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Season 4

16 Apr. 2000
Episode #4.1
Tommy takes a beating with Crazy Taxi for Sega Dreamcast, and Jackie Chan: Stuntmaster for Playstation plus EP takes a trip to meet the creator of The Sims. Zoe braves bullet fire for Worms Armageddon N64, and Vic visits with the best online gaming service out there, Mplayer.com. Gena Lee Nolin makes an appearance and EP announces the four new game consoles coming to the marketplace in the next year! Reviews on the Run: The Sims (PC), Dead or Alive2 (DC), Syphon Filter (PSX), Pokemon Stadium (N64). EP's Pocket Game: Tony Hawk Pro Skater (Color Gameboy).
23 Apr. 2000
Episode #4.2
Everything you want to know about Nintendo's Pokémon Stadium and the funky MTV Music Generator for the PC. Step on the ice with NHL2K for Dreamcast and get the first big news on Playstation2 right from Japan! Part 2 of the Mplayer feature with the attack of the Purple People, and EP gets a visit from Mini Me, Verne Troyer, not to mention a special feature with some of basketballs biggest names from Shaq to Kobe! Reviews on the Run: Nox (PC), Chu Chu Rocket (DC), Fear Effect (PSX), Southpark Rally (N64) EP's Pocket Game: Sonic Adventure (Neo Geo Pocket)
30 Apr. 2000
Episode #4.3
Tommy gets stealthy with Nintendo's Perfect Dark from the creators of Goldeneye! Zoe gets a scare from Nightmare Creatures 2 on Dreamcast, while Vic gets personal with game legend Peter Molyneux, over his latest masterpiece Black and White. The jets are burning in Playstation's Ace Combat 3, though there's nothing but cool about Unreal Tournament. Get all the goods on Microsoft's foray into the console market, with Bill Gates and his Xbox! Reviews on the Run: Resident Evil: Code Veronica (DC), Thief2 (PC), Silent Bomber (PSX), Tony Hawk Pro Skater (N64) . EP's Pocket ...
6 May 2000
Episode #4.4
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13 May 2000
Episode #4.5
Our first Playstation2 exclusive on Namco's Ridge Racer 5 followed by a look at the popular Ridge Racer 64. Tommy gets tackled by the crew at Visual Concepts, creators of NFL2K and the upcoming NFL2K1. Vic goes to snowy Edmonton for the latest from Bioware and MDK2. Star Trek takes the spotlight in this week's online segment, followed by a tribute to the Independent Games Festival and the late Seamas McNally. Get up close and personal with the one and only Gary Coleman, self proclaimed game guru! Reviews on the Run: Porsche Unleashed (PC/PSX), Excite Bike 64, Speed ...
20 May 2000
Episode #4.6
Vic checks into the Playstation winner, Grind Session while Tommy learns some Jedi Knight skills at Lucasarts with a feature on Obiwan for the PC. Meet the Japanese creator of Sega's Space Channel 5, and learn about Gameboy developer, Digital Eclipse. Mplayer presents a segment with Trip Hawkins of 3DO who discusses the future of Multiplayer Games and Tommy gets giddy about Logitech joysticks and controllers. Reviews on the Run: Alien Vs Predator Gold Edition (PC), MDK2 (DC), Jedi Power Battles (PSX), All Star Baseball 2001 (N64) EP's Pocket Game: MicroMachines (GBC) .
27 May 2000
Episode #4.7
Our traditional trade show episode loaded with Playstation2 news, content and features, as well as Nintendo's system right from the show floor. Zoe trips over Jet Grind Radio from Sega, while Vic sniffs out some new technology with Digiscents "scent technology for the PC". We uncover the secrets of Turbine Software's Asheron's Call (PC) and get crazy over Mplayer's E3 Showdown! George Foreman steps up to EP's mic! Reviews on the Run: Perfect Dark N64, Soldier of Fortune, Rayman2, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure EP's Pocket Game: Rampart GameBoy Color .
3 Jun. 2000
Episode #4.8
Visit Namco to see Ms PacMan World and hang out at Nintendo to preview Banjo-Tooie. Visual Concepts, makers of NFL2K1 dish out some Dreamcast World Series Baseball and Victor gets cozy with Westwood's Louis Castle on C&C Renegade. Mplayer brings us G.O.D.'s tribute to Gene Simmons with KISS: Psycho Circus and we sit face to face with Ira Gilford, artist extrordinaire, to discuss his work on Fifth Element, Titanic, Parasite Eve, and his latest project, Evil Dead from THQ. Reviews on the Run: Army Men Gameboy Color, Messiah, Daikatana64, Tony Hawk Pro Skater (DC), Grind...
10 Jun. 2000
Episode #4.9
Reflections Interactive is back with a sequel to its hit getaway game, with Driver 2! Tommy gets personal with one crazy "fish" in Sega's Seaman, and continues to talk with the animals in Nintendo's highly anticipated Naughty Squirrel title, Conker's Bad Fur Day from those brainiacs at Rare. Fox takes the action from World's Scariest Police Chases and tells us how to get into the game while Vic takes on the Viking epic Rune from Gathering of Developers. Tommy goes head to head with THQ's Mike Rubinelli to find out all about the success of this publishing giant. ...
17 Jun. 2000
Episode #4.10
The boys at Bungie get physical over their anime inspired fighting-slash-shooting game, Oni. Tommy rips into Yoshi over Mario Tennis from Nintendo and Sega dives deep with Ecco The Dolphin: Defender of the Future. Watch out for those sneaky primates in Fox's video game version of Planet of the Apes and join Vic as he takes a beating from Baldur's Gate 2. EP talks to IDSA, keepers of the yearly Electronic Entertainment Expo and we play ball with some of the NFL's up and coming celebrities! Reviews on the Run: Army Men World War (PSX), Plasma Sword (DC), Last Call (PC),...
24 Jun. 2000
Episode #4.11
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1 Jul. 2000
Episode #4.12
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8 Jul. 2000
Episode #4.13
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