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28 Apr. 1957
Gloria Swanson
Mike Wallace interviews Gloria Swanson, the former silent screen star who made a comeback in Billy Wilder's 1950 Sunset Boulevard. This broadcast was the premiere of the weekly scheduled interviews that ABC aired for 16 months.
5 May 1957
Episode dated 5 May 1957
Mike Wallace interviews Eldon Edwards, Imperial Wizard of the U.S. Ku Klux Klan.
12 May 1957
Episode dated 12 May 1957
Mike Wallace interviews Philip Wylie, author, essayist and intellectual "jack-of-all-trades" who coined the term "momism" in his 1942 work, "A Generation of Vipers."
19 May 1957
Episode dated 19 May 1957
Mike Wallace interviews Mickey Cohen (1913-76), LA mobster, who was associated with the Chicago Outfit (Al Capone's gang), Meyer Lansky, Benny "Bugsy" Siegel and helped Siegel build the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas.
26 May 1957
Episode dated 26 May 1957
Mike Wallace hosts Wayne Morse (1900-74), Rep turned Dem senator (Or/1944-68). After this appearance, Morse ran for President in the primaries in 1960, and was one of two senators to vote against the Gulf of Tonkin (Vietnam War) resolution in 1964.
2 Jun. 1957
Episode dated 2 June 1957
Mike Wallace interviews Earl Browder (1891-1973), former General Secretary of the Communist Party USA from 1934-45, and expelled from the CPUSA in 1946. Browder also was the CPUSA candidate for President of the US in 1936.
9 Jun. 1957
Episode dated 9 June 1957
Mike Wallace interviews Ralph Lapp (1917-2004), American physicist who worked on the Manhattan Project, authored the book "Victims of the Super Bomb" (1957), and coined the term "The China Syndrome" (1971).
16 Jun. 1957
Episode dated 16 June 1957
Mike Wallace hosts Mary Margaret McBride (1899-1976), "The First Lady of Radio", who is said to have interviewed 30,000 personalities during her broadcasting career from 1934-60.
23 Jun. 1957
Episode dated 23 June 1957
Mike Wallace interviews (Samuel) David Hawkins (b. 1933), who was one of 22 POW's, 21 Americans and 1 Briton, who chose to remain in China after the Korean War. (6 more POW's stayed in North Korea.) Hawkins would later grant interviews only if his location was withheld.
30 Jun. 1957
Episode dated 30 June 1957
Mike Wallace interviews Charles "Commando" Kelly (1920-85). As a corporal in the US Army, Kelly received the (Congressional) Medal of Honor for action at Altavilla, Italy on Sep 13, 1943.
7 Jul. 1957
Episode dated 7 July 1957
Mike Wallace hosts Steve Allen, TV comedy-variety show host, who was also a songwriter, actor, and author among his many talents. In 1957, his Sunday night "Steve Allen Show" was locked in a head-to-head TV time-slot battle with "The Ed Sullivan Show".
14 Jul. 1957
Episode dated 14 July 1957
Mike Wallace interviews Diana Barrymore of the legendary Barrymore stage/screen acting family. Her 1957 autobiography, "Too Much, Too Soon" told of her failed acting career, marriages, and drug and alcohol problems. Subsequently, she died of an overdose of sleeping pills and alcohol in 1960.
21 Jul. 1957
Episode dated 21 July 1957
Mike Wallace interviews Glenn McCarthy (1907-88), Texas wildcatter, oilman, and millionaire. He built Houston's Shamrock Hotel, owned a radio station, and two banks among others, and later was Chairman of Eastern Air Lines.
28 Jul. 1957
Episode dated 28 July 1957
Mike Wallace interviews Sen. James Eastland (1904-86), D-Miss, who served in 1941, and 1943-78. A southern conservative (Dixiecrat), he championed States Rights and anti-Communism, and opposed the Civil Rights Acts of 1957 and 1964.
4 Aug. 1957
Episode dated 4 August 1957
Mike Wallace hosts Bob Feller (1918-2010), Major League Baseball Hall of Fame (1962) pitcher with the Cleveland Indians, 1936-41 & 1945-56. Nicknamed "Bullet Bob", he stuck out 2,581 batters and pitched three no-hitters in his MLB career.
11 Aug. 1957
Episode dated 11 August 1957
Mike Wallace hosts Dagmar (1921-2001), early TV personality, who first appeared on Jerry Lester's late night "Broadway Open House" as a statuesque "dumb blonde". Her spotty career spanned the years 1950-66, when she made her last TV appearance on the catty "Girl Talk".
25 Aug. 1957
Episode dated 25 August 1957
Mike Wallace quizzes Fred Otash (1922-92), the ex-LA cop turned private investigator "to the stars" and worked (indirectly) for "Confidential" magazine. He parries questions about morals, techniques, and public attitudes.
