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Hot fun softcore
izzy-1924 August 2002
Realizing that porn and softcore porn is extremely subjective, I found this movie to be both fun and very sexy. All of the scenes were, for me, very hot, and even the in-between plot stuff was fun to watch. Mia and the rest (esp. the female fiance) are incredible. You may even recognize Tera Patrick from hardcore features. I highly recommend it to softcore fans.
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Good of this kind
domjoli21 February 2006
As softcore porn goes, Fast quite good for its kind. Its lighthearted tone is its saving grace. The misadventures of the two male principals are silly, outlandish, and quite fun. The ladies are virtual Who's Who of late nineties soft and hardcore stars. Tera Patrick, Mia Zottoli, Tracy Ryan, Angela Davies (aka Penney), Flower Edwards, Kelli Mccarthy, Sasha Peralto, and everyone's favorite girl next door all play it straight and make the film work. The two male leads (isn't that Matt Wilde posing as Steve Curtis?) are goofy enough to be endearing and made this viewer want to see Fast Lane to the end. The sex scenes were all well done and frankly, more fun than hot. Whether an aficionado of the genre, or some curious viewer because nothing else is on during the wee hours, Fast Lane to Vegas is a definite must see.
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More interactive, road trip softcore.
David Brown10 June 2004
Warning: Spoilers
This review contains spoilers.

This is the sequel to Fast Lane to Malibu and works pretty much the same as that movie did. Zach and Brian are headed to Las Vegas for Brian's wedding to Monica (Renee Rea). Along the way they encounter many opportunities to have sex with beautiful women. In Las Vegas, Monica and Ashley (Tracy Ryan) have a couple of opportunities for their own bit of fun with a hotel employee and a male stripper.

And like Fast Lane to Malibu, there are several places where the characters are faced with a decision. Through the magic of DVD technology, the viewer gets to decide what they do.

There are nine sex scenes. Five are boy/girl, two are boy/girl/girl, one is boy/girl/boy/girl, and one is girl solo. I thought all but one of the sex scenes were very good. The other one was just decent, mostly because the two girls were just phoning in their parts. The women include A list stars like Renee, Tracy, Mia Zottoli, Sasha Rochelle, and Flower Edwards. The rest of the women are plenty attractive, just not in the same league as those five. All the sex scenes play out to completion, and you can hear the sounds of the actors during the sex scenes over the music.
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Could've been better.
insomniac_rod25 July 2009
Finally I watched this movie after years trying to re-watch it. The truth is that the sex scenes are many but they lack of of a spark and for moments, it made me think of any pseudo artsy soft core flick from the 90's.

The women are incredibly hot. You can't get better when a cast has Kelli McCarthy, Renee Rea, and of course, Tracy Ryan.

Truth; the production values are very good and give you the impression of a big budget but in my opinion the sex factor is too low in terms of steam . I expected a more explicit movie.

Still, it's a must see for fans of new erotica.
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