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The Best Reality Show
SMLA1111 June 2002
The Mole is definitely the best reality show yet. The show is very fast paced and keeps you guessing who the mole is and who you think is going to win. It is very good and I hope they don't give the following seasons of the shows the dreadful ax.

Overall the show is very cool and I highly recommend it. Rating **** out of ****. (Favorite Reality Show)
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Who is the Mole? I can't wait to find out.
The Mole. Throughout history, moles have been used successfully to worm their way into empires, nations and dynasties... only to cause dissention, mistrust, and paranoia. What a great idea for a TV Series.

The hype that is "Survivor" is mixed with the format of MTV's "Road Rules". Take 10 strangers, 9 real contestants and 1 that is working for the producers. In the end, one person will win the money, one person will be "executed", and one will be unmasked as "The Mole".

I tuned into this fantastic series about 1/3 the way through, and I've been hooked. Every time I think I have the Mole figured out, That person gets executed. And it makes for great "reality TV". Unlike Survivor, where everyone is backstabbing each other, "The Mole" is sabotaging the "tests" and the other players know it. The amount of paranoia is great. Who can you trust, when the mole is out to get you?

A fantastic series, and I hope and pray It's picked up for another season.
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Good Show
Spawn Devil1 July 2002
Honestly, I love this show. I think this show is better than Survivor and Temptation Island. The thing I like about it is that people don't vote other people off, I find that stupid. They must take a test everyday to see who stays and who goes. If your the person who gets the most questions wrong, your outta there. The challenges are instreasting to watch to. I hope they make a lot of seasons because I'm getting tired of Survivor!
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Here's hoping there will be a third "Mole"
The Fox-218 August 2002
I quite enjoyed "The Mole" the first time it was on TV, and eagerly looked forward to watching "The Mole 2." After a rocky start in which ABC pulled it from their primetime schedule late in 2001, before all the episodes had aired, they started it up again with a better timeslot (Tuesday evenings) and I'm glad that they did.

I'm not a huge fan of the "reality" genre. About the only "reality"-type shows I watch are "Survivor" and "The Mole." I actually prefer "The Mole" to "Survivor" (don't get me wrong; I LOVE "Survivor") because of the cerebral aspect of it. The games are interactive; you find yourself in the place of the contestants, trying alongside them to solve the various riddles that they are presented with, and trying to analyze fellow players' actions, wondering "Who is the Mole, and how can I get other people to think that I am?" With the exception of just a couple of games (the "fashion sense" game comes to mind), most of the games and challenges don't involve having the players stoop to the lowest common denominator to earn money for the pot.

When players are eliminated from "The Mole," it's not so because the rest of the players found them unpopular or too much of a threat. If you haven't been paying attention to the clues or haven't sorted fact from fiction, then you effectively eliminate yourself if you score the lowest on the execution quiz. "The Mole" isn't a popularity contest that can be sabotaged easily by overzealous fans (remember Brittany from the first "Big Brother"?) or vengeful losers; the best player does indeed win.

Another thing that I found so appealing about "The Mole" was how much more affable and interactive host Anderson Cooper was with the contestants. Cooper isn't just your aloof host that shows up only for challenges and elimination rounds. Cooper has a wicked sense of humor that manifests itself often during the games. He also joins the contestants for dinner, which further humanizes him. One of the most memorable moments of the second season came when contestant Rob, a magician, showed Cooper a card trick. Right after Rob revealed the outcome of the trick, Cooper immediately slugged him playfully in the arm. Imagine Rich Hatch trying to pull something like that with Jeff Probst on Pulau Tiga!

