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Entertaining but not perfect

Author: vchimpanzee
4 January 2012

The Griffin family is traveling through Vermont in a 22-year-old RV. Meanwhile, ex-con Rudy Wicker and his partner have arranged for a plane to meet them at a remote quarry near where the Griffins will be going.

Wicker and his partner make a stop in a small town first. The bank will be easy to rob. All Wicker has to do is put on a mask and no one will be able to identify him. But two people die as a result, including the wife of Sheriff Bingham Hunt who was in the wrong place at the wrong time--and it was partly her husband's fault as he shot Wicker's partner who was driving the getaway car.

Sheriff Hunt is out for revenge, and he is impatient and reckless in his judgment. Later on this includes chasing a suspect who is wearing a cop's badge and jacket, because another cop was killed and his car and jacket stolen, apparently by Wicker. And since no one knows what Wicker looks like, this is dangerous for the poor innocent man, especially since Hunt believes it's his job to make sure the robber gets what he deserves.

The Griffins keep running into problems with their RV. On one occasion, as dad Jed fixes the problem with duct tape, determined to do things himself and not ask for help, Wicker shows up in that cop's car and wearing his jacket. But he doesn't try to deceive the family. He just pulls out the gun and says they are going to get him through the checkpoints. He can easily hide in that RV, and they will do what he says or else.

So will Wicker get away with it? Will the Griffins all survive?

While this movie has its problems, it is definitely entertaining at times. Jeff Wincott is very good at being a bad guy. Wicker even has a sick sense of humor which doesn't necessarily make him likable, but he is entertaining. Just remember he thinks nothing of killing people, and at least four people die violently by his actions, most of them innocent. I question the people who decided the V-chip rating needed no V, but when the font used for this movie is there, the content is worse than suggested. When that font includes a V, you know it's bad, and this movie isn't really all that violent.

Michael Madsen's Jed seems kind of wimpy at first, but after Wicker takes his family hostage, he is tough, macho and determined. Victoria Snow is attractive plays a strong woman who seems vulnerable at times but can ultimately handle anything. The two children do a good enough job as well.

Una Kay (I think this is the right woman) stands out as a character who has an unfortunate encounter with one of the suspects. Also Brian Wright, who plays a "gas jockey". He's funny.

Some of the writing is inconsistent, and some situations are "only in the movies". And while Michelle Scarabelli is pretty enough and sometimes seems competent as a cop, she's one of the weak links, though the writing may be the problem. She can't make up her mind whether to call the sheriff by his first or last name, and until I saw the man's full name I was confused. Of course, one scene where she messed up would have ended the suspense and possibly caused harm to the Griffins. Only in the movies.

And I suppose this couldn't be helped if different angles have to be filmed at different times, but whether there was still snow on the ground depended on the angle.

The final scenes include an exciting fall off a cliff by a vehicle. Not quite "Breakdown" but enjoyable enough for me.

It's worth watching.

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No "Pressure" Or "Point" To This Potboiler About Mistaken Identity

Author: zardoz-13 from United States
22 January 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

"Pressure Point" qualifies as just another formulaic hostage thriller that suffers from comatose direction. Jed Griffin (Michael Madison of "Reservoir Dogs") is taking his family—wife, teenage son, and tweener daughter—on a long overdue vacation into Vermont to ski. Meanwhile, ex-con Rudy Wicker (Jeff Wincott of "S.W.A.T.) and his partner plan to rob a bank and make a clean getaway in a plane over the border into Canada. However, everything goes wrong when they hold up a small-town bank. First, Sheriff Bingham Hunt (Steve Adams of "The Bone Collector') mortally wounds the driver of the getaway, and the vehicle careens out of control and smashes into Hunt's wife Tracy (Claudia Bess of "Strip Search") as she is trying to give him his personal radio. Rudy gets off with what appears to be a flesh wound and races out of town. No sooner has he left the city limits than another sheriff's deputy blue-lights him. When the deputy approaches the car, Rudy jumps out and guns him down, then ices his partner, and commandeers the sheriff's cruiser. The grief-stricken Hunt sets out to capture and kill Rudy, but Rudy outsmarts him and hijacks Jed and his family while the protagonist is making small repairs to his 1979 motor home. Rudy gets tire of Jed's sass, shoots him, and leaves him for dead on the roadside. Earlier, after Rudy shot the sheriff's deputy, he not only stole his cruiser but also his jacket. Now, Rudy leaves the sheriff's jacket with Jed and takes off with Jed's family as his hostage. Rudy is bound and determined to reach his rendezvous point with the plane so he can get out of the country. As it turns out, when Rudy shot Jed, Rudy's bullet lodged in Jed's cell phone and Jed resolves to catch up to Rudy. The problem is that Jed doesn't know that Sheriff Hunt is determined to kill Rudy. Moreover, when Jed tries to flag Hunt down, the sheriff sees the jacket taken off his murdered deputy and shoots first before he can confirm Jed's story. Director Eric Weston juxtaposes scenes of the sheriff's manhunt, Jed's efforts to rescue his family, and Rudy's desperate efforts to get away with the loot. Unfortunately, juxtaposing these three characters and their objectives generates no suspense. The cliff-hanger conclusion doesn't add much to this paint-by-the-number nonsense. Clearly, Madison needed a paycheck. In fact, we learn nothing about Madison's character because the scenarists provide him with no backstory. As this generation's Robert Mitchum, Madison has great presence but he makes no impression on this second-rate actioneer. Martial arts expert Jeff Wincott adopts a different look, but his vicious killer is a nit-wit. Michelle Scarabelli effectively plays one of Hunt's level-headed deputies who ensures that her hysteria-riddled sheriff doesn't kill the wrong man. "Pressure Point" lacks pressure from start to finish and makes no point other than to burn time.

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An excellent and exciting road chase action thriller winner

Author: Woodyanders ( from The Last New Jersey Drive-In on the Left
12 August 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Take-charge, take-no-crap, two-fisted father Jed Griffin (nimbly played to gruff'n'growly perfection by the redoubtable Michael Madsen) and his family are driving cross country in a '79 Couchman motor home to a Vermont ski resort. Vicious psycho scumweed band robber Rudy Wicker (dynamically portrayed to the delectably despicable villainous hilt by Jeff Wincott) commandeers the camper at gunpoint, shoots Jed and leaves Jed on the side of the road so he can assume his identity and subsequently elude being arrested by the authorities. Wounded, but not down for the count, Jed has to save his wife and kids before Rudy wastes them. Complicating matters further is the fact that the police, led by sensible lady officer Dana Flower (a winningly sprightly performance by Michelle Scarebelli), have mistaken Jed for Rudy.

Eric ("Evilspeak") Weston's sinewy direction ensures that this tense, hoppin', mean'n'lean direct-to-video road chase action thriller barn burner snaps, crackles and pops like a wildly hyperactive bowl of Rice Crispies: the pace hurtles along at a ceaselessly rapid-fire tempo, the compact script serves as an exemplary model of straightahead-with-no-needless-fancy-trimmings narrative concision and momentum, the plentiful shoot-outs and car chases are the real four-star full-throttle four-sheets-to-the-wind stirring goods, the acting is uniformly stellar, the characters are unusually well-developed, and, the single most pertinent virtue on my list of well-regarded celluloid attributes, there's a refreshing paucity of that high-minded pretense nonsense which we should all know by now almost invariably gets in the way of the fun. A nifty and hugely enjoyable little blast of a B flick.

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Not one for the road

Author: johnnyshepherdno3 from United Kingdom
2 January 2006

When it comes to cardboard cutout villains Wincott is up there with the best.Almost as bad as allowing deranged cops to mete out their own justice. Michael Madsen will always be a bad guy to me, however this was a fair try at another style. Not a movie to recommend.Marvellous scenery though, and that was some RV so roomy! I did like Michele Scarabelli's performance she has the greatest eyes. The maps were confusing to me as quite a few of the place names were the same as here in England for example Berkshire etc. I had to do a double take quite a few times! To sum it all up if your'e at a loose end and can't get out and about for some reason then do rent this fella.

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michael madsen asleep at the wheel again

Author: bengleson from British Columbia
30 April 2002

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

There is something somnambulistic about Michael Madsen in this film. Maybe that is RV Karma or maybe its a by-product of bouncing about in the chilly woods of Canada. Jeff Wincott snarls nicely and all but the real villian is the scriptwriter. This may be a spoiler but the tormented cop at the end seems to get off scott free after flipping his emotional wig and abusing his authority. Maybe that is just Canadian content. Anyways, I suppose I should be thankful for one more fine addition to the RV cult movie genre. This, plus that spooky "Race With The Devil" with Peter Fonda would make a clunky doublebill somenight at the old trailer park

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It was a good idea...

Author: Maydyn from Canada
23 April 2002

Now, this isn't necessarily a bad movie... If you're a fan of Michael Madsen, I'd suggest you check this film out. But if you're not... move on.

Basically, the premise is a happy little family vacation goes awry after a bank robber takes them and their RV hostage. Not a bad basic idea, but for some reason that I can't figure out, it doesn't work. The good idea for a movie goes wrong somewhere, and the end product is not as great of a movie as it should be.

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Author: Tonci Pivac from New Zealand
24 February 2003

Im not quite sure what to say about this film, I mean I enjoyed it but only because im a big Michael Madsen fan, if your not a fan of Mr. Madsen then skip this film.

Jeff Wincott is a good actor, But he doesnt pass in this sort of a role.


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