1 Sep. 1957
Episode dated 1 September 1957
The first part of a two-part interview with Frank Lloyd Wright.
8 Sep. 1957
Episode dated 8 September 1957
Mike Wallace hosts Eddie Arcaro (1916-97), jockey, who rode two Triple Crown winners, Whiraway '41 and Citation '48. He rode from 1932-62 and won 4,779 races including the Kentucky Derby 5x's, Preakness 6x's, and Belmont 6x's.
14 Sep. 1957
Episode dated 14 September 1957
Mike Wallace hosts George Jessel (1898-1981), comedian, "The Toastmaster General of the United States." He appeared in vaudeville, the NY stage, silent and talkie movies, radio and TV and later, was known for his celebrity eulogies.
15 Sep. 1957
Episode dated 15 September 1957
Mike Wallace interviews Orval Faubus (1910-94), Governor (D-Ark) from 1955-67. This 1957 "Special" was conducted at the beginning of the Little Rock Central HS desegregation crisis after he had ordered the Ark National Guard to the high school, but before Pres Eisenhower responded.
21 Sep. 1957
Episode dated 21 September 1957
Mike Wallace interviews Margaret Sanger (1879-1966), who founded Planned Parenthood and coined the term "birth control". She led the campaign to overturn anti-contraception laws, disseminate birth control information and champion free speech.
28 Sep. 1957
Episode dated 28 September 1957
Mike Wallace concludes his two-part interview with Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959), arguably America's greatest architect. He offers his (opinionated) views on just about everything over the course of both programs.
5 Oct. 1957
Episode dated 5 October 1957
Mike Wallace interviews Lily St. Cyr. In 1957, she was a top-name stripteaser and famous for her "Bubblebath" and "The Flying G" (g-string) routines. She discusses her profession, attitudes of her audiences, marriage and divorce.
12 Oct. 1957
Episode dated 12 October 1957
Mike Wallace interviews Gen. George Kenney (1889-1977), who commanded all allied air operations in the Southwest Pacific for Gen. Douglas MacArthur. Kenney responds to questions about Sputnik, the first satellite, which had been launched the week of this show.
19 Oct. 1957
Episode dated 19 October 1957
Mike Wallace interviews Malcolm Muggeridge (1903-1990), British essayist, journalist, political gadfly, spy for MI6, and was one said to speak and write the unvarnished truth about events around him. In 1957, he was in hot water because of an article about Queen Elizabeth II.
26 Oct. 1957
Episode dated 26 October 1957
Mike Wallace hosts Carmen Basilio (b. 1927), boxer (56-16-7), who was World Welterweight Champion and then World Middleweight Champion. A month before this show, he beat Sugar Ray Robinson for the middleweight crown in a 15 round decision.
2 Nov. 1957
Episode dated 2 November 1957
Mike Wallace interviews Kirk Douglas (b. 1916), actor. In 1957 he appeared in the film "Gunfight at the O.K. Corral", and produced/acted in the Stanley Kubrick directed "Paths of Glory", which was lightly regarded when it was released.
9 Nov. 1957
Diana Dors
Mike Wallace hosts Diana Dors (1931-84), the British actress who was promoted as a rival of Marilyn Monroe. Her movie and TV career included appearances in 66 films that spanned 38 years.
16 Nov. 1957
Episode dated 16 November 1957
Mike Wallace hosts Elsa Maxwell (1881-1963), who was famous as a hostess to the very rich, US and international society. She speaks about alcohol, high society, and contemporary personalities.
23 Nov. 1957
Episode dated 23 November 1957
Mike Wallace interviews Eleanor Roosevelt, former First Lady of the United States while the wife of Pres Franklin D. Roosevelt. She was a political activist all her life and was US Delegate to the UN General Assembly (1946-52).
30 Nov. 1957
Episode dated 30 November 1957
Mike Wallace hosts Bennett Cerf (1898-1971), co-founder of Random House Publishing, humorist, and panelist on the TV game show "What's My Line". His company was the first to publish in the US the banned James Joyce novel, "Ulysses".
7 Dec. 1957
Episode dated 7 December 1957
Mike Wallace quizzes Drew Pearson (1897-1969), the mid-century muckraking columnist noted for his factual (some say semi-factual) revelations about politicians in his "Washington Merry-Go-Round" column. It's on this show he first reveals his charge (true) that the JFK Pulitzer Prize book "Profiles in Courage" was (mostly) ghostwritten.
14 Dec. 1957
Episode dated 14 December 1957
Mike Wallace quizzes Edward Bennett Williams (1920-88), lawyer. In the 1950's his clients included Sen. Joseph McCarthy, Jimmy Hoffa, and reputed crime boss Frank Costello. Later, he defended John Hinckley and Michael Milken, and was an owner of the NFL Washington Redskins and MLB Baltimore Orioles.
