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Only interesting because it stars Dana Delany
guidomaschio28 August 2002
This movie tries to be a thriller but it fails for the most. The only beauty into the movie is the charming actress Dana Delany.

So if you want some entartainment watching a mediocre wannabe thriller that casts a nice and charming woman in the lead role, watch this.

5/10 for the movie and 10/10 for Dana Delany.
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Cheap And Formuliac TVM
Theo Robertson18 March 2005
I was looking forward to seeing this ( Believe me I hardly ever look forward to watching a TVM ) simply because the director is Nick Gomez a semi regular director of the ultra gritty HBO prison classic OZ . The story starts off with a rather explict scene ( For a TV movie ) of someone being shot dead then a prosecuting attorney discussing male rape so I was all set for a gritty crime thriller


It soon becomes clear that the story is just another one of those " Socially upwardly mobile professional women in peril " type thrillers which you've seen so many times before . As someone else has pointed out it's so darkly lit it's almost impossible to see what's going on half the time . It also becomes clear early on that it's not produced by a cable company like HBO therefore there's strictly enforced guidelines as to what can and cannot be shown on screen - No bad language , no sex and no explicit violence . In other words FINAL JEOPARDY is just another made for television chick flick
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Double Jeopardy-Good Until Those Plot Twists **1/2
edwagreen8 March 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Prosecuting attorney Alexandra Cooper is shot to death after coming off a plane from L.A. Turns out that the actress-friend who was staying with her got blown away instead from a high-powered rifle.

The question is: Who was the intended victim, the actress or the prosecutor?

We've got other rape cases to deal with and a Cooper character filled with tragedy. Her husband-to-be was killed in a car wreck before their wedding; she has a weird next-door neighbor who walks his dog with a robe on; her new boyfriend was carrying on with the actress as well and the dead girl and the boyfriend were being stalked by others. What's going on here?

Naturally, she has a policeman guarding her 24/7 until this mess can be straightened out. A very poor sort of imitation of the 1944 class film Laura.

N.Y. prosecuting attorney, Linda Fairstein, wrote this. Stay with prosecuting dear.
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Looks like it was shot in one room and one street in Toronto
john-3431 January 2002
I hope they had a good wrap party because they must have had a lot of the budget left over. A good example of why the TV movie is dead. The Ending looks as if it was intended to be very dark...but of course the network turned the brightness way up and made everyone look foolish. It could have been good, but alas....
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