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Best ever RoboCop game

Author: gothamite27 from Dublin, Ireland
6 February 2005

I played this for the Genesis/Megadrive, and man did I love it! It was more of a RoboCop game as opposed to a Terminator game, but it still kicked ass! The game is based on a Dark Horse Comic of the same name. In an unusual turnout, the game actually turned out to be better than the comic itself! This is possibly because the game follows an easier plot (what with it being a low-budget 16-bit game and all).

When you move RoboCop, he moves LIKE RoboCop, and when you shoot, he looks the same as in the movies! Also, when you shoot humans (not Terminators), they blow up in a bloody mess! It's madness! The only downside to this game is that its impossibly difficult and I was only able to finish it with the help of some cheat codes. Nevertheless, if you can find it, get RoboCop-V-Terminator! It's far better than any of the other RoboCop games!

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Bloodier than Mortal Kombat

Author: Gideon40 from Singapore
20 July 2001

Robocop vs. The Terminator is probably the Sega Genesis's most blood soaked side scroller game. Of course, they also made it for the Super NES, but i prefer the Genesis version because of its realistic violence. Since Nintendo doesn't allow any blood in their games, enemies when killed simply disappear in an explosion, but in the Genesis version, enemies visably get blown into a spray of blood and gore. Comparing the blood content in this game with gore-notorious game Mortal Kombat is like comparing Soldier of Fortune with Counter Strike. Robocop vs. Terminator has also got some of the coolest techno-music i've ever heard.

This is one of the games that deserves to be remade for today's consoles like the ps2 and the DC(yes, the DC).

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Author: Heath McKnight from Wellington, Florida
22 June 2005

I played this game on Sega so much in 1993 and 1994, it was sick. Around Christmas 1993, when visiting my father, my best friend and I wrote down a secret code from some magazine, so we wouldn't have to buy it, and continued playing. Great game, along with the first Jurassic Park game.

If you happen to have an old Sega console, see if you can pick up the game on eBay, and just have a blast. I'm sure there are walk-thrus and such on the net. Esp. that code I mentioned!

Also, this is based on the comic of the same title, written by RoboCop 2/3 and Sin City writer, Frank Miller (a legend in the comics field) and drawn by Walter Simonson, another legend. The comic was heavily hyped, after the success of Dark Horse Comics' Aliens vs. Predator in 1991, but was a little bit of a disappointing read. Maybe my expectations were too high.

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Author: Shawn Watson from The Penumbra
29 April 2004

This game was probably one of the most violent and bloody I have ever played. Even by modern standards. But it was absolutely impossible to finish. And I played it with the infinite lives cheat too and it still took hours and hours.

The premise of the game came from the Dark Horse comics of the same name in which Robocop's technology is linked to Cyberdyne. In order to stop the technology (and even himself ever existing) Robocop must travel to the future and defeat Skynet. But not before taking on zillions of T-800s and T-1000s first.

One of the coolest features of the game were the power-ups that modified Robocop's armour or game him massive new weapons. And you needed them as you were under constant assault from all directions. The Sega Genesis version was the best as the Super-Nintendo had all the blood cut out of it. I hope one day this is reprogrammed for the PC.

Virgin sure did a great job of making the comic book into a game and how cool would it be to have a Robocop vs Terminator movie. It would surely be the greatest thing ever!!!

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Author: ross robinson from england
12 November 2003

Robocop VS. The Terminator i think was a fantastic game to play. This was released for the Sega Megadrive, a computer that was released in the 1980's. I enjoyed playing this game. I think it is a great idea to bring 2 action characters into one. Now in 2003 they have brought 2 serial Killers in a movie together. I give this game 10 out of 10.

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I remember playing this on a little console system when it was released...

Author: MovieAddict2016 from UK
8 August 2003

A fun game that manages to be addictive. Not exactly fascinating by today's standards, but still a full-blooded action game. Should be remade for the newer consoles with better graphics, I'd definitely buy it. 4/5 stars -

John Ulmer

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The Fate of Man-Kind Rests in the Hands of One Un-Sung Hero...RoboCop! And He's Gonna Need YOUR Help!

Author: ( from U.S.A
12 January 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


The corporation of OCP has already begun construction of Delta City, a crime-free, perfect city while old Detroit hangs in the balance. They deploy RoboCop to put an end to moral corruption at OCP. His quest begins in downtown Detroit. A group of gangs with guns try to stop them, but RoboCop get's the better of them. In the next level, he frees some hostages and suddenly runs into a Terminator, a half-man/ half-machine automation. RoboCop takes him out and then heads to the construction site of Delta City and must knock out security cameras. There, he takes on Cain a.k.a Robocop 2. He's pretty easy, just jump around him, NOT into him! Next to the Toxic Farm. DO NOT fall into the toxic waste! This level is somewhat tricky and do be careful of those little machines that come out of the ground. Finally, RoboCop arrives at OCP where he must free workers and trash the offices. He also runs into more Terminators and has a run-in with the law enforcement droid he succeeded: ED-209. He's not easy but if you shoot him enough times, his gattling gun will fall off. Grab it and then you can blow ED-209's head off and finally disable him. Now before I continue, I must tell you this: whatever you do, try not to lose this gun. It's the best in the game!

RoboCop is next transported to the year 2029 A.D. where he learns of a planned Terminator invasion that will wipe out man-kind so RoboCop must destroy all the Terminators he can find while rescuing hostages. It won't be easy because a plethora of Terminators as well as other gunning machines will try to stop you but RoboCop was designed for this type of work! After three dangerous bunker levels, Robo reaches the Wall to SkyNet and finally SkyNet. This will be the most difficult of the levels. At the end, the giant steel skull head flies out and shoots all sorts of laser shooting machines at you as well as dispenses more Terminators but every now and then, a gun will be made available to you. Try and make it the ED-209 gun, however the laser beam gun is useful in taking out Terminators quicker. Like I said, this is dangerous, but if RoboCop is successful, SkyNet will be destroyed, the Terminator invasion will be stopped and man-kind will be safe again and it's all thanks to the one, the only, RoboCop!

This is a cool game. One of my favorites. Cool graphics. Speaking of graphic, that's what this game is. In the first four levels when RoboCop shoots a bad guy, he falls down in a mass of blood. The huge guys fall in bigger masses of blood. The Terminators take about two to three shots to destroy with a regular gun. This game is fun, but difficult as well as noisy. But if you enjoy action-packed games and enjoyed the movies Terminator and RoboCop, this game is for you! The reason I played it was because I was a RoboCop fan and after I played it, I got interested in seeing The Terminator. By the way, Terminator fans, Terminator 3 opens this summer with Schwarzenegger!! Anyway, action game fans, Robocop vs. The Terminator is for you!


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Fun, Scary, Challenging

Author: Daniel (TERMINATOR180) from United States
7 August 2001

This game has everything you could want in a videogame. In this review, I am referring to the Sega Genesis version, not the Super Nintendo. The graphics are great, the blood is fun to watch, ED-209 and Cain are frightening when you see them on the game, the weapons are fun, including ED-209's Gun, which you can attach to your arm.

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RoboCop vs. The Terminator!

Author: Movie Nuttball from U.S.A.
26 April 2005

RoboCop vs. The Terminator is one of the one of the coolest action video games! The characters, the action, and the sure thrill of adventure makes this game a fun non-stop playing time! Below is a brief look how I think the game is!

Game Play: The game play is very good. There is really basic controls here and is easy to perform. Novice gamers should have a good time here!

Graphics: The graphics are wonderful especially for the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis. The backgrounds are really beautiful! Difficulty: The game is easy but as it goes on you find out that it will become more difficult!

Music: The music is great! Just fantastic catchy tunes through out the game! In My opinion its some of the best music ever in a video game!

Sound: The sound is great. Nuff said!

Overall: I have always loved RoboCop vs. The Terminator! If you like excellent adventure games, shooters, and more then I strongly recommend you play this game!

To purchase this video game check out!

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Best Robocop game ever.

Author: fullenw from United States
16 June 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I've played the SNES and Sega version of this game.

SNES:Other than the 1st board this game is rather difficult to complete.

One thing that makes the 1st board worth playing is that you get to fight ED-209. Throughout the game you get different guns including Robocops beretta killing T-8oo's, the T-101, there are even some female terminators that look like the TX.

Sega:The sega version owns the SNES version. I played the entire sega game its kind of like Robocop 1 and 2 combined. You get to fight Robocop 2 aka Cain. You get to fight Ed-209. To top that off you battle T-800s and other machines from Termianator. You get at least 2 weapons. At the beginning you start with Robocops beretta but eventually you'll find new guns to use. The Sega version also has blood.

I'd recommend both but I highly recommend the sega version more. The sega version owns all Robocop games. However the bosses can be difficult to kill especially on the sega version.

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