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Author: flimbuff ( from HARRISBURG, PA
30 March 2002

A tough cop is taken off a major drug case because of his 'cowboy' antics and finds himself assigned to a case where all he has is a severed hand floating in the water. Luckily for him the hand still had fingers so the prints lead us to a missing city hall employee.

Exploring the girl's past leads us into involvement with a Chinese drug gang which are hero has reason to detest. Next we are led to a pedophiliac elected official, blackmail, several dancers, some murders and dirty cops.

Berenger carries the film singlehandedly and it follows a predictable course until the end. The 10 minute conclusion takes us thru more twists than most mystery writers can concoct in several novels so most viewers should come away well satisfied.

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Perfectly adequate mystery

Author: lacrescenta from California
26 December 2002

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Perhaps it was my slightly lowered expectations, but I found this movie to be perfectly adequate and competent. I thought it was interesting and I was drawn to the screen until the end.

It's got that moody film noir look to it, and there were times when the lighting wasn't too flattering on the cast. I guess kudos should go out to the stars who didn't mind being seen in such a light (though none of them ever looked really bad). And true, the plot was somewhat complex at times, but I didn't have too much trouble following it, and I am notorious for forgetting characters' names and losing track of extremely intricate plot details.

Tom Berenger gave a very convincing and heartfelt performance as an

antisocial policeman who, admittedly, is no longer in the full blush of youth. While Berenger may be thicker around the middle than he was in the days of

"Major League", he looked just fine for the (presumably) 40-something character he was playing. Besides, his hair always looked great, so that's gotta be worth something.

Lori Heuring never seemed to give off much charisma as far as I am concerned

(but I may not be appreciating all of her assets, since I am female). But, she was competent in her role. Barry Newman, Soon Tek-Oh and the rest of the cast

were fine as well.

The plot was interesting, with plenty of twists that kept me guessing until the end. I enjoyed seeing a film that was a little more unpredictable. Extra points go for keeping me on my toes! (I usually pride myself in being able to guess "who dunnit" early in the film, but not so with this movie.)

While the pace of this movie may have been slow at times, it didn't bother me that much. The romance in this movie (such as it was) seemed rather flat as

well. However, this was still a perfectly satisfactory movie, and while far from perfect, certainly is worth a look if you are interested in moody noir-type




There is a scene early in the film where the Berenger character is talking to the guy who works in the morgue, and says to him, "Boy, I hope I never end up on

one of your slabs." My ears pricked up, and I had this sinking feeling that

Berenger's character would, indeed, end up on a slab in the morgue by the end of the film. I was SO glad when my hunch turned out to be incorrect. I guess I'm turning into an old softie, but I hate seeing the protagonist / hero end up on a slab at the end of a movie!

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Best Berenger movie since Sniper

Author: BlackWind-2001 from Trondheim, Norway
2 October 2002

A very well done movie with a great plot and story. Thrilling and good entertainment :) Tom Berenger is a great actor but have delivered a lot of bad movies lately but this one puts him back up there for sure. Deserves an 8 in my book.

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The Hand of Fate

Author: sol from Brooklyn NY USA
27 July 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

***SPOILERS*** Almost indescribable plot involving this mysterious severed hand that pops up in the duck pond at Taylor Park in Boston that belonged to a young woman, Melanie Ann Hines, who worked in the Mayor's office. Boston Homicide Detective Rembrandt Macy, Tom Berenger, is put on the case of the missing body, since the hand was already in police custody, together with his super super cool and sexy partner Detective Beck, Pamela Gidley, by their boss Monty, Barry Newman, to solve this very baffling murder case.

Macy who's already on the outs with his superiors in the Boston Police Department because of his my way or the highway attitude gets even more resented by them in him shacking up with the dead and missing handless women's roommate Nikkie Calderon, Louri Heuring, who if its possible is even sexier and a hell of a lot hotter then his partner Detective Beck! In that Nikki is more then willing to take her clothes off and put out for the happily surprised and eager to jump into action Detective Rembrandt Macy unlike his partner Detective Beck who despite her good looks is about as cold as the iceberg that sank the Titanic: Why is it that guys like Macy have all the luck!

The film soon get a bit over our heads with all the subplots thrown into it that makes it look like it, or the movie screenwriters, is having trouble in making up its mind in what to do to make it more understandable to those of us watching it or just how to end it as soon as possible before it gets even more ridicules then it already is. There's the usual double triple and even quadruple crosses you would expect in a tangled detective film like "True Blue" but it doesn't just end at that. Detective Macy's actions are so over the top that you start to wounder if he's not on some kind of hallucinogenic drug or weed that he's secretly smoking or drinking besides the gallons and packs of booze and cigarettes he consumes in the movie.

Macy despite his bumbling does in fact track down just who's responsible for all the mess he and the audience finds themselves in but goes one step higher in putting his fat head on the chopping block in confronting the person whom he feels murdered or knows who murdered Melenia Ann Hines. Macy does that by confronting the suspected killer on his own turf, Boston's Chinatown, with a two million dollar payoff in order for Macy to keep his mouth shut about him to the Boston Police.

****SPOILERS*** Just when you and Macy thought that you knew who Melanie's killer is in pops the surprise of all surprises, in a movie filled with surprises, to who not only did in poor dead and handless Melanie but almost everyone else in the movie's cast! And is now planning to do in both Macy & Nikki in order to make it, in wiping the slate or cast clean, a full house! Macy who by now realizes that he's been suckered into all this insanity, the film "True Blue", still has an ace up his sleeve even when he's shot and left for dead by one of the schemers he trusted, against his better judgment, in! The old mud stuffed up the gun barrel trick that Macy's potential killer fell for lock stock & barrel!

P.S Check out movie stuntman Oscar Hsu in one of his rare acting appearances as a bullet riddled corpse lying on a slab at the Boston City Morgue!

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Surprisingly enjoyable

Author: Bjorn (ODDBear) from Iceland
30 September 2005

TV thrillers. So many of them and they all somehow mesh together in your mind. It's sad to see Tom Berenger, a quality actor, not getting any good roles these days in movies, so this is basically what we can expect in the future. That said, True Blue gave me quite a shock; in the sense that I actually found it entertaining.

Tom stars as a broken down, physically aggressive, alcoholic detective with a past (do they come any other way?) who's investigating a crime that may uncover some police corruption. So who's really a True Blue?

This is actually a fairly well written yarn, fast paced and well acted. Tom is solid as the stereotypical detective and the rest do a good job as well. The plot is well constructed and offers a few unexpected twists in the end. It has that TV feel to it, but it does well what it sets out to do; entertain those less demanding. This is no Chinatown, but it's a solid mystery none the less.

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Not bad… but not really good either.

Author: SamRag from New Zealand
5 August 2002

I'm unsure as to what I really think of this film. I enjoyed watching it, though it was in reality nothing special. It started rather slowly, and for the longest time you are not sure what the story is about. Are we watching Tom's character, Rem, falling in love, ruining his career, or is the film about the investigation and finding the baddy! Well neither story really worked out. The plot through out the film is complicated and about persons you don't see at all in the movie, though the ending (at least to me) was a surprise (one of this time when you think you've cracked it, but then there is one final twist!). And the love story was unbelievable and looked more like a middle aged man getting turned on by a teen. However, there was something about the film that still kept me interested, so like I say, I'm not completely clear as to how to judge it. I think what maybe kept the film both interesting and enjoyable was very good acting by Lori Heuring, playing the girl Nikki. 5/10

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A Berenger Noir Without Much To Offer

Author: JackBravo69 from Casablanca
27 November 2003

Rem Macy is a cop that doesn't play by the rules. He's a cowboy who does things his way. Only his way usually means troubles. When a bust goes terribly wrong he gets assigned to a simple case to let time pass and people forget. The hand of a seemingly innocent and honest woman was found on a lake. Rem starts to uncover this woman's life and soon he sees that maybe she wasn't as 'white' as it seemed. The intrigue goes all the way up into the city hall, Chinese triads and its all threatening to blow up right in his face.

True Blue had some potential as a noir thriller with the cliché anti-hero, a cop that drinks like a fish and has a secret in his past that involves the death of his beloved, the reason why he is close to hitting bottom.

Tom Berenger is a wonderful actor. He's in awful shape here but that coincides with the character so no problem there. He does his best, holds the movie together and keeps it interesting.

The rest of the cast is not memorable but they don't ruin the movie either. Lori Heuring and Pamela Gidley are two beautiful women that add to the eye candy aspect and still deliver a competent performance.

Not bad at all. The main problem is the script. What begins as a mystery evolves to a big conspiracy and ends in a femme fatale kind of story that we've all seen before. The plot turns incredibly messy with the audience being confused many times especially since the main characters meaning the bad guys never show up in the movie. They're names without faces, repeated on and on.

Suddenly we don't know where we are and we get double crosses and twists that come out of no where with no logic but still predictable given that we've become familiar with this in many other similar movies.

There's not much to look forward here. Its not a complete waste but it's a shame Berenger is not in bigger and better projects. He deserved it.

Too smart for its own good, True Blue is a confusing mix of dialogues, intrigues, absent characters and a final showdown without real excitement.

I don't advice you to skip it, especially if you're a fan of Berenger. It has some atmosphere and a solid performance from a great actor and at times it is entertaining and somewhat mysterious but in the end it's a disappointing movie.

When you can't handle the script make it simple Cardone, don't try to show off without the skills for it.

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Bearing Berenger

Author: DrPhilmreview from United States
9 December 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

What happened to Tom Berenger's career? Is he difficult to work with? Or a poor judge of scripts? I always found him effective and interesting, and indeed he makes the beginning of "True Blue" interesting as he plays a cop with the unlikely name of Rembrandt Macy. I also liked the casting of the hip young cop team he's in charge of. And who can complain about Lori Heuring as the movie's mystery girl? However this cast is wasted as the film plods on and tries to startle us with a few switcheroos, but they are wasted as the audience has long fallen asleep before they unravel. Berenger appears to have happily settled in the world of direct to video movie releases occupied by the likes of Michael Biehn and Tim Matheson. Too bad. I think he's better than this. I had never heard of this film before I saw it in the library. Now I know why.

