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Audio/visual unsynchronised 

In the opening scene where Daphne has been captured by the Luna Ghost we can distinctly hear her shouting for help and complaining about the ghost grabbing her. This is almost immediately prior to her release and the unmasking of the Ghost. She says later on that she was captured for nearly an hour and a half but about the time Fred tries to use the hose and gets knocked over, we see Daphne has been gagged with her own scarf so how could she speak earlier?


Daphne runs up the framed stairwell wearing tennis shoes instead of the pink go-go boots she wears throughout the rest of the movie.
When Mary Jane grabs Scooby and Shaggy in the caves, the hand with which she is holding Shaggy changes from her left to her right after she breathes on him.
When a Daphne-possessed Fred is going through the woods, he's carrying Daphne's purse. When the gang sees the Voodoo Maestro, neither Fred nor Daphne are carrying the purse.
When Daphne, Shaggy, and Scooby were going to the castle, she was carrying her handbag, but while trying to open the door on the ride, her handbag is clearly gone.
When Daphne first meets the voodoo guy he is barefoot. In the next shot he's wearing shoes, and in the shot after that he's barefoot again.
When Shaggy is skateboarding, Scooby grabs the hook to save them from being squashed by the machine. Right after they jump off the skateboard you can see the skateboard fall off the conveyor belt. It then reappears on the belt a second later to be squished.
When Shaggy discovers the real Mondavarious at the end of the movie he has long shaggy hair and a full beard and mustache. When the gang walks outside the cave to the cheering crowds, Mondavarious is clean shaven and has a haircut.
In the last scene where Fred is talking to the press, you can see him holding the Daemon Ritus in his left hand in a glass casing. In the next shot, the case is gone.
When the monsters take over the hotel, Daphne is wearing a purple v-neck dress and hides the Daemon Ritus in a simple purple handbag. When they wake up on the beach, she's wearing a light purple halter dress and is carrying a light purple beaded handbag, and she never had time to change. When Fred's protoplasm head enters her, she is wearing the first dress again.
When Daphne kicks Zarkos into the vent, her shoes change from go-go boots to flat boots. The go-go boots are seen when she kicks him into the vent, but when she lands back on the other side of the ropes her boots are flat.
After Scooby's protoplasm is taken during the sacrifice, a henchman stands behind an unmasked Shaggy. In the very next shot, the same henchman walks to get behind Shaggy, who is in the process of unmasking himself.
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When Scooby and Shaggy are in the building with the quads, the rock band comes in and breaks a window. In the next shot, the glass is broken in a different way.
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When Shaggy first sees Mary Jane on the plane, the strap to her bag is draped over her left shoulder. After she bends down to ask Shaggy if she can sit with them, the strap is across her chest.
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When the gang split up in the castle Daphne heads for the exit as Fred said but after Scooby pinches Shaggy Daphne is seen back in the room where the gang split up and heads towards a door of one of the rides.
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Incorrectly regarded as goofs 

When Velma falls while catching the Luna ghost and starts hanging, her skirt is stuck to her legs even though shes upside down. The character of Velma Dinkley is NOT a flip-skirt girl. So they taped the skirt to Linda Cardellini's legs to prevent Velma's revealing her underwear.

Plot holes 

Shaggy should have no reason to know that Daphne's protoplasm has been extracted. (This is explained in a deleted scene where he sees them doing it to her. Since that scene isn't in the final cut, Shaggy shouldn't know she's been possessed.)
It seems that it is unnecessary to go to the trouble of setting the trap in the cave. The same objective could be accomplished by spilling the vat in the middle of the day, when all the students are outdoors. Velma's head has shown us that the heads are capable of flying to other parts of the island to find their bodies.

Revealing mistakes 

During the BBQ scene in the van, even with the roof vent open the van would be filled with thick toxic smoke. Also, the space in the scene is wider than the space in the back of a van.
When Mondavarious is talking to the gang as they walk along the ferry dock, they look at a line of students waiting to board the ferry to leave the island. All the students are acting like zombies, except the second one in the line. This boy appears to move his head to keep eye contact with the camera and nod his head in agreement with what Mondavarious is saying.
When Scooby is pushing the cart of luggage with the gang on it, a pulley system is clearly seen pulling the cart. This cord disappears and appears randomly throughout the scene.
When Shaggy and Scooby are being picked up by the plastic sausages during the ride, you can clearly see strings moving the sausages.
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The goof item below may give away important plot points.


When Scrappy is a huge monster the pyramid-shaped "plug" disappears and then reappears again between shots before it gets removed.

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