The Hunted (2003) Poster


Plot Keywords

special forces hunter
fbi capture
combat oregon
hunting bar
handcuffs older man younger man relationship
military uniform subtitled scene
massacre sniper
u.s. army honor
gore violence
bloody spray flashback
knife basic training
snow dart gun
commando haunted by the past
nightmare showdown
escape one man army
mutilation long knife
stabbed in the stomach duel
swimming war buddy
f word shot in the head
karate fistfight
brawl gunfight
shootout pistol
sniper rifle tough guy
hand to hand combat suspense
bob dylan yugoslavian army
sole black character dies cliche sewer
serial killer postcard
obscene finger gesture naturist
mass grave martial arts
machine gun hood
fugitive ex soldier
ethnic cleansing cat
bicycle biblical quote
war veteran survivalist
skate park psychotic
post traumatic stress disorder pacific northwest
ex boyfriend ex girlfriend relationship arrowhead
2000s 1990s
man hunt strangulation
stabbed in the leg stabbed in the face
stabbed in the chest stabbed in the arm
throat slitting shot to death
shot in the back severed leg
severed foot severed arm
jumping off a bridge impalement
death corpse
car chase blood spatter
stabbed in the throat shot in the forehead
blood fighting
rogue soldier vomit
bridge police officer killed
knife throwing animal trap
tracking light rail train
kosovo forest
utility tunnel helicopter
river swat team
fountain car accident
balkan british columbia canada
yugoslavia portland oregon
murder police chase
waterfall knife fight
stabbing wolf
auto theft booby trap
chase dismemberment
cabin falling from height
military training death of friend

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