Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (2002) Poster

Plot Keywords

cia hitman
assassin double life
targeted killing contract killing
undercover agent anti communism
cold war reality television
television show poisoned tea
title appears in writing voice over narration
long take desert
schizophrenic shyness
hotel loneliness
bathroom wedding
girl volkswagen beetle
jewish spy
carried over shoulder strangled with an umbilical cord
photograph shower
tunnel goat
reference to steve allen reference to nikita khrushchev
drinking adultery
dancing camera
masturbation oral sex
happy birthday broken nose
rockefeller center manhattan new york city playboy mansion
tea leaves fame
kgb bathtub
marriage proposal berlin wall
communist party montezuma's revenge
fcc gay slur
gay sex in shower
nitroglycerine swimming pool
dentist strangulation
condemnation violence
infidelity watching tv
necking black eye
fellatio surprise party
reference to lucky charms cereal dead body
explosive drink
airplane intrigue
dog new house
reference to freddie cannon microfilm shoved up anus
prostitute blowing out brains
stagehand restaurant
bath jew
reference to nat king cole illegitimacy
pitch meeting songwriter
bare breasts alley
diving board truck
scrabble refrigerator
rifle reference to dick clark
reference to perry como face mask
bar hallucination
blood vomit
kiss song
old testament chemistry
fight beer
guard tower cigarette smoking
pistol ape
reference to rosemary clooney snow
chaperone reference to gene the dancing machine
homosexual reference to vladimir nabokov
punched in the face spanish
helsinki finland tour guide
unfaithfulness sex between children
boy u.s. national anthem
torture reference to jim lange
shot in the head reference to sal mineo
reference to elvis presley face slap
marriage blood spatter
pregnancy diarrhea
blow job singer
grotto silencer
hippie sistine chapel
twin men's bathroom
reference to tammy grimes skiing
go go boots cowboy hat
pistol whip insurance salesman
reference to jaye p. morgan gun
reference to fidel castro dead body in swimming pool
reference to mao tse tung bible
dating killing
love ferris wheel
coffin reference to satan
shooting singing
nbc page shaving one's beard
bag over head bar fight
austria flowers
flash forward federal communications commission
reference to god reference to nietzsche
mexico wine
sex nitric acid
peace sign nudity
movie theatre roller skater
toilet stall glycerine
dream genitalia
sugar cube amusement park
birthday suicide
west berlin west germany tv studio
tv pilot tv camera
tv audience topless female nudity
theatre audience tv executive
target practice split screen
secret reference to albert einstein
psychic national broadcasting company
murderer mother son relationship
mole microfilm
manhattan new york city male raised as female
life magazine left handedness
reference to jesus christ interrogation
funeral forgery
flashback female nudity
fear of commitment father son relationship
extramarital affair fired from the job
death of twin dead body thrown down a water well
dancer cia operative
caught in the act brother sister relationship
boston massachusetts black comedy
assassination american broadcasting company
man with no name cameo
1930s shot to death
shot in the chest shot in the back
paranoia death
accidental killing wilhelm scream
new york city 1970s
tv producer nonlinear timeline
1980s murder
berlin germany male nudity
1940s television broadcasting
prisoner exchange government assassin
1950s audition
double agent elvis impersonator
poison mental breakdown
secret agent philadelphia pennsylvania
based on autobiography 1960s
game show host premarital sex
television industry los angeles california
based on book

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