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Soul Assassin - The Music Video?

Author: fnurkdabomb from Amsterdam, Holland
24 April 2004

This was absolutely the WORST movie ever made in Holland and I've seen them all! Being Dutch myself, I am ashamed that this "videoclip-type" movie was made with a lot of Dutch effort (actors, production and ofcourse locations).

The story and the acting are so bad and corny that I first thought they made it as an experimental joke. But they MEANT it! Especially the way that this movie was advertised really annoyed me once I saw the finished product. This was supposed to be a movie that would blow us away and it was supposed to be a rollercoaster-ride of action... We were deceived: the plot is worse than a standard action-movie, the blue filter on the images and the weird experimental imaging gives you a headache, and the biggest stunt in Soul Assassin is when Skeet Ullrich rides his bicycle(!) into a canal...! Need I say more...? The director (Laurence Malkin) used to make MTV-videos for rapper Coolio and it SHOWS! My advice: DON'T bother renting this one, you'll kick yourself after if you DO!

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Killing the audience with total indifference

Author: BryanT-5
7 January 2003

Accomplishing what I had thought impossible, this film moves from intriguing/thriller-worthy premise to absolute schlock within 5 minutes of the opening credits. No story. No characters. No acting. Dubious cinematography (I guess it's just a Blue, Blue World). All this matched by an ending which establishes a new standard for 'lousy'. Given that it was a free rental....I want my money back.

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what a disappointment

Author: (winner55) from United States
19 May 2007

Beyond an absolutely brilliant performance by Skeet Ulrich as a man trained to be a hit-man for a criminal corporation, there's not much to recommend this film. It's not as terrible as some reviewers remarked - beneath the flashy visuals lies a rather old-fashioned suspense thriller. Unfortunately, the producers were clearly shopping for another "Bourne Identity", and the director, probably a meth-addict, had watched too many John Woo films. I mention this because while I watched the bicycle chase stunts - all too clearly created by the editor rather than the stunt crew - I thought of Jackie Chan's marvelous bike chase in "Project A" and thought to myself, 'gee, that's what this movie needs - Jackie Chan, not John Woo'. But John Woo is the influence here, and since Woo is an arch-stylist, to imitate him you have to have a real schmaltzy but original plot going on beneath the style; and while this film has the schmaltz, it has no originality to speak of. There are glaring references to Hitchcock and Stanley Donen, Samuel Fuller's "Dead Pigeon on Beethoven Street" and an obscure thriller based on an Alistair MacLean novel, "Puppet on a Chain" - glaring because the originals were so much better and certainly don't need this sort of 'tribute'.

I won't say this is a bad thriller; some will find it entertaining enough. But it pretends to be so much more - what a disappointment.

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Disappointing flick...or how do I cover a bad movie with a blue filter

Author: Ernest Hamstra from Zwolle
5 January 2003

Being a big fan of Dutch movies, I really looked forward to watch this film with so many Dutch actors in it.

For me it was very disappointing, and not only because seeing so many Dutch guys speak English to each other. The many plot holes, the music-video style of filming, the blue filter, the loud music, the pitch-changing of the film, it was just too much.

This movie is trying to be something so hard that it doesn't succeed at all. What a waste of talent...

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Film bleu

Author: jotix100 from New York
25 March 2004

If there is a new type of film genre, maybe it should be film bleu, as is the case with this movie. First time director Laurence Malkin must be credited with the idea. He has given the film a blue tint in its entirety. The film tries to do too many things and the plot is a puzzle if one doesn't pay close attention. Also, at times, it feels like a rock video without music.

The film shot entirely in Holland moves at a fast pace. Like other thrillers, this one delivers for those people seeking instant gratification in watching it. Sometimes one wonders how can these people in the action scenes survive being shot at with high powered rifles. On the other hand, the scene at the hotel where Kevin's girlfriend dies, is very real: this is what happens to people when they are killed.

The hero, Skeet Ulrich, is put through a lot in the film. Of course, he survives with only a few scratches after what is done to him, otherwise there wouldn't be a film at all, would it? The bad guys are more interesting. The Dutch actors are very good and the backdrop is Rotterdam, with a few detours to Amsterdam and Uttrecht, posing as the first city.

Derek de Lint plays with gusto. Would have loved to have seen more of Rena Owens, the great New Zealand actress, but alas, it wasn't meant to be. And finally, Nicholas Irons, can't deny he is Jeremy's son. What an uncanny resemblance!

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Unbelievable Festival of Clichés, in Rhythm of Video-Clip

Author: Claudio Carvalho from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
19 October 2005

In Rotterdam, when Kevin Burke (Skeet Ulrich) is promoted to chief of security of a multinational investment bank, he goes to a hotel with his girlfriend, the executive of the bank Rosalind Bremmond (Katherine Lang), to celebrate and propose her to marry him. However, Rosalind is murdered in the room, and blind of rage, Kevin looks for revenge following the guidance of his chief and mentor Karl Jorgensen (Derek de Lint).

"Soul Assassin" is a horrible movie, indeed a festival of clichés. The story is totally unbelievable and amazingly ridiculous; the characters are not well-developed and the viewer does not know who they are and their motives; the camera seems to be shooting a MTV video-clip; the choreography of the fights is awful, with many closes and cuts. I have seen few Dutch movies, but this one is certainly the worst. My vote is three.

Title (Brazil): "Alma Assassina" ("Assassin Soul")

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Yes, a Director Can Singlehandedly Ruin a Film

Author: bababear from United States
6 May 2011

It's not easy to do, but a story that had potential simply sinks under very, very bad direction.

In film one of the director's jobs is to tell the viewer where to look. True that. But it does not mean that he should be shouting "Look at me!" when he should be concentrating on story and characterization.

A reported $7 million goes down the toilet in developing this story of greed, jealousy, and revenge. Actors who have done very fine work in the past are simply stranded on screen. That's bad enough.

But for some reason a great chunk of the action is filmed using a blue filter over the lens. This is understandable for the exteriors at night. But it looks more than slightly stupid for scenes in, say, a living room.

The action is sped up in some scenes for no reason whatsoever. And the fight scenes are edited so incoherently that it's impossible to tell who's who are what's going on.

Watching movies directed by, say, Ed Wood can be a fun experience. Catatonic actors, cardboard sets, special effects that totally fail, it's sort of like watching the community theater group perform on the stage in the American Legion hall. You know that they're genuinely trying to do their best and it's easy to root for everyone involved.

Here, the gimmicks just seem to try to cover up undeveloped story arcs.

There is one very good thing about this, though. Director Laurence Malkin directed exactly one more movie after this, in 2006, and has not worked behind the camera since then although he has remained active in the film business. People seeking proof that God created an orderly universe need look no further.

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Don't see it, It lacks plotline, charachter development and a total lack of dramaturgic presence. MTV cinematography and editing makes it worse. And Waaay to many flashbacks.

Author: danyael_x from Kristianstad, Scania, Sweden
6 October 2002

The Name Soul Assassin has little and to obscure relevance for the actual plotline in the film, the actors have been given nondeveloped characters with a hollowfeeling to them. THe plot and storyline is waterd out by an abundant reuse of fottage in annoying flashbacks that does noting to further develop the story, and has been spiced up with exessive gunfighting. The so called "bad guys" are to the brink of total lack of grey brain matter. The Director of Photography and the Director of the movie seems to occasionally forget that it is a thriller they are shooting, and not an MTV musicvideo, by exessive use of stroboscopic effects and fottage that has no relevance for the movie. The only good thing is the end, where thy desided to throw out all rules of "good vs bad guys" classic movies. Thats the only good point.

Skeet Ulrich did a better jop in Chill Factor. It is by far the wors film I have ever seen. No film that I have seen in the conspiracy genre has even been this bad, I thought that X-files the movie was bad. I now know better.

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Junk flick

Author: George Parker from Orange County, CA USA
21 July 2002

"Soul Assassin" tries to cover up the absence of substance and bucks with hyperkinetics and effects; nice try but no cigar. Shallow, transparent, contrived, and just plain stupid. Let's hope Malkin gets a real job. Pass. (D-)

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Artsy-fartsy photography does not a movie make

Author: themoviebuff2003 from United States
25 June 2006

This might have been watchable if it hadn't been for the director's experiments in photography-gives you a headache at times. Same crap I saw in the GET CARTER remake, and I can't stand it. All it does is make the story more muddled than it needs to be. The woman who played Karrina (Rena something or other)is sexy and fascinating, and I would've liked to see more of her, but-no(a few sexy hookers, too 8^D). Kristy Swanson and Skeet Ulrich are wasted here. Here's a newsflash-if you're going to do a film, and want to make it 'gritty'-why not just film it in black and white, instead of blue w/ one object in the screen in color? That way it might actually add something to the movie. Everything this director does has been seen before, and besides that, what he does merely serves to detract from the story. A confusing and muddled script only further contributes to disaster. I knew before I read it here that the director had done music videos, because that was what this movie feels like in spots.

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