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This isn't fun anymore
Michael Ledo21 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Stu, Gus, and Tommy, three college amigos go on their annual vacation of fun and sun in the islands. Stu drags along Julia...i..e. taking sand to the beach. They charter a fishing boat, read the title, and run into fog and a rather uninteresting ghost ship. The special effects were minimal. The drama was light. Horror was negligible. Acting minimal. Polly Shannon was noticeably bad. One of the more boring films with the word "Triangle" in the title.

Guide: No swearing, sex, or nudity.

Note to self: Do not take uninvited selfie with voodoo ceremony.
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Give It A Chance If You Love Ghost Ships(Contains Spoilers)
rjvanover24 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
There are very few ghost ship movies out there today that are worth two rats poo's. If you like movies that take place on or around derelict ocean liners then this movie is definitely for you! The casting is OK, the script isn't award winning, the acting is mediocre BUT the story is absolutely fantastic! Its the kind of plot that can give you goosebumps, especially the beginning intro that tells the story of the famous liner that vanished without a trace before WW2. If you've read a review that contradicts the start date of WW2 I just want to point out that history recognizes two events that triggered WW2, the Marco Polo Bridge Incident of July 7, 1937 and September 1, 1939 when Germany invaded Poland. I guess the movie producers chose 1937. Anyway, the eerie radio mayday from the Queen of Scots, that the characters' fishing boat picks up, helps set the stage for the 'Bermuda Triangle' phenomenon. In the morning the characters discover the radio has shorted out and then an eerie fog sets in and the engine dies. The compass, of course, spins wildly. Then the steam liner slowly appears from the fog.

The outer shots are CG (lets face it, a steamship to film on in real life is kind of hard to find!) but once on-board the deck and interior shots most certainly feel like a gilded age steamship that's floated around for a few decades. If you are like me and you want movies to explore the 'nitty gritty' of a setting, like the boiler room in The Shining mini-series or other mechanical areas in buildings or ships, then you will love this!

The first thing they do whilst on-board the ship is to pass through the empty public spaces and the ballroom before making their way to the bridge. Once there, they try the radio but alas there is no power so mention is made of the 'carbide' batteries that may still hold a charge (not the chemical carbide, but batteries made by Union-Carbide). Still no go, so the decision is made to go to the engine room to get lights going. Long story short, there are amazing shots of the turbine engine room, control panels, boilers, etc. In this movie they get the lights on and the engine room humming!

There are ghosts, but their reason for existing is a little hazy. One of the characters goes cuckoo and starts killing other characters until only two remain. In making their escape they open the fuel valve on the deck and dump it everywhere with the intention of firing a flare to blow up the ship since its full of lost souls, then they jump overboard to a dingy. They think its easy until the ship puts itself at full throttle and comes after them. Pausing for a moment I couldn't help but be like 'holy Toledo the ocean liner is trying to kill them'. The ship gets blown up, sinks, and the duo are rescued. A radio announcer in the end points out that the survivors claim to have come from a fishing boat Blue Jay, but that boat disappeared a few years ago. A little end note that nods to the creepiness of the Bermuda Triangle. Being a supernatural enthusiast and lover of classic ocean liners, this movie is a favorite!
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It's easy to avoid this slow-moving vessel.
Comeuppance Reviews24 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
When a guy named Stu (Perry) invites his buddies Tommy (Cortese) and Gus (Hewlett) - as well as his girlfriend Julia (Shannon) - to the Caribbean island of St. Sebastian, he figures it will be fun, sun, and smooth sailing on the high seas. Unfortunately, Stu is strapped for cash, so he can only afford to charter a rusty old tub of a vessel, run by Captain Morgan (Harewood) (groan). Fortunately, a local lady named Charlie (D'Abo) who works as a "First Mate for Hire" is also there to keep things in line. The only problem: sensitive soul that he is, Dan Cortese - er, I mean TOMMY - is having persistent visions and nightmares of a boat-related trauma in the past. There's also some voodoo. Compounding all the supernatural evil is the fact that our shipmates are all in the general vicinity of a Bermuda-based triangle of some sort. Who will escape the trials and tribulations of THE TRIANGLE? Evidently fearing that MTV Sports was stifling his creativity, here, finally, national treasure Dan Cortese boldly steps out in a movie bearing his name. He's top-billed with Luke Perry, their two names and faces acting as the proverbial siren song, drawing video store patrons toward the DVD. Much like the Bermuda Triangle itself, once you're caught in the spell of these two magical Himbos, you can never escape. Director Lewis Teague knows a thing or two about casting - he was the man who cast Jay Leno as an action star in Collision Course (1989). We all remember how Leno shot first and asked questions later, especially as it related to brutally slaughtering Randall "Tex" Cobb's character. So now the casting acumen of Teague shines once more by shrewdly marshaling the services of one Daniel Cortese when he had so many, many other people he could have chosen. Apparently Eric Nies wasn't available.

