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Hilarious show with lots of potential
Joshua Bozeman20 March 2001
I have seen the first two episodes of the show, and I must say, I am very pleased. I think this show has a lot of potential. Interesting characters, a lot of funny moments, and a storyline that is right on target. Isaak is a likeable lead, and his real life band (minus the keyboardist) are hilarious as backups. I have been looking forward to this show for over a month, and I think it fills the holes nicely left by Beggars and Choosers and Rude Awakening, both of which were cancelled this year. I think the show will be on for a long time, and I think from what I have seen, the majority of people who have seen it, like it...a lot. 10/10. ---I'll definitely keep watching.
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A Discovery
allornothing_girl26 November 2001
I don't have Showtime, but I'm lucky enough to have cable. I just caught a marathon of the Chris Isaak show on VH1. What a treat. I found the show to be funny, down to earth, reverent (to rock & roll) and insightful. The blend of quirkiness, music and backstage antics will be enough for me to tune in regularly.
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The Chris Isaak Show (DVD SET Please!!!!)
lriddley24 February 2005
I have approached many forums so 1 more couldn't hurt. This show is great!!! For those of us that have been Chris Isaak and Silvertone fans for 20 years...we already know what all the fuss is all about!!!. For the people now discovering it, I can only imagine your new found joy. With so much lack luster television out there it was like a ray of sunshine from the Heavens when Chris and the guys put together this little show. It's quirky and awkward and gives you a sense of a day in the life of an old friend. I always laugh, and find myself snickering the next day because some impossibly outlandish scenarios come to mind, of the night before. The show has now ended and needs to be released on DVD. It's unbelievable to me that this hasn't yet been marketed. We need all three seasons along with "outakes and lost episodes". This is the one I'm waiting for. If you haven't seen it, you simply must. The show is funny and smart and simply unforgettable.
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Almost makes me want to get Showtime.
jakehernandez5 January 2002
I really enjoy this show. A witty, relevant show that has heart while not losing it's sharp edge or adult themes. Driven by the charm of Chris Isaak and real bandmates. There are few shows that have this combination of qualities.
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Amazingly Surreal
Angela_Ray7136716 May 2006
I have been a fan of Chris Isaak for some time and was thrilled when I heard that he would be starring in his own television series (for those of you who have seen his antics on the Jay Leno Tonight Show, know how funny he can be) But what I wasn't prepared for was how smart and clever it was as well. I laughed hysterically when Brett Michaels from the band Poison had a guest appearance! And everyone will wet their pants when seeing the episode where Chris dates a female police officer who is CRAZY! All surrounded by great music. I was also surprised by the humor of drummer Kenny! When this comes out on DVD, I will by the all three seasons! If you get a chance to see the show, take it!
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sailorcallie22 May 2001
I've been watching it since the pilot aired, and I've been hooked on it ever since. I knew the San Francisco-native has acted before, but as himself he's incredible. Showtime has done it again! Keep up the good work.
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An Adorably Psychotic Masterpiece
PinkStarz11 June 2001
I would like to say... I ADORE THIS SHOW! Chris Isaak is the perfect rock-star-next-door-type (because we all have a rock star living next door to us). Every character is perfectly molded by the actors and the writers of the show to create this amazing comedy. EVERYONE should watch this show religiously. Thank you Chris Isaak for lending your talents and wonderful rockabilly sound to my Sunday nights.
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the chris isaak show rocks
devilgrl7 May 2001
have a sense of humor? urban single & hip (or can remember being that way)? are you intelligent, cynical about human behaviour but not a fatallist?

then you'll like the show.

just remember that in real life he's not at bimbo's all the time.

did i misspell fatalist???
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Should have made more
snarlah-114 May 2008
I loved the Chris Isaak show, especially Isaak and his band, who were very natural actors. I wished that it went on much longer. I saw most of the episodes and wondered what had happened to it. HBO and Showtime make the same mistake in my opinion, ending shows without any proper finish and without ever explaining why. HBO did it with "Deadwood" and "Carnivale", two fascinating and bizare shows.

There have been much worse shows on Showtime, which makes the canceling of Isaak even stranger. For instance "The Brotherhood" is still on, as far as I know, and it really isn't any good at all. They had this ridiculous idea that people don't know that Federal Hill in Providence is a heavily Italian neighborhood, and that Rhode Island is run by Italian Catholics, so they put the equivalent of the Bulger brothers from South Boston, an Irish Catholic neighborhood, in charge of the Providence mob and involved in Providence's filthy politics. Besides Jason Isaac, a very good English actor who, who when asked if he was tough like the sadist on "The Brotherhood" said, no, I'm a little Jew from Liverpool, or words to that effect, and Fionnula Flanagan there was nothing to recommend that show, but Chris Isaak--long since gone. It makes no sense.
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Similar in concept to Seinfeld, but better.
Alex-Tsander28 August 2005
I see this on Channel 4 ( UK terrestrial ) where it goes out at about 4.00 a.m and they have the diabolical policy of putting out one episode every night of the week ( two on one ) every week until they run out. Having watched one episode tentatively for lack of anything else to watch, I was intrigued and went to it a second time. Now I am hooked and have to see every episode! It is similar to "Seinfeld" in that a real person is turned into a character and surrounded by actors with guest spots by other people playing themselves. Unlike Seinfeld there is no continuing plot line. But the big difference is that the production quality is much higher, it is shot on location and the stories are within the frame of reality rather than being off-the-scale ( such as when Seinfeld mugs an old lady for a bagel ).