Because "The Mole" hasn't racked up the same kinds of ratings that "Survivor" or even "American Idol," a lot of people are quick to count it out for another go-round. I certainly hope not. Apparently, the ratings for "The Mole 2" were high enough for ABC to consider yet another installment. If that's the case, I hope to try out for it, because it's the only "reality" show that I would ever consider being on. If ABC decides not to bring it back for a third installment, it'll be a crying shame. In this age of trashy soap operas and lowbrow humor, "The Mole" is a shot of fresh air that most anyone could benefit from.
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The most intelligent reality show on TV
Jason Kurylo (stodmyk)20 October 2001
The Mole has been the only reality show to engage me in any way, shape or form. Unlike the sheer idiocy of Survivor - "eww, they had to drink *bloo-o-o-od*!" - The Mole actually tries to use both the contestants' and viewers' *brains*. And that, unfortunately, will probably be the show's downfall. The average viewer doesn't want to have their mind working on a Friday night. Case in point: the insane success of such cerebral teasers as 90210 and Melrose. ABC has taken chances on smart shows before. Max Headroom and The Dennis Miller Show enjoyed shortlived runs on the network before being yanked by those who think ratings rule over all else. I'm not surprised to see The Mole II: the Next Betrayal canceled midseason, even though it's easily the most entertaining and intelligent show on ABC's roster. The American people just won't have smarts in their TV, unless it's Frasier taking a twice-per-episode shot at just how inane are the cultured. Great show, and like all things great, it lived all too brief a life.
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A game with a brain
modhatter12 June 2002
Unlike the voyeur "reality" shows all around, The Mole is a show that invites viewers to participate. Assisted by Mensa, the producers of the Mole create clues for both the contestants and those who want to play along at home. Execution comes not from being "unpopular" but from failing to gether correct information on the show's hired saboteur, The Mole.

True, there are few bikinis. True, there are no couples on the Mole that go on a cruise or on dates with other people to test their feeble "romance." And, true, no one has had to eat any bugs or animal innards yet. But, if you're interested in a show where you actually CARE who wins the money for once, try the Mole.
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Best Reality Show Ever
brad_31713 September 2007
Honestly, this is the best reality show anyone has ever come up with. In order to win the money you have to actually be INTELLIGENT. Not only that you've got to be brave, athletic, cunning, etc. It actually requires skill. Not like some lame-ass shows that are on these days. And yet, they only have two seasons of it! Bull..they need to bring this show back!!

Although, they'll have a hard time pulling Anderson Cooper away from CNN. He was great.

But seriously, it was an amazing show. You never knew who would be going when. And it was so much fun trying to figure out the mole yourself! It was a show you could actually play yourself if you wanted to!

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Hands down the best show on television.
Spencer Barnes13 July 2002
The Mole is an exciting game of chance and suspense. A group of 14 people are taken to a very picturesque location in Europe, however one of the group is a special agent, a mole, hired by the show to prevent the group from gaining money. Each week the players compete in games to win money for the group, while being constantly vigilant for signs of sabotage from the mole. At the end of each episode the players must answer a ten question quiz as to the identity of the mole. The player who scores the lowest on this quiz is executed and must leave the show immediately.

Although it is not as good as the first installment of the mole, it is exciting because it is the only reality show that makes you think. The viewers can play along to try to find the identity of the mole. It is easily the most fun and exciting show to watch on television and I would not miss a week of it for anything.
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Fun reality show
SnoopyStyle18 September 2013
This was a fun engaging reality series originally hosted by Anderson Cooper. The contestants solve puzzles, complete tasks, and build the cash prize. The trick is one contestant is a mole or fake contestant out to sabotage the game the cash pot. Each week, the contestants take a test to see who knows the mole the least.

As the audience, we're engage along with the contestant. That is the big draw. The viewer starts guessing along with the competitors about the identity of the mole. A big problem is the creative editing always muddy the show and makes the mole very hard to guess. At some point, you feel very manipulated. The show did introduce the world to Anderson Cooper. It's too bad the show ended.
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Reality Perfection
yoright11 January 2010
Quite simply the best reality show ever made. The first two seasons (the only ones that matter) are on Hulu. I challenge anyone to watch the first three episodes of season 1 and not like it. I guarantee you will finish watching the season. Then I guarantee that you will watch season 2.

