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Hit and Run
When rookie lawyer Tim O'Connor zooms into town on his classic motorbike he literally rides straight into a demonstration at the courthouse.
25 Jul. 2000
Who Lives by the Sword
Samson witnesses a gang robbery that goes horribly wrong and ends in the death of a security guard. Another witness steps forward to help the police - a young mother.
8 Aug. 2000
In the Name of the Son
David battles bureaucracy, taking on the case of a father refusing medical treatment for his sick child. David tries to shield the father from a public witch-hunt, with heart-breaking consequences.
20 Sep. 2000
E Is for Exit
Melanie seeks legal advice from Tim, who is shocked to hear Mel and Freddo admit they were both on Ecstasy that night. But they insist that Sandy wasn't - she wouldn't go near drugs, was a fitness freak.
22 Aug. 2000
David must explore some difficult psychological questions when he defends Dean Stirling on a murder charge, but Adie's objections find David up against the wall as time is running out.
29 Aug. 2000
The Boxer
David represents a young Tongan, Sunny, who is about to be deported for overstaying. Sunny is a boxer who has caught the eye of Wallace Culhane, a wealthy patron who is determined to turn Sunny pro and take him to the top.
5 Sep. 2000
Dangerous Waters
Joni and Tim are caught up in waterfront intrigue when they attempt to unravel a property rights case. A wealthy boatyard owner has been left in a coma after a yachting accident, and his fiancée Lily is battling for control of the company.
12 Sep. 2000
Possession Is Ten Tenths of the Law
Adie is called down to the police station by her old society friend Pru. Pru has been found sleeping in an unwarranted, unregistered BMW, and has given a false name.
26 Sep. 2000
Rest in Peace
David's surprised to see Carol, the wife of his old friend Mike Gower, in for a meeting with Joni. When he presses Joni about the visit, she is cagey - but David gets the feeling that something's up with his old friend.
3 Oct. 2000
Brother's Keeper
Samson is the victim of a hit and run and is saved by an emergency tracheotomy performed by one of his youth-at-risk employees. Samson lies comatose in hospital, while an obsessed David tries to track down the car he saw leaving the scene.
10 Oct. 2000
David defends ex-rugby star Buzz Hamer on serious breaking and entering charges. It becomes obvious that Buzz has a problem with alcohol.
17 Oct. 2000
The rash of gang murders continues with another killing, bringing the total to three. David becomes concerned after a strange encounter with Dean Stirling.

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