The Majestic (2001) Poster


Plot Keywords

communist small town
writer amnesia
california script
memory car
screenwriter 1950s
script writer car accident
theatre love
long lost son lawyer
drink beach
suspicion bar
movie star movie theatre
blacklist playing against type
identity theft man with glasses
voice over letter reference to jimmy stewart
reference to j. edgar hoover fbi chief
world war two witch hunt
watching tv war hero
waitress voice over narration
veterans memorial underwater
u.s. constitution train
toy monkey town meeting
town hall tombstone
stolen identity statue
santa monica pier rain
railway station propaganda
postcard possum
politics police
policeman piano playing
parliamentary procedure nurse
newsreel naming names
movie studio movie projector
medal of honor mayor
letter house unamerican activities committee
hook hometown
hollywood california hero
hardware store graveyard
grauman's chinese theater funeral
reference to franklin d. roosevelt flashback
federal agent father daughter relationship
druggist drinking
democracy death
dancing dance
concession stand communist party
communist conspiracy communism
coastal town cliff
china club cemetery
celebration capitalist
capitalism burial
bully bridge
artificial arm applause
false accusation drunkenness
world war two veteran water
war memorial wallet
telegram stuffed animal
spying pocket watch
photograph morality
medal loss of boyfriend
jealousy head injury
gift fly
flyswatter first amendment
federal bureau of investigation dog
doctor diner
crying congressional hearing
coat clarinet
boyfriend girlfriend relationship blanket
band apartment eviction
chained hiccups
loss of friend loss of father
blacklisting wilhelm scream
the star spangled banner idealism
one armed man testimony
mistaken identity prosthetic limb
heart attack film within a film
political persecution musician
father son reunion abandoned theatre
patriotism lighthouse
father son relationship title spoken by character

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