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New York Post
Short and sweet, small and smart, Tadpole is the oasis in the desert of dopey summer blockbusters - an uproarious, sophisticated coming-of-age comedy so flawlessly written, acted and directed it seems practically miraculous.
Rolling Stone
Tadpole may be small, but it's something special -- a cheeky comedy knockout.
An irreverent and witty comedy in which the events aren't predictable but are well paced.
Baltimore Sun
Has nearly perfect pitch.
Entertainment Weekly
Where ''Rushmore'' surprises and delights with its spiky depiction of sprawling American idiosyncrasy, Tadpole's more urbane, less complicated charms are specifically made in New York City.
Witty, adult treatment of an offbeat subject: a pubescent boy's infatuation with an older woman.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Stanford and Neuwirth are performers of such nuance that a mere glimpse of his body language and her bawdy language speak volumes about the difference between love and sex, the ideal and the real.
New York Daily News
Armed with a witty script, Winick and the actors so confidently ply the Oedipal waters that the comedy seems sweetly chaste.
Oscar's life has the potential to become a Greek tragedy, but Winick keeps things light enough that it resolutely stays a comedy.
Charlotte Observer
Neuwirth vamps up a storm: She's like some silent-screen hellion sending lust rays out of bemused eyes.
But as likable as it is, Tadpole is hardly a maturing woman's revenge movie, but another male fantasy -- that of the sexually nurturing mother figure. If only all coming-of-age sexual experiences could be as healthy and wholesome.

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