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Chicago Sun-Times
Walking in, I thought I knew what to expect, but i didn't anticipate how William Friedkin would jolt me with the immediate urgency of the action. This is not an arm's-length chase picture, but a close physical duel between its two main characters.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Isn't exactly fraught with psychological depth and nuance, but as a stalker-stalkee suspenser, the pic has some nice things going for it.
Engrossing as it is, The Hunted is more a showcase for formidable talent than anything else. It's a brainy, exciting but shallow show -- an expert's action movie that almost runs out of breath.
Charlotte Observer
Few modern thrillers aspire to look this striking.
Entertainment Weekly
The Hunted stalks the masculine psyche with sharp knives, but it tracks its audience too noisily to bag us.
Just a "Rambo" rehash.
Miami Herald
The Hunted is so openly, defiantly derivative of 1982's "First Blood," you figure there has to be a copyright lawsuit brewing right this very minute.
Wall Street Journal
Aspiring to pure action -- several very long passages are wordless -- the movie ends up teetering on the brink of self-parody.
New York Daily News
As in "The Edge," in which Alec Baldwin and Anthony Hopkins were stranded in the wilds, you can earn a wildernesssurvival merit badge just from watching.
Friedkin is steeped in gore, like some cinematic Macbeth, and it's obscuring his artistic vision.
You keep waiting for there to be more, but there never is -- other than the fact that it all gets gorier and uglier as the dyspeptic look on Jones' face progresses from a four- to a six-a-day scotch-and-peppermint schnapps hangover.

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