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There's a real gee-whiz kick to the fantasy of being the brainiest kid on the planet, and a down-to-earth quality to Jimmy and his not-so-bright, but ever-so-stalwart best buddies.
Entertainment Weekly
A lickety-split, madly packed, roller-coaster entertainment that might almost have been designed to make you scared of how much smarter your kids are than you.
L.A. Weekly
A witty, well-crafted comedy that combines primal slapstick with sharp satiric banter to keep children and parents laughing together.
Chicago Sun-Times
It doesn't have the little in-jokes that make "Shrek" and "Monsters, Inc." fun for grown-ups. But adults who appreciate the art of animation may enjoy the look of the picture.
Boston Globe
Mixes ''Jetsons''-style futuristic hijinks with a reliable story of a boy inadvertently whisked ''over the rainbow'' to another galaxy where his mettle is tested.
New York Daily News
A thoroughly entertaining animated comedy that's sweet enough for the youngest moviegoers, and smart enough for the most cynical chaperone.
Miami Herald
The charm of Jimmy Neutron is that it's both futuristic enough to intrigue kids and retro enough to hook their parents.
Grownups who grew up on The Jetsons and children who, like the movie's heroes, aren't yet nine years old, should enjoy this film.
Baltimore Sun
A misstep or two aside, you don't have to belong to Mensa to know kids will enjoy it.
Washington Post
Frenetic and uninvolving.

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