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Turkeys, Turkeys Everywhere!

Author: ExplorerDS6789 from United States
25 November 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

As we prepare to give thanks on this blessed holiday, let's check in with our favorite little critters in the Chucklewood Forest. To prepare for the long winter, George and Abner are busy building storage cabinets to store food. Buttons and Rusty offer their help, but Abner assures them the men have it under control, but they end up hammering themselves instead of the wood, so the cubs slip out via their toy chest escape route and look for something to do. Rusty suggests checking out an old cabin which Buttons fears is haunted. Relax, kid, this is a Thanksgiving special, not Halloween. You'll be fine. Along the way, they run into two wild turkeys, Marty and Priscilla, who accompany the kids to the cabin. In it, they find a bunch of old junk, including a book about pilgrims. They decide Ranger Jones would know a thing or two about these people with funny hats, so they leave, Buttons and Rusty say goodbye to Marty and Priscilla who can't leave Wild Turkey Valley, and are nearly mowed down by a truck that almost caused Jonesy to have a car accident earlier. Eh, just some loggers making a supply run probably. So the cubs show Jonesy the book, which is about the very first Thanksgiving. As he reads it, the kids become so bored that they fall asleep and dream about themselves in the days of the pilgrims. When going out to pick turnips for supper, Pilgrim Buttons and Rusty meet a young Indian brave who at first they fear, but when they become lost in the woods in a blizzard, the boy brings them to his cave, and thus, when the cubs' folks find them, peace is made between the Indians and the pilgrims and they all have a big celebration. Yep, that's really how it happened.

Liking the idea of having a Thanksgiving celebration, Rusty and Buttons head off to invite Marty and Priscilla, but unfortunately...remember that truck? They weren't loggers, they were turkey trappers! Working quick, the kids manage to free their friends and the rest of the turkeys and hide them in the food storage crates in their cave. They're soon discovered by Abner who chases them all around the cave, and then out of it. Thankfully, they run into Buttons and Rusty, who bring them all back to the cave and explain the situation to their baffled parents, but uh oh. Here come those men in the truck. No, it's alright, it's only Jonesy...followed by those two men. It turns out, they're not turkey trappers after all, but they're from the Wildlife Preservation Society who had come to move the turkeys to a valley that had a more ample supply of food. So the turkeys willingly went with the men as Buttons and Rusty said farewell to Marty and Priscilla, and the next day, the whole gang gathered at Jonesy's to celebrate the day of thanks.

Well, I think Rangers Jones said it best when he said, "those cubs. You gotta love'em." Buttons and Rusty are adorable, and so are there little adventures. I grew up with The Christmas Tree Train, I saw Which Witch is Which once or twice, and this year, I discovered The Turkey Caper, though I still think the Christmas one is superior. As for the Turkey Caper, it keeps you guessing, and it isn't as fast paced as Christmas Tree Train, which I think is a plus. More character building time. I was disappointed in the revelation that the sinister looking hunters were actually good guys. I was thinking this was going to be another adventure story where Rusty and Buttons travel far away, and have to save the turkeys from a processing plant or something. But it works fine the way it is. Plenty of humorous moments, cute moments, this special is very entertaining. I recommend it. Not very many Thanksgiving specials, aside from Charlie Brown's. So if you love that little bear and fox then, again, I recommend checking out The Turkey Caper and have a happy Thanksgiving.

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