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Linkin Park Celebrates Life in Honor of Chester Bennington Concert

Linkin Park Celebrates Life in Honor of Chester Bennington Concert
Linkin Park, friends and fans have gathered in Los Angeles tonight to honor Chester Bennington. The singer passed away at the age of 41 in July, his cause of death revealed to be suicide. The Linkin Park Celebrates Life in Honor of Chester Bennington concert is being held at the Hollywood Bowl and livestreamed on YouTube for fans around the world to watch. In addition to honoring their friend, the band also wanted to shine a light on mental health. On the YouTube livestream, the band posted a link to the One More Light Fund. "Give to the One More Light Fund to bring light to the world and shine a light on mental health," the message read. The One More Light Fund is set up in memory of...
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Watch Linkin Park's Carpool Karaoke Shot Before Chester Bennington's Death

Watch Linkin Park's Carpool Karaoke Shot Before Chester Bennington's Death
Linkin Park have taken to Facebook to release their episode of Carpool Karaoke and it's 24-minutes of hilarity with comedian Ken Jeong (Community, Role Models). The episode was posted with the blessing of the family of Chester Bennington and serves as a tribute to the late front man while also highlighting the One More Light Fund that the band set up in honor of Bennington. The One More Light Fund is a non-profit organization, with the mission of spreading more awareness on mental illness and suicide.

The episode begins with Kim Jeong jokily announcing that it's his intension to join the band and change the name to Lin-Ken Park in honor of his name and suggests that they throw out band member and main songwriter Mike Shinoda. Shinoda and Joe Hahn are in the back seat while Jeong and Chester Bennington are in the front, with Bennington behind the wheel,
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Donald Trump: The Films and TV Shows That Made Him a Pop Culture Icon

  • Indiewire
Donald Trump: The Films and TV Shows That Made Him a Pop Culture Icon
Many of us, during this election cycle, have found us switching from live TV to our Netflix queues in search of escapism. But because the two people currently running for president of the United States have been in the public eye for decades, there’s always a danger that you might be reminded, on-screen or through some clever joke, that November 8 is coming.

By the numbers, odds are pretty good that between the two candidates, the one you’ll see will be Donald Trump. According to IMDb, since 1981 Donald Trump has made over 230 film and television appearances — 219 as “Self” and 20 as an actor usually playing “Donald Trump,” though there may be some overlap between the two.

Read More: Donald Trump: By Roasting Him, We May Have Validated Him

This includes talk shows and news programs, but it’s still more than Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, who has 196 listed appearances as “Self,
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Crank: revisiting a Jason Statham classic, 10 years on




It’s been 10 years since Neveldine/Taylor’s Crank was released. We look back at what might be Jason Statham’s best film...

Whenever we interview anyone for Den of Geek, we try to throw in a curveball of a final question by asking them, “What’s your favourite Jason Statham movie?” Obviously, there are plenty to choose from, but to date, the most common answer is Crank. Simon Pegg loves it. James McAvoy loves it. Rupert Grint loves it. The list goes on, and for good reason: it’s bonkers, and brilliant, and almost completely unique.

The contrivance that kickstarts Crank’s action is a great one: hitman Chev Chelios (The Statham, naturally) has been poisoned by a rival gangster, injected with a synthetic compound that blocks his adrenaline receptors. To stay alive, he’ll need to jