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16 Jan. 2002
The Straw
A caped and hooded creature made of straw (Scarecrow), is set loose on the city of Chicago after being dug up in the sewers by curious city workers. He walks around the city trying to cause enough fear in people that they are literally "scared" to death by their greatest fear. As Nicholas and Kate review the archives to research a previous Scarecrow case, they determine that his next objective would be to find a way to scare a massive amount of people at one time. Meanwhile, Nicholas has been mandated to attend anger management classes. Also, Danny panics when his ...
30 Jan. 2002
The Love
An Amorphian (a true Cupid) is being chased by a very upset Zaybar (an amphibious humanoid) who's mad at him for causing his girlfriend to fall in love with someone else by emitting a love potion that effects everyone near him. During an incident when the Zaybar almost catches Cupid, his fear makes him emit the potion which ends up turning an iron fisted Judge into a lovable softy. Before the Judge sentences one of the most horrible criminals too lightly, the team must catch Cupid so he can reverse the spell. As they travel back to Chicago, Cupid creates lots of ...
6 Feb. 2002
The Piper
A popular children's TV character is suspected of being a Piper link whose been using his mind control power on children to make them commit crimes on his behalf. The Captain assigns Carl, the Gnome, to go undercover as another character on the TV show, which unexpectedly leads to him becoming a huge success, causing Carl's ego to grow even larger. When Nick confronts the Piper, he ends up being vilified by the press for attacking the lovable children's character.
13 Feb. 2002
The Wish
A genie-like creature, called a Djinn, is getting close to her quota needed to become a free willed being able to cause chaos and destruction wherever she wishes. Just as Nick starts to get serious about his girlfriend Zoe, the Djinn puts her in danger as she tries to fulfill her final wish. Meanwhile, Carl is upset believing that nobody seems to remember or care that it's his birthday. Also, Captain Page lights a fire under Jonathan by bringing in an efficiency expert to evaluate him.

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