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Angel of Death
Dries Vermeulen22 February 2004
Though he has made far better known films (such as ADORABLE LOLA and BOURGEOISE...ET PUTE !, both with mega star Marilyn Jess), this early effort of dirty movie maker extraordinaire Gérard Kikoïne stands as one of his best. Revered as a director of vision and sophistication well beyond the adult film reviewing circle in the early '80s, he later chose to disown the 'disreputable' genre that made him famous for B movie obscurity with the enjoyable (for all the wrong reasons) likes of EDGE OF SANITY and BURIED ALIVE. Not the best of career moves...

ENTRECHATTES (now released on French DVD as L'INFIRMIERE on a value for money triple bill with the earlier mentioned BOURGEOISE and PRISON TRES SPECIALE POUR FEMMES) presents the frequently subversive Kikoïne at his dark depraved best, an acid-drenched portrait of a dysfunctional upper class family from the pen of another gifted sex film creator, the late lamented Claude Mulot (aka Frédéric Lansac of LE SEXE QUI PARLE fame).

Private nurse Ange (the stunningly beautiful Agnès Lemercier, better known under her silly alias "Jenny Feeling") seems to make a nice living from killing off old geezers, make that abundantly wealthy old geezers, at the request of their invariably much younger second or third wives. Following her latest 'success', she's off to the French countryside to care for crusty ailing millionaire Gilbert Servien who makes life miserable for all around him, none more than his nympho wife Carole (impressively essayed by hauntingly sad-eyed Marie-Dominique Cabanne, best remembered as one of Claude Bernard-Aubert's VEUVES EN CHALEUR) and his estranged bisexual son (underrated Joël Charvier in a seething performance). While Ange gradually smothers the old man with kindness, taking time off to seduce each family member separately in a series of creative encounters, his nearest and dearest barely bother to conceal their outright hatred for their pater familias as well as each other.

Revealing all characters as greedy, self-serving monsters could've cost Kikoïne dearly. After all, who would want to spend time getting hot and bothered over a bunch of people without any redeeming features literally using each other for their own gain, right ? Yet the unusually incisive screenplay and much better than average acting performances have a quite adverse effect, drawing the viewer into the oppressive, unhealthy hothouse atmosphere. Take note, for example, how most of the swelteringly intense sex scenes take place during thunderstorms, both a reflection of the characters' inner turmoil and a further illustration of the hell on earth they've created for themselves in their restless lust for the family fortune. Ever the cynic, there are no winners in Kikoïne's private universe, save for the intriguingly blank Ange, an empty screen onto which the others project their needs and desires.
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Karl Self24 August 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This movie starts off being lavishly filmed at expensive sets with Rolls Royces driving around. Then they apparently ran out of fric and the rest of the movie is mostly frantic and a bit grubby. There are sex scenes a-plenty, but most aren't very sexy, and in one case they even used a shot where the male performer had a floppy, so as to not to waste any filler material. Not exactly the hallmark of quality.

There is a potentially interesting plot in which a nurse travels the land finishing off wealthy kackers by exhausting them through sex (I said "interesting", not "innovative" or "subtle"). She takes on a new assignment in a castle in the country, where all the family members express their communal hatred for each through the innovative device of sex in every possible permutation, and eventually there is an interesting conclusion. The whole movie could be taken as a satire of the bourgeoisie, with dark deeds being done between gilded sheets, but mostly it's a porn movie where the scenes are predominantly mechanic and unerotic. You can live a fulfilled life without having seen it.
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Something different. High class adult entertainment
PeterMitchell-506-56436422 October 2012
Private Nurse is another of the Roadshow Vibrant video titles. Again this is a adult feature that has style. It's much starts off like Body Of Evidence, a beautiful nude woman, actually a nurse, making love if you can call it that, with a sixty something man with a bad heart. And you guessed it, after this strenuous session of sex he carks it, with a smile on his face, I presume. Oh yeah, and, he put her in his will. Now she's sent out in the country to this manor where this old miserable codger is on his deathbed, surrounded by a number of family figures all of who hate him, and are waiting for that day. Enter the voluptuous nurse to take care of him. The tagline to this film is great and again there's some good acting and some funny dialogue that won't win any Oscars. A standout scene is when of the family who obviously frequents this pub, does a strip in front of other patrons while sucking on a salt shaker, just upon closing hour. Check out the bartender who's attention is diverted to her, while he's fixing a drink for our bold exhibitionist. All in all, some sufficient adult entertainment. I do watch this movie every once in a while. This has a killer ending, plus a full on montage of sex near it's finish. This hot montage does favour the nurse and why? Cause she's hottttttttt! Also the music score is good too. I recommend this movie to the adult viewer.
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