Other quick reasons to watch it: 1. Anderson Cooper is hilarious 2. The locations in Europe are awesome 3. The games are mentally challenging 4. It's very interactive 5. In one episode a player responds to another player's desperate, "I'm trying as hard as I can!" with an equally desperate, "Not necessarily."

Can you figure out...Who Is The Mole?
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Lyra_8927 July 2003
I love the mole. I started watching before most of you, being as there was a British version - two series - before the US one. I happened to notice most of the tasks are very alike in all the series, though the US ones did have some excellent tasks we didn't have. Challenge (UK) has not yet started showing the Celebrity mole, though i think i will still prefer the originals without celebrities, as with all reality tv, it's much more entertaining. Due to this site, I did actually know who was the mole before i saw the programmes, which took out all of the excitement, but it was very entertaining to see the hidden clues, and how the mole disrupted tasks. I hope both the US and the UK versions continue, and as I would love to be on the show (especially as the mole!) i hope there will, in the future, be a junior version. Because, well, I'm only 14.....
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Hilarious, Intelligent, and [Viewers] Mind-Playing. What More?
starry_magicstuff15 August 2002
When I first saw the first Mole, I blew it off as one of those "reality shows". I had only seen Survivor, and didn't like it, so I stereotyped reality shows. Now, I regret that, and think that some reality shows can be good. One example is the Mole. This season, though pulled before, and brought back, was pretty good. It's been called the most intelligent reality television show [somewhere] and it's lived up to it.

And it's funny! The competitors do look a little bland, but when they show them at the group meals [especially dinner] it's very funny. [Sadly enough, it is, even after Al and Katie's Jelly Discussion.] Yes, even though some of the games were rather disgustingly boring [Three Questions, anyone?] some were rather intriguing. [Anyone for Gladiator, Evader, and Break out of Jail/Get the Key?] It's plays with the viewers mind, trying to figure out who the mole is. Even though the clues were slightly obvious, it was a great season!

One more note: this show was actually a show that kept me watching...especially since the one I picked out to win since the eighth or so week won. So it's very addicting, especially when you find it when they're doing something like rappelling off a dam.
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Enrich your mind
mbalsam6 August 2002
Listen, it's not that I don't like trash. I got a huge kick out of survivor, boot camp, temptation island. I even became a huge O-Town fan after watching making the band. Sure they're not the most intelligent shows on TV, sure they're even slimy in a way, but they're entertaining and that's what TV is all about. But why watch entertaining trash when you can watch entertaining class? The Mole has got all the suspense and drama of any of these shows with its elimination style of play. It has all the same people politics(backstabbing, alliances, etc) that made those other shows fun. But the Mole is actually intelligent, sophisticated, and interactive, all things that the other shows lacked.

The viewer, through the show, is taken on a beautiful tour of quaint Italian towns and villages. We watch the contestants drinking fine wine,(with the exception of Al and Heather's creation)and having thoughtful conversation with each other at the dinner table. We have the host Anderson Cooper, former ABC newsman, hitting us with witty humor and charm all the way through. The contestants are all smart and well spoken. Not to mention that we as the audience have a chance to analyze the show to pieces. The show is multilayered so you can still enjoy analyzing people relations like in Survivor, but you can also analyze mysterious or suspicious characters and actions.

All entertainment is good, but when you get a chance to see entertainment with a brain, why pass up on it?
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Great Show, Even Better The Second Time Through
Dogbert-1024 June 2002
Obviously, some of the previous negative posters have probably watched only one or two shows in the series and have casted judgement on that. Heck, in 2001, they only showed THREE episodes of Mole 2! Well, The Mole is back and it's getting better! If you like a smart and engaging game that'll keep you guessing who the Mole could be, then this is for you! If you want a game that'll keep you a couch potato, then this might be way too much for you. Disregard the previous comments because they've only seen PART of the series. It's like watching the first 5 minutes of a movie and saying whether you hate it or not. We're halfway through and I love it!
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Friday Night = Television Suicide!
tarheel106 June 2002
ABC almost commited "television suicide" by originally putting this show on Friday nights! That is when the least amount of teenagers and young adults are home, their main audience!