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Truly "blue"

Author: jaime engle ( from walnut grove/CA
12 March 2002

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Here is a "truly blue" film in the sense of sensually-oriented noir cop films: "blue" material in the sexual area; blue material of cops' uniforms. Tried and true might be an accurate designation in the assessment of This Tom Berenger vehicle. There is little to be surprised by in this grizzled cop obsessed with beautiful damsel-in- distress story. "Rem"--Rembrandt--so named for unknown reasons--is a Detective Lieutenant with "renegade" impulses: rushes into volatile bust scenes with minimal legal support. ("Hello: didn't you hear someone cry for help?--to cover "reasonable cause" requirement, and blows away several bad guys.) Tom Berenger looks a little shaky as a renegade cop, and as a constant boozer who sneaks the occasional pill. Smokes one on the other. Against orders follows up on a case that involves the beautiful damsel; inevitably falls in love with her and into bed with her, in spite of initial resistance to do so.

What obtrudes, in spite of a very effective noir mood--rain-spattered streets, alleyway chases and shootings, nude scenes in cheap hotels and T&A bars, and S&M leather, whips and chains scenes (very graphic and authentic, with actual S&M acts)--is the manner in which Berenger ("Rem") moves about, as if so numbed by obsession and booze that his professional judgement long ago left the building. It is the sense that, parallel to the cop-persona we see looking at himself in the mirror at one point Berenger the actor--a bit long in tooth and heavy of jowl--never really showed up for this film. The plot complications and the interactions with some very effective supporting players, cops and bad guys, spouting raw and r-rated dialog do lead along to deeper and more intense complications. The Lieuteneant/Berenger gets deeper and deeper in his commitment with the girl--a very sexy, deceptively simple minded blonde. The ensuing complications involving Chinese gangs, a Chinese wife (Rem's) (murdered by the gangs,) Chinese buddy (Tiger Woo, also muredered by the gangs) set the stage for the final complications. **Spoiler possibly averted**, The denoument and twists at the end of this otherwise predictable cop noir drama are fairly interesting and satisfying. The betrayers are dealt with and the betrayed restored--to some degree. There is a portion of this film dealing with the Chinese gangsters and the policeman in a standoff--jockeying for "face"--dealing for dollars and social-political position that is very intense, very intelligently acted and scripted that I though worth the price of admission and more. Beringer at his weakest is good; the supporting cast, Barry Newman, the minor characters, and, especiallt the Chinese characters are quite compelling and convincing. An overlooked worthwhile noir mystery for lovers of gritty cop drama. jaime says 6 plus, for those intense face-off scenes and overall effect.

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Puffing policeman

Author: tomsview from Sydney, Australia
1 February 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The title, "True Blue", must refer to the thick layer of cigarette smoke that hangs over nearly every scene in this film. The actors, led by Tom Berenger, smoke as though they believe it will ward off everything from vampires to the common cold. For a movie made in the era of enlightenment about the dangers of nicotine, the smoking is epic in its intensity.

Along with the burnt-out cigarette butts, True Blue is a burnt-out cop movie, and features just about every cliché of the genre. There are so many familiar elements that it wouldn't come as huge surprise to learn that the film had been compiled from a colour-coded file of stock situations.

Does any of this sound familiar? A beautiful party girl is murdered because of her involvement in a kinky, sex-ring. Prominent citizens and pillars of the community are revealed as part of the aforementioned ring. Much of the investigation takes place in a strip-club with naked pole-dancers in the background. The most unexpected characters turn out to be the real perpetrators.

Tom Berenger plays a hard-boiled detective and burnt-out cop called Rembrandt Macy, Rem for short. With his wrinkled, "Columbo" raincoat and constant haze of smoke, Rem fits into the backstreets of Los Angeles like an unemptied garbage can – never has a character been more in need of nicotine patches or a dry cleaner.

The film starts with Rem investigating two, seemingly unrelated murders. One of the victims is a young woman, and Rem is led to her roommate, Nikki, played by Lori Heuring.

Rem and his partner Beck, a no-nonsense blonde played by Pamela Gibney, track various clues that lead to gangsters in Chinatown, and to an S&M sex club patronised by some well-known civic leaders. Eventually, Rem's investigations lead him back to Nikki with whom he has been having an affair. In a series of revelations, which go from ridiculous to outrageous, her role is revealed.

Rem's other associate is Tiger; his ex-detective partner played by Soon-Tek Ho. Tiger is quirky and Asian and lives on a houseboat. Despite the isolation this would entail, he has his finger on the city's pulse. Of course, a quirky associate is de rigueur in a burnt-out cop movie, and Tiger is definitely at the extreme end of the quirk factor.

True Blue was written and directed by J.S. Cardone. In his attempts to surprise the audience, he created a triple-twist ending that is almost a send-up of twist endings. It involves nearly everyone in the cast and comes off more like the surprise adventure gift that Michael Douglas received in David Fincher's "The Game".

No amount of surface gloss and competent acting can overcome a script that revels in so much cliché. That Cardone the director thought that Cardone the writer's plot would work shows the traps that await the auteur.

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