21 Dec. 1957
Episode dated 21 December 1957
Mike interviews 12-year old Leonard Ross, who won huge money prizes on TV game shows, including The Big surprise, which Wallace had been host of. Leonard discusses his field of expertise, which was how the stock market works. his other interests include his interest in the Democratic party, his disappointment with Eisenhower, and the problems with being a child prodigy.
28 Dec. 1957
Episode dated 28 December 1957
Mike Wallace interviews Alexander de Seversky (1894-1974), aviation pioneer, born in Russia and naturalized in the US. He championed Gen. Billy Mitchell's air power beliefs, owned aircraft manufacturing companies, wrote "Victory Through Air Power", and designed aircraft and bomb sights.
4 Jan. 1958
Episode dated 4 January 1958
Mike Wallace hosts Jean Seberg (1938-79), actress. She flopped in Otto Preminger's 1957 production of GB Shaw's "Saint Joan", and their 1958 follow-up "Bonjour Tristesse". She came back in the French New Wave "Breathless", but committed suicide in 1979 with barbiturates and alcohol.
11 Jan. 1958
Nobel Dinner
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25 Jan. 1958
Episode dated 25 January 1958
Mike Wallace interviews Walter Reuther (1907-70), labor leader and president of the United Auto Workers from 1946 until his death in a plane crash in 1970. As president of the CIO (1952-55) he led the merger with the AFL in 1955, but withdrew the UAW from the AFL-CIO in 1968.
15 Feb. 1958
Episode dated 15 February 1958
Mike Wallace hosts Ben Hecht, newspaper, Broadway and Hollywood writer.
22 Feb. 1958
Episode dated 22 February 1958
Mike Wallace quizzes Rudy Vallee (1901-86), singer and entertainer, who was noted to be "difficult" in the workplace. (His radio co-workers reportedly hated him.) Here, he talks about adoring fans, fame and his legendary tightfistedness.
8 Mar. 1958
Episode dated 8 March 1958
Mike Wallace quizzes Major (Ret) Donald E. Keyhoe, aviator, writer and proponent that UFO's are real. Prior to 1950 he wrote principally sci-fi and fantasy for the pulps, but his 1950 non-fiction "The Flying Saucers are Real" demanded that all government material on the subject be made public.
15 Mar. 1958
Episode dated 15 March 1958
Mike Wallace hosts Oscar Hammerstein II, Broadway and sometime Hollywood lyricist. In 1927, he (and Jerome Kern) wrote "Showboat"; starting in 1943 he teamed with Richard Rodgers on a string of Broadway megahits including "Oklahoma", "South Pacific", and "The Sound of Music".
22 Mar. 1958
Episode dated 22 March 1958
An interview with Anthony Perkins (1932-92), conducted two years before his portrayal of Norman Bates in "Psycho". Perkins discusses his rising fame, personal attitudes, and a recent unflattering "Newsweek" article.
29 Mar. 1958
Episode dated 29 March 1958
Mike Wallace interviews Peter Ustinov (1921-2004), actor, raconteur, and "Master-of-the-Arts". In 1958 he had already acted, written and directed in film/theater. Later, he would earn two Academy Awards, three Emmys, and a Grammy.
5 Apr. 1958
Episode dated 5 April 1958
Mike Wallace interviews Lillian Roth (1910-80), singer, stage and occasional film actress who "disappeared" in the late 1930's. She revealed her alcoholism in her 1954 best-selling autobiography "I'll Cry Tomorrow". Her sober professional "comeback" lasted until her death.
12 Apr. 1958
Abba Eban
Mike Wallace interviews Abba Eban (1915-2002). In 1958, he was simultaneously Israeli Representative to the UN (1949-59 and Ambassador to the US (1950-59). He later served in the Israeli Knesset (Parliament)for 29 years holding the offices of Education (60-63) and Foreign Affairs Minister (66-74).
19 Apr. 1958
Episode dated 19 April 1958
Mike Wallace hosts Salvador Dali (1904-89), surrealist painter whose images appear to come from a photographed dream. The flamboyant Dali speaks here of his work, nuclear physics, immortality and cheese in a kind of surreal elliptical reality.
27 Apr. 1958
Episode dated 27 April 1958
Mike Wallace interviews Reinhold Niebuhr (1892-1971), theologian, writer, and Union Theological Seminary faculty member (1928-60). He was widely influential as an advocate of Christian realism in political, religious and social policies in the mid-20th century.
11 May 1958
Episode dated 11 May 1958
Mike Wallace interviews William O. Douglas (1898-1980), Supreme Court Associate Justice from 1939-75. His court tenure is noted for his activism in civil liberties, privacy, and the limit of government cases. 1n 1958 he was at the mid-point of his Supreme Court service.