Despite looking like he's not quite comprehending what's going on around him, Cortese here is portraying a lawyer. Like any good attorney, his powers of observation, deduction, and logic come to a head when, after our heroes are plainly neck-deep in supernatural goings-on, he astutely offers, "This place is whacked!". Thank you, Mr. Cortese. Thank you for that. But, in his defense, he does bend metal piping with courage and conviction, and he also has special Cortese-powers of precognition or something. Cortese's presence can't help but remind us all of Short Fuse (1986) and its star, Art Garfunkel.

Sharing the screen with Cortese is Luke Perry, who apparently was supposed to go psycho Shining-style, but it happened at the drop of a hat and wasn't set up very well (maybe he was in a rush to get back to West Beverly to attempt to complete his fourteenth year as a high school Junior). The presences of D'Abo and Shannon were welcome, but the whole outing becomes dull and routine and they can't save it. Hewlett is the token "wacky friend", though he does take what may be the first-ever selfie in cinematic history. Pros: the movie is well-lit and you can actually see what's going on. Cons: Marlin-fishing stock footage, green-screen "explosions" and CGI weather. WEATHER! That may be the lowest low since Driven's CGI quarters.

Finally, there's a poster in the background of one scene that appears to be advertising for a rapper named President George Bush. Now that's a rap name. Also there's an evil voodoo spirit that we can only guess is named "Bockadoo". At least that's what it sounds like. Now you can see what we're up against here. Rather than getting released to theaters, to DVD, to VHS (they were still doing that in 2001, right?), or to HBO or other services, The Triangle was released direct-to-TBS SuperStation. Even the awesome powers of Luke Perry and Dan Cortese can't rescue the shipwreck that is The Triangle. It should be easy to avoid this slow-moving vessel.
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The Bomb-uda Triangle
Tracy Winters17 July 2015
I know, I use to like Luke Perry, too. He was cuter than Jason Priestley ('90210') and a better actor. But this movie sucks anyway.

Luke and a group of his (idiot) friends get tangled up in Triangle events, none of which is very interesting. Too much personal drama congests the lame storyline. Except for Luke, some quality actors.... WERE NOT IN THIS FILM. That's too bad because Luke has just enough charisma to account for something, but 'something' never happens and this little soaker dries up fast.

For Luke Perry purists (of which I use to be one). Where have you been for the last few years, Luke? I know you didn't get lost in the Triangle, because I looked for you there already.
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Well... I liked it.
SukkaPunch2 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This is one of those movies that automatically brings me back to my childhood. I was merely twelve when it came out, and being the horror obsessed preteen that I was, it was a must see every time it came on the television. Recently, I had the opportunity to re-watch this film with a more mature perspective, and I have to say, for what it is, the Triangle still impressed me.

First off let's get the truth of the matter out of the way: this is a low budget made for TV movie. With that said, we are dealing with low budget effects, and less experienced actors and writers. This film, however, manages to provide an interesting story with interesting characters, and a fairly suspenseful atmosphere.

The story itself revolves around four friends, and two tour guides who get trapped in a time warp in the Bermuda Triangle. While stranded they come across a ship that was lost over seventy years ago, when left with no choice to board, the triangle knocks them off one by one. While the plot sounds pretty straight forward initially, there is some complexity to it. We find out early on that one of the main characters if broke and desperate for money despite spending the remainder of his money frivolously in order to appear well to do. While on the ship, the supernatural forces at work in the triangle take advantage of this fact and make him do its evil bidding.