I'm glad to see "The Mole II" back on Tuesday nights, and I wish they'll bring it back for a third season, although that's very unlikely.
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Great show
cloud54021 October 2001
THe only reason some don't like it is because it requires a higher IQ, Intelligence is crucial to like this. Sure Smart people like survivor, but dumb people love it because all it takes is atheletics and conieving to win the game. The mole2 is better that survivor, and actually takes some thinking to do. There are hard games the players must play, but figuring out the mole is the real treat. Though many people dont like it (those who rate low have IQs even lower probably) many people do. The real betrayel came when ABC (BOO hiss) canceled the show for a while. This TV show is not for everyone, but 14 people winning money, 1 is a traitor, sounds good to me.
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Best reality/game show out there!
haackman_200112 May 2001
Warning: Spoilers
This is the best reality/game show, even beating Survivor. It was about 10 people, 9 contestants vying for the cash prize, and 1 saboteur(The Mole) undercover trying to sabotage the contestants efforts to bring money into the group pot.

As it turned out, Kathryn Price was the Mole and Steve Cowles won the pot of $510,000. They both were probably the favorites from the beginning, and Kathryn was my personal favorite to be the Mole or winner.

The game was more original than Boot Camp or anything like that, and added elements of suspense, mystery, and intrigue. It also placed in the whodunnit sense of Clue.

I really wish Good Morning America decided to interview the executed each Wednesday/Thursday morning, it would have been interesting. I can't wait for the Mole 2 coming this fall. And by the way, the show didn't do that bad in ratings. It was ABC's top show for ages 18-34 in that time period and garnished a considerable rating place for a show.
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The BEST show on TV!!!!!!
the1kim2 March 2001
This is the most awesome "reality" show that I have ever seen. It follows 10 people who have to try to win challenges to earn money for a group pot. The catch is that there is one person(the mole) in the group who tries to sabotage the challenges. The contestants don't get voted off, they have to take a test every few days to test their knowledge of who "the mole" is. Whoever gets the least right gets eliminated. It's kinda complicated unless you watch it. It's truly a good show. 10/10!!!
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Extremely intriguing series!
Fard Muhammad20 February 2001
At first, I thought that the show would be a weak me-too attempt by ABC of Survivor. However, this show is very good. This show involves feats of intellectual ability, not just athletic ability. The show utilizes impressive camera shots (especially the helmet-cam). Think of it as the best parts of "Survivor" mixed with "Mission: Impossible". Plus, Anderson Cooper is perfect as the host of the show.

Highly recommended. With only three shows left as of February 20, 2001, the tension only increases- making the show a lot more interesting. If ABC makes another installation, I would love to participate.
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Best of the best
jess_valentine15 February 2001
Definitely the best of the "reality" TV shows. A fast-paced show relying on player strategy and fortitude. Wow. And Anderson Cooper is definitely the best host I've seen for shows like this ... not one of those annoying "how does my hair look?" guys that host Survivor, Temptation Island, etc.
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Great Show. The first couple episodes were a bit bleak, but then it got going.
MovieAddict20165 August 2002
The Mole 2: The Next Betrayal is great. I personally was rooting for Al to win, but now he's gone. Watch the show to figure out how it works. I'm just here to tell you, WATCH IT. It may be too late now though. The last episode air tomorrow. I THINK DOROTHY IS THE MOLE!!!!
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Dumb mistake to take off
This was a great show! Even better than the first season!

Why in the heck take it off?! And, why take it off after only two or three episodes?!

I would have loved to watch this, and see who the Mole was. Hopefully they're be putting the Mole 2, back on. I loved it. It was great!
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