18 May 1958
Aldous Huxley
Mike Wallace interviews Aldous Huxley (1894-1963), essayist, author (Brave New World, 1932), and sometime Hollywood screenwriter. As "his own man" he studied Far Eastern mystical religions and wrote of his use of hallucinogenic drugs in his book "The Doors of Perception".
25 May 1958
Episode dated 25 May 1958
Mike Wallace interviews Erich Fromm (1900-1980), social psychologist, psychiatrist, and prolific author. He wrote of "Socialist Humanism" in essays and his best selling 1956 book "The Art of Loving". Here, he outlines his views on man's mid-century predicament.
1 Jun. 1958
Episode dated 1 June 1958
Mike Wallace hosts Adlai Stevenson (1900-65), lawyer, former Gov of Ill, and two time presidential candidate and loser in landslides to Dwight Eisenhower. In 1962, as US Rep to the UN he told the USSR Rep he was ready to wait until "hell freezes over" for an answer about Soviet missiles in Cuba.
8 Jun. 1958
Episode dated 8 June 1958
Mike Wallace interviews Sylvester "Pat" Weaver (1908-2002), former NBC pres and program innovator in early TV. He continued the about to be canceled "Meet the Press", created the "Today" show, and hired Steve Allen to do his local program as the renamed national "Tonight" show.
22 Jun. 1958
Episode dated 22 June 1958
The guest is Monsignor Francis Lally (1928?-87), editor of the Boston Catholic archdiocesan newspaper, "The Pilot". Wallace returned for this show after the June 15 videotape (then new) interview with Henry Cabot Lodge was withdrawn/canceled over an editing dispute with Lodge.
29 Jun. 1958
Episode dated 29 June 1958
Mike Wallace hosts Harry Ashmore (1916-98), journalist. Just prior to this interview, he was the recipient of a Pulitzer Prize for his coverage of the 1957 Little Rock Central HS integration crisis. In 1968, he met Ho Chi Minh on a two-man private peace mission to Vietnam.
6 Jul. 1958
Episode dated 6 July 1958
Mike Wallace hosts Charles Percy (1919-2011), businessman and future US Senator (R-Ill), 1967-85. He joined Bell and Howell in 1938, served in the US Navy 1942-45, then rejoined Bell and Howell, became its president in 1949, and was a national professional and civic leader in 1958.
13 Jul. 1958
Episode dated 13 July 1958
Mike Wallace interviews Henry Kissinger (b. 1923), Secretary of State 1973-77, national security and foreign policy adviser to Presidents Nixon and Ford. His 1957 book "Nuclear Weapons and Foreign Policy" raised his national profile, and led to his appearance on the Wallace show.
17 Aug. 1958
Episode dated 17 August 1958
Mike Wallace hosts Henry Wriston (1889-1978), educator and foreign policy advocate. He was former pres of Lawrence University (1925-37), and then Brown University (1937-55). Thereafter, he was a foreign policy advisor to Pres Dwight Eisenhower.
24 Aug. 1958
Episode dated 24 August 1958
The guest is Edward Weeks (1898-1989). Weeks joined the "The Atlantic" (Monthly) magazine in 1924, was editor of the monthly press, the magazine (38-66), and editor emeritus till his death. With Mike Wallace he offers his views on bigness, cars, business, unions, publishing, public tastes and more.
31 Aug. 1958
Episode dated 31 August 1958
The guest is James McBride Dabbs (1896-1970), who was an English professor, farmer, lay Presbyterian theologian, and pres of the Southern Regional Council (1957-63). He authored "The Southern Heritage" (1958), "Who Speaks for the South" (1964), and, posthumously, "Haunted by God" 1972.
7 Sep. 1958
Episode dated 7 September 1958
The guest is Mortimer Adler (1902-2001), co-founder of the Great Books series and educational philosopher. He advocated in-depth readings of the great thinkers, and was highly regarded, but his methods were not widely implemented. With Wallace he discusses mid-20th century socio-political concepts.
14 Sep. 1958
Episode dated 14 September 1958
Mike Wallace hosts Arthur Larson (1910-93), law professor, Dept of Labor Under-Secretary, and Eisenhower-era spokesman.
25 Feb. 1959
Ayn Rand
Mike Wallace interviews Ayn Rand on her self-made philosophy, which Wallace calls Randism, but which Rand herself prefers to call Objectivism.
24 Apr. 1959
Ethel Waters
Wallace interviews Ethel Waters, who was then appearing in New York City at the Renata Theatre in "An Evening with Ethel Waters."
22 Sep. 1959
Rod Serling
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5 Oct. 1959
Katina Paxinou
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5 Jan. 1960
Episode dated 5 January 1960
Madame Gabor, the mother of Magda, Eva and Zsa Zsa who guided her girls to successful lives faces Mike's frank questioning.

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