Unfortunately, most of the guest stars are a complete mystery to an English viewer. Even that English one ( Gavin Rossdale ). Who the hell is Bob Cole? And Isaaks songs, although technically good are for the most part suicidally miserable. So I have taken to turning off the sound when he's at it. On the other hand, the interpolation of about three musical spots per episode works very well and the songs usually relate thematically to the plot as well as the performances playing a part in the story. It has to be said that almost no one in the UK has heard of Chris Isaaks ( I see he was on Top of The Pops twice in nine years ) and his kind of music has to be a niche appeal product, mainly, I suspect, for grannies and gays. He is, after all, as the theme tune states, the original "American Boy". And those jackets! Even in one episode getting a heckle from his mother!

That aside, the show is great, being at times truly hilarious. I especially like Jed Rees ( who, if I am not mistaken, was the lead alien in "Galaxy Quest", although I have not checked that, he sure looks like him ). Chris Isaak is great acting a version of himself and the chemistry with Kirsty Dattilo as his manager, intimate but non-sexual, is the back-bone of the scenario and totally believable. Ultimately, I suppose, it is the character "Yola" that drew me into the series: vapid and a bit of a blonde but cute and lovable. She also happens to be gorgeous from top to toe! My favourite episodes so far have been the one where they crash on a remote farm and the one where Chris competes for the affections of a woman with another woman and they both lose out to the "boring" guy dumped by Yola!

One thing I don't totally understand. Is the woman modelling the fish-tank supposed to be real or only in his head or are we not supposed to know? I think she poses an interesting "All American Girl" counterpoint to the Isaak style, but ultimately those scenes actually clutter the story unnecessarily and it might be better without them.
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Jekkyl9 January 2015
This is a good show. I almost forgot about it having ever existed until happening to stumble across it here today, but it brings back pleasant memories of a television viewer who remembers finding it funny and charming.

Chris Isaak does better than I would have assumed he would do as an actor based on the fact that he is obviously much more of a musician/singer.

It was original and odd but in a fun and charming way. The woman in his conscience was interesting, and his band/friends added some pretty funny moments with him playing off of them as a capable and very funny himself "straight man."

Good show!
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Easy going and fun
mgallant-611 November 2011
Really enjoyed the chemistry between Chris and his band mates. They just seem to roll with it and the drummer Kenny is a standout. Chris is self deprecating and different then I would have expected after watching the wicked game video. He pokes a lot of fun at his anal retentiveness, his previous boxing career...even his talent.

The scenes with his muse are strange but compelling.

Great musical guests and cameos which goes to show how well he must be liked in the business. Not widely watched but anyone I know who took the time enjoyed it. If you like his music at all you will enjoy the show.
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Wow... amazing props
prop-guy2 January 2003
Yup... Hats off to the props department. I mean, it takes a lot of studying and stuff to be a actor, or director or teamster, but man-o-man get a load of the props. All that buffet food, goofy quirky stuff like the "Rat Zapper" and "Macaroni Purses" and "Bar Drinks". Lotsa great jokes and a splash of music with such outstanding creative prop-work that will take you on an exhilarating roller coaster thrill show ride into the tantric depths of music/comedy television.

whew... I need smoke... HEY PROPS!!!

3 thumbs up!

Terry Weaver
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I wonder if Garth Brooks will have his own show, too?
coverme616 December 2001
THE CHRIS ISAAK SHOW represents a day in the life of a popular country- rock singer, namely the dude the title represents. Chris Isaak is

portrayed as himself, as he deals with the many ups and downs his

status has to offer. Among them are his putting up with a female

stalker, his bandmates' misadventures with love, and great musical numbers. I'm an avid fan of Isaak's music, and having discovered this cool show (now that it's being broadcast in VH1 every so often), I had realized how well the guy can act, too. It just goes to show how being talented can go a long way. Just ask Chris Isaak!
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A Hideous show
big-oz-fan27 June 2007
I suppose I'm somewhat biased, but, as someone who worked on the show during it's first season, I found it to be an absolutely abysmal experience.

The DOP, while being a pompous ass, managed to turn out something that looked grainy and amateurish. If his talent could only have equaled his impression of himself it might have looked like something decent.

Chris, playing "himself" (whatever) and producer, had little tolerance for your normal technical requests other than "find your light".

The rest of the cast were quite pleasant to work with.

Could have been a good show if the producers had listened to concerns expressed.... or had found something funny to shoot.

I always refer to it as a "comedy". Like an updated version of the Monkees, but shot for cable with cursing and without the flying around high speed on wires... and without being funny.

You only have so much lamp life on your TV. Save it for something good.
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I don't get it
sh33na25 November 2001
I've tried to watch 2 shows tonight, but it's just not holding my attention. I'm usually in to "quirky" shows - loved American Gothic, Twin Peaks, Sopranos, and what was that show where the guy wanted to be Vice President of Acquisitions? Anyway, I'm obviously missing something. Hopefully I'll catch on soon.
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