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Chicago Sun-Times
It tells a full story with three acts, it introduces characters we get to know and care about, and it has something it passionately wants to say.
Channels the spirit of Frank Capra in this serio-sentimental fable about a man who loses his memory but finds his soul.
Chicago Tribune
A real sentimental journey -- and luckily they've got both the right director (Darabont) and the right actor to squeeze our heartstrings.
Entertainment Weekly
Maybe this well-loved Luke is who his neighbors want him to be, a good fellow who, with his father, reopens the old movie house in town -- the Majestic -- thus allowing his neighbors to dream in the dark again.
A pale imitation that challenges credulity and tries too hard to win our hearts with schmaltz.
Boston Globe
A sweet, visually handsome sermon, but it's too dramatically bland to convert even the converted.
Philadelphia Inquirer
If only I liked The Majestic half as much as I liked Carrey in it.
New York Daily News
Has sentimental goo oozing from its opening frame, and the gunk gets so thick so fast, it's a wonder the projector doesn't freeze before the molasses-strapped finale.
Charlotte Observer
Darabont and Sloane stumble consistently and fall into the abyss.
New York Post
Might have been more successful if Darabont and his pal had attempted a Preston Sturges-like farce. Instead, it's played totally without any kind of edge - a fantasy that makes "The Lord of the Rings" look realistic by comparison.
The Majestic isn't. Rather it's "The Film That Wasn't There," a derivative, self-satisfied fable that couldn't be more treacly and simple-minded if it tried. And it tries, oh, how it tries.
Wall Street Journal
The worst would-be-big-and-Capraesque-but-actually-bloated-and-bloviating-beyond-belief movie of the year.

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