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An Italian western set in modern day Amsterdam, Holland

Author: acearms from San Antonio, Texas
7 February 2004

Some where in this thing called a movie is a plot. A lot like the movie "The Candidate" but with an Italian shoot 'em up twist. I watched this one because I'm a Skeet Ulrich fan, almost turned it off it was so bad but managed to hang in till the end. Beware of this one, it has continuous flash backs which add nothing and only take up time. Cut out all the manure and the movie would of only run about 30 minutes.

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filmed w/ a permanent shade of blue

Author: wotge ( from Enschede, Netherlands
6 February 2002

One of the worst filmed movies i've ever seen. The camerawork was lousy, the screen was tilted to the left _All_the_time_. the colours were awful, there are only one or two scenes that aren't filmed with a blue filter. Even if you can get used to the blue screens, the stroboscopic effects that turn up every action scene (my guess is; lack of budget) _will_ turn your stomach.

Obviously there was _no_ budget for any special effects other than the effects you get if you buy the $100 el-cheapo-fastforward/slomo-mixer.

The fight scenes lack any sense of choreography, i.e. you only see full-scene shots when the 2 "fighters" are walking around each other slowly, the only "contact" shots are extreme close-ups. The same applies for nearly all the stunts/shooting scenes.

At least the story made some sense, in the way that most b-rated action/thriller flics have a story-line. Too bad though that the actors didn't really get a chance to show what they can do (see above.)

In conclusion: If I were you i'd leave this "direct to video production" right down there on the videostore's shelves and rent Jackie Chan's "Who Am I" instead.

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this movie sux

Author: breadmasta from new mexico
31 January 2007

This movie never should have been made...maybe thats why it literally burned through the projector at its first screening at Cannes. The whole idea of timing a movie to be cold and lonely is fine...just don't follow this film's color timing by cranking the wheel all the way to the blue side. Definitely don't time the ENTIRE movie blue either. What ever happened to making movies that made you FEEL the film instead just watching it. Well thats how this one having your hand held by your babysitter as she tells you exact whats happening on the screen (or maybe that would be a blind interpreter). The story was boring, already been done, and unrealistic. Perfect formula for films that go straight to video.

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One of the worst movies ever made in Holland!

Author: Maarten van Krimpen from Rotterdam, Holland
6 July 2002

As my Summary said: one of the worst movies ever made in Holland. Before I rented the movie I´ve read some bad critics about this movie, but I have never thought that it was a so, almost disguisting, movie like this. I´m a 14 years old Dutch boy, and I was shamed by seeing this movie. The crew of this movie gives outsiders the thought that we are people who love sex, drugs and bicycles only. And that´s not true!! There´s a police chase in this movie with bicycles!! How horrible. Only Dick Maas can direct this kind of scenes, not a worse debutant like Laurence Malkin. The only things that I liked were some (guest-)performances from some Dutch celebrity´s, especially Georgina Verbaan as a newsreporter.

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A stylish action movie: that bike chase was so cool!

Author: Bella
29 August 2001

I saw this movie at a screening in LA recently and really enjoyed it: the stylish shots, fast pace, cool editing, funky soundtrack and the whole story engulfs you. This movie gives such a strong sense of how small the world has become. Set in a corporate multinational world with the backdrop of old, beautiful cities and local raw industries of Holland, Kevin, the hardworking and confident American is in the battle of his life to keep his soul alive. A great fusion of Hollywood action and independent filmmaking.

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Moulin Rouge and Soul Assassin and Amelie kick it!

Author: eeeelectric from Amsterdam, Netherlands
9 February 2002

I saw this film here in Holland over the summer and again on dvd now here in the stores. It isn't as good as Moulin Rouge for example but after I thought about it both films are busy with the same thing in a way. The editing, the pacing, the camera is fast and I really like that. This idea really hit me when I saw Amelie which is my favorite movie at the moment. All of these movies in different ways are trying to communicate with you on a similar level. One is a musical, one is an actie thriller and the other, I don't know, maybe you call it a "magical". Is that proper English? I don't know and I don't care. I really love Amelie and Moulin Rouge and Soul Assassin are very good too. Amelie is great. 10 out of 10. Same fore Moulin Rouge. And Soul Assassin is 9 out of ten. The action was very strong. The movie techniques were great too. Personally I think the Dutch actors were stronger than the other ones (I was very surprised how good there English was). But I'm Dutch, but not typically Dutch. And this fim is not typically Dutch either. So go see it at your cinema and definitely go see Amelie. It is the best film of the year. At very minimum none of them are boring. They are fun, fun, fun.

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Any movie with Kristy Swanson is awesome...Soul Assassin is no exception

Author: Mark
4 November 2001

The entire plot sealed the fate of this movie. It kept you questioning what happened and what is going to happen. The entire cast Skeet Ulrich (Kevin Burke) to Derek de Lint (Karl Jorgenson) to Katherine Lang (Rosalind) were incredible. And who can forget Kristy Swanson (Tessa). I also like the ending which was unexpected.

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"Soul Assassin" in relation to anime

Author: shawnasedai13
8 September 2001

"Soul Assassin" successfully creates an angst-ridden, cyberpunk atmosphere indicative of such classic anime as "Ghost in the Shell." A blue and dark color scheme pervades the movie just as a green tone accentuates the mood in "Ghost." "Soul Assassin" also blends modern technology with basic questions about humanity--a typical theme in most anime. If you like action, anime and thought-provoking issues, "Soul Assassin" is a good movie to watch.

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Fun, Different and Confrontational

Author: bjmoxnard from Oxnard, CA
6 November 2002

I just saw this on DVD . My friend saw it at a screening at The Directors Guild in LA last year and bought it a soon as the new DVD came out. He said it was different and it was. It's an independently produced action thriller with more on it's mind than the usual low budget explosions and murky pseudo film noir effects. The fast cuts, transition edits, hyper modern music, "industrial blue" tints on some scenes, all act as a counterpoint to a story of betrayal and amoral corporate greed (Enron anyone?). The acting by Skeet Ulrich, Derek De Lint and Antoine Kamerling was a B+ (De Lint was really an A).

You should see this film. Especially if you can see it on DVD so you can get the full impact of the sound track.

What I mean by "confrontational" is that based on the comments I have read people either love this film or are bothered by it's unique differences from the norm. I loved it.

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Overall a solid action movie

Author: BigGuy from United States
29 March 2003

I wasn't expecting that much from this movie but was pleasantly surprised. This was actually much better than a lot of the schlock that has been released in the theaters recently. The story was solid and kept my interest throughout. The ending was a little too tidy, but was definitely better than the standard Hollywood ending.

Overall the acting was pretty good. Skeet Ulrich particularly did a good job in this movie and was fun to watch. I also enjoyed Kristy Swanson, although I am a fan so that might be biased.

The one complaint I would have is the cinematography. I really could have done without the blue filter used for almost the entire movie. Sure it indicated the death of his soul, so to speak, but it was annoying, and the splashes of color were too jarring. Also some of the other effects just came across poorly.

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