Cheesy as it may be at times, it's difficult to argue that this film is rushed. We are allowed to learn a fairly decent amount about the personalities of each character in the story -- this allows us to care about the characters and build suspense based of empathy. This is especially true of one of the characters who is haunted by the ghost of his deceased younger brother while on the ship.

With all these tongue and cheek made for TV film coming out today (Sharknado and the like) I don't understand why this film isn't getting a little bit more recognition. Is it cheesy? Yes. Is it fun? Yes. Does it still manage to relieved a fun and suspenseful story? You bet!

Recommended. It hasn't been shown on television in years, but if you can track down a copy, give it a shot.
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Scared the Ship out of me!
Mo ( September 2010
Haha, I just wanted to write that tagline. But now that I've started...

It really did, this movie scared me, but really any thriller/horror would. For a TV movie this was very well done, good suspense, great shots of the boat, and everything looked "real," as they didn't resort to many cheesy effects. I mainly watched this for Luke Perry as I am on a binge to watch everything he's been in, and although I am more into his cool Dylan character, he played the happy friendly Stu pretty well, too.

Also, the way this movie was shot, it was interesting that it wasn't focused on one main character. Most movies stay on one person or two main characters usually. In this movie, everyone turned into a principle for their scenes, it was interesting.

It is definitely a fun ride if you are into don't-take -it-too-seriously TV horrors. I recommend.
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Nothing grand, but it have its moments
Paul Magne Haakonsen28 January 2010
Since I have always been intrigued by the mystery shrouding the Bermude Triangle, I bought this movie. I chose to look away from the fact that Luke Perry was in it, as I can't see him beyond his role in Beverly Hills 90210.

The story was good and the set was good. Even the characters were well thought off, I just had a hard time taking Luke Perry seriously. But hey, that is just me. The movie was actually above my expectations and quite nice. Not a movie that you will pick up again later and say "I want to see this one again" though.

Good entertainment throughout the movie, sort of a low budget mix between "The Shining" and "Ghost Ship". The movie is not scary, but will keep you sufficiently entertained.
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Three times as good as a regular triangle
SYFYguy30 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I'm on a boat, I'm on a boat, Take a look at me cause I'm sailin' on a boat... into the Bermuda Triangle.

Seriously, why do they go to the bermuda triangle? Go to Florida or something.

I was really happy when the 80 year old steam liner showed up, not just in the fog, but literally MADE of the fog - that was epic. So let's go aboard - good decision #2

And then the movie takes a turn for the better - maybe even for the best - because the ship is abandoned and nothing happens for the next 20 minutes, except that one dude gets really really greedy and instead of doing his smoking hot wife, he decides to bash her in the head with a cricket paddle.

At this point I was literally drooling in anticipation of the stunning conclusion to this movie where the crazy guy tries to kill the other guy and the other girl and then the ship ignites in a ball of flame and then the guy and the girl are FOUND FOUR YEARS LATER - I need to take a vacation to fully comprehend the implications of that plot twist.

Maybe I'll go to Bermuda.
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Overly predictable, cheap, cliché...
mad_tinus14 November 2007
This movie is so bad it almost becomes funny again.. I can't believe how many moderately positive comments this movie is receiving here. If you call yourself a movie fan, how can you keep a straight face when watching this, let alone be amused. Every cliché of 'scary, mysterious movies' is used here.

Pretty much everything has already been said in other comments, the Shining rip-off, the lousy acting, the predictability, the (pathetic excuses for) special effects.. I won't repeat everything again. This movie is laughably bad, in every possible way, please take this warning and don't waste your time!
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A nifty made-for-TV supernatural chiller
Woodyanders4 July 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Affable, but broke Stu (winningly played by Luke Perry), his easygoing friend Tommy (the equally solid Dan Cortese), Stu's fetching fiancé Julia Lee (lovely Polly Shannon), and their nerdy pal Gus (an amusingly geeky David Hewlett) go on vacation in Bermuda. They rent a rusty old junker of a boat crewed by scruffy Captain Louis Morgan (excellently played by Dorian Harewood) and spunky first mate Charlie (the delectable Olivia d'Abo) for a fishing expedition. Problems arise when the boat breaks down in the middle of the ocean. Things get worse when our motley bunch stumble across the legendary missing ocean liner the Queen of Scots, board her, and discover much to their dismay that the ship is haunted. Director Lewis Teague maintains a steady pace throughout, stages the shock scenes with reasonable aplomb, and really pulls out the creepy stops in the hair-raising second half of the film. Ric Waite's sharp, agile cinematography, Lawrence Shragge's spooky'n'shuddery score, and the genuinely engaging characters are all likewise up to speed. As an added bonus, both Shannon and d'Abo spend a fair share of their screen time wearing skimpy bikinis. A fun and effective made-for-TV fright feature.
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Creepy and exciting movie about a deserted ghost ship , including ordinary television actors
ma-cortes1 June 2007
The film concerns about a group of friends (Luke Perry , Dan Cortese, David Hewlett) undergoing their annual journey , they go fishing . Luke Perry also brings his fiancée , Polly Shannon . They're suffering money problems and hire an old yacht from Dorian Harewood and Olivia Dábo . The small boat crew enter into a thick flog and after encountering themselves the HMS Queen of Scots , a passenger luxury liner , disappeared in 1939 at a remote region of the Bermudas triangle ; nowadays , it is floating drift . The mysterious vessel is lost at sea for more than 50 years . But one time aboard the cavernous , eerie ship , the disconcerting group encounters that the decaying Oceaner liner is anything but deserted . When a series of bizarre occurrences happen and the crew becomes trapped inside the luxury cruise , they soon learn it is inhabited by the haunting previous crew .

This frightening picture contains scary suspense , terror , horrifying tension and being quite entertaining . The deserted ship is portrayed as a complete riddle with screams and grisly aspect . The movie paid attention to building up a terrifying atmosphere instead of stabbing and violent killing spree . The action takes place into a rusty ship wreck , though it is externally made by computer generator , as usual . The plot isn't original , but being gradually revealed with nutty enchantment , a ¨The shinning (Stanley Kubrick)¨ style , and it attracts viewer's attention . The picture is starred by usual television actors , giving passable performances : Luke Perry (Beverly Hills) , Dan Cortese (Melrose Place) , David Hewlett (Stargate Atlantis) , Polly Shannon (Femme Nikita) , Olivia DÁbo (Wonderful years) and Dorian Harewood (China beach) . If you're enthusiast of the mystery tales and B-films , so you'll encounter this picture to be agreeable . If your interest lies on a more cerebral terror movie , then I highly recommend you skip this one . This TV movie was rightly directed by Lewis Teague ; during the 8os , he was a successful director (Jewel of Nile , Cujo , Alligator), but , nowadays , he only makes television series (Nash Bridges , Dukes of Hazzard : the reunion , OP center). The high box-office ¨Ghost Ship¨(2002 , by Steve Beck with Gabriel Byrne and Julianna Margules) rips off images and scenes from this television movie . The film is recommended for all horror lovers which will find several nice eerie shots, though not very logical , but still their appetite for gruesome scenes will be satisfied.
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More of a Let Down
Camilla Malfoy9 September 2006
I've seen the movie,it was OK. Not the best ever. I was kind of little when Ifirst saw it, and it scared me, and gave me nightmares. I re-watched it not too long ago, it's not scary at all. It's interesting but not scary. Yeah, so the people go on a boat, in the Bermuda triangle! how stupid is that?! and then they find that freaky boat, and then they're even more stupid and get on it! They go through all types of word things, ghosts and ship blowing up, and all types of stuff. Whatever. Like I said, i was OK. definitely not best. Sheesh, Titanic was waaaaaaaaaaaaay better than that. Oh Well, i suppose some people thought it was excellent.
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A poorly made film
shyamad8 June 2006
A terrible film, should never have been released. It cannot even be called remotely entertaining. How can a film with such great actors be so bad? The plot was meandering and the entire suspense of the Bermuda triangle was never ever projected. Most of the content stood on very weak ideas, and very shaky foundations. The acting was loud and appalling, unbecoming of some of the finest actors in Hollywood. There was no story to weave the scenes together. Basic errors, such as naming the Atlantic the deepest ocean in the world,showed the lack of credible research. The story dragged on over a 6 hours, when more complex films have been finished in less. Everyone took the viewer for granted, no one is dazzled by special effects anymore.
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Surprisingly good TV movie (review might contain spoiler-like elements)
apecat23 February 2005
Let's face it, this movie *is* a cheap shining-rip off, but somehow it felt pleased watching it. As someone stated earlier on this board, this is a family-friendly movie, no bad language etc, which makes it even more suitable for TV use. This typical American TV movie format is boring and it certainly makes it challenging for the filmmakers to do something even remotely original. I find it hard to put into words, but there was something quite fresh and genuine in this, I dunno if this is a training work by someone in film school, but I must say that the basics of story telling were all right. The film doesn't pretend to be more than it is, the lousy cgi and a few mistakes (i think I saw the shadow of a camera in a stairway sequence) feels OK in this type of movies where filmmakers usually misuse their talents a lot more with tons of low budget action sequences.

The soundscapes were sometimes a bit overdone, the sick whispering didn't leave the "walking in alone in the dark"-sequences alone for a second, with a bit more patience, silence mixed with normal sounds that one could expect to hear on a shipwreck could have been even original. I watched the movie from a Scandinavian r2 DVD edition that featured stereo ac3/dolby digital sound. Unfortunately I had to use headphones, I can't say anything about the usage of Dolby Surround.

The actors were used well, not the best ones around, but by limiting their communication to TV-series type dialog you had the characters in their right elements and on the very edge of what you can expect from them.
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tedg13 October 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Spoilers herein.

'The Shining' was a truly risky idea: make the hotel an actual character, in fact the primary character containing and directing all the others. So in standard Kubrick fashion, there was a movie within a movie, the inner movie being that written and directed by the hotel.

This pale copy misses that basic core. Instead it assumes that you can build a movie around two women with nice shapes and funny faces.

Ted's Evaluation -- 1 of 3: You can find something better to do with this part of your life.
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I've seen this somewhere before???
rob_w_lowe18 April 2003
Take the hotel from The Shining, put a bow and a stern on it, and you have The Triangle. Actually, this movie also reminded me a lot of the recently released Ghost Ship. How many movies can we make that feature the Queen Mary? I liked it. I watched it twice. If you're a fan of ships, mystery, ghosts or the paranormal you will too. I really think more could've been done with this film had it been made into a theater release, or direct to video. Another nice thing, is that it isn't gross, very bloody, and there are hardly any "language" issues. You can sit down with the family, pop the popcorn, turn the lights off and enjoy. You don't see that in many horror/ghost films anymore. I would ad it to my collection. If you decide to make this a choice for movie night, pick up The Poseidon Adventure and treat yourself to a double feature.
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Interesting and scaring
IceaFrost3 April 2003
This tv-movie has a lot that most real movies don´t have. A great directing. The director of this movie spends a lot of time showing it from different angles, which makes it more creeping than it really is. Sure, it has some flaws, since not every part of the storyline is explained, but it´s still has a great setting. Even though it has a wonderful cast and great plot, you can´t go away from 1 thing: Who/What is the real villain? In the movie, we´re never told. Is it the ghosts or their "friend"?

I´d say, go and rent this movie, even with flaws it´s great and entertaining.
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Nothing can save this movie from stinking.
Crow_T_Robot21 February 2003
At first I thought, that this could be at least a pretty good movie. The plot sounded intriguing and gave the idea of a nice fright. But as the movie went on I saw nothing but one cliche after another, and found myself laughing instead of hiding behind the sofa. Although it had some good scenes, they were not enough to save the entire movie. I've seen worse, but not much.
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Geometry was Better!
dboyd0013 January 2003
I kidded my wife it was about geometry when I rented it. It would have been far more interesting and less predictable if it was about geometry. Whoever designed the sets had no clue what it looks like on a ship... typical Hollywood. This movie is only a little more exciting than a coma. Avoid it, there are far better videos to rent.
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Really dumb and pointless
MovieAddict20165 September 2002
The beginning at least was interesting, but once out at sea the film took a turn for the worst, here's why:

ACTING: Horrible, save a few small parts (isn't that how it always is?)

DIRECTION: It's all crazy, and we wonder "what WAS the director trying to show?" But you learn you can't figure it out when the camera is swinging around half the time.

PLOT: The plot itself could have been made interesting, but what the end all result/theory was is just plain stupid. The last half hour is all so boring and predictable. And what about the cgi on the boat at the end?

FLAWS: Too many to mention. Nothing the character(s) did was realistic, and of course this is usually the case with these kind of thrillers/horrors. But THE TRIANGLE was so ridiculous and not fun that I can not put aside the flaws for the fun of the film's sake-because there is no fun involved in this mishap of a "film!"

If you like really dumb, unintelligent, stupid, boring, ridiculous film, by all means, the triangle is made for you! 1/5 stars-

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the title is better than the plot
dinaia26 July 2002
There are a few interesting things in setting up the plot of the movie: we see enough of the bad signs to understand and to expect something very mysterious and very revealing about what another experience of the Bermuda Triangle is. We see the characters, we witness all the signs that foresee something 'bad' is going to happen (the dreams, the adventurous leader of the trip, the fact that he's bringing his girlfriend along, the interest one of them has for the paranormal experience of the Bermuda Triangle). It's all well until becomes to obvious and the stereotypes prevail (the voodoo ritual they stumble across, the picture taken of the ritual and the people disappearing from it), there is no gradual suspense and almost nothing remarkable happens to the characters that could not happen in the real life). Dreams, visions and greed have been know to happen. It's true, you don't find a '39 missing ship everyday, but the extraordinary discovery does nothing to raise the interest of the story.
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Suitably creepy and eerie, but ultimately unsatisfying
Eric-122610 February 2002
The Triangle is an interesting but ultimately flawed movie. At first you think the picture is going to deliver an enjoyable "the Love Boat enters the Twilight Zone while stopping over at Fantasy Island" sort of escape flick, but it gradually turns out to be a much more low-key and rather clumsy affair.

There are some strong sequences and reasonable acting here, and the players, whether taken individually or collectively, all seem very likable and convincing... Unfortunately the same can't be said for the island setting or the shipboard setting: these seem very contrived and scream "made for TV movie!" at you with every frame. The script seems oddly lacking in many parts. More often than not your attention wanders, potentially intriguing ideas aren't fully explored (or aren't explored at all), and the ending, while suitably eerie, nevertheless feels rushed and makes you feel somewhat cheated. Too bad a little more work wasn't put into the script. And as to the special effects – puhleez! How lame can you get!

This could have been so much better! It's still worth watching if you're at all interested in maritime ghost stories, or ever ponder the fate of ships lost in the Bermuda Triangle. Or just want to look at good-looking leads. However, after seeing it, you will probably spend much time mulling over lots and lots of ways in which this movie could have been improved. Exactly why the creators of the movie didn't do those things, well, that's a question the answer to which must be lost somewhere out there in the Triangle. The Bermuda Triangle.
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This movie was exactly what you would expect from O'Donnell.
superfreak_z12 January 2002
I've seen this "made for TV" movie and i do not recommend it at all. A film filled with washed up actors from ten years ago plus Chris O'Donnell do not mix (actually any movie Chris O'Donnell makes or stars in is horrible, but I won't get into that now). The acting was bad, the directing was bad, and the movie was crap. The script was bad, and the movie stunk worse than the guy who sits near me in English class.

On a scale of 1 to 10, this movie deserves a 1.5, only because of the special effects of the boat (which weren't even that great, but anything like that in a Chris O'Donnell movie looks like pure gold). I will finish by saying, do not watch this movie. You will be extremely disappointed and it will make you question how Chris O'Donnell became a producer besides a bad actor.
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