had its moments. its quirkiness attracted me to it, as well as its cheap low-budget feel. i can see how it didn't last too long, but i had never heard of it until last night, i wish it had gotten some more time to be seen. i wonder what will happen to it now. it gave me hope. worth a look if your up late at night and bored out of your mind.
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What the hell?
jmcool516410 November 2001
What the hell was this? It was only on for about 3 episodes and I was channel surfing and caught it. It is so bad and unfunny. It makes Big Daddy look intelligent. Basically the only thing that was supposed to be funny is that some guy has constant hallucinations. This show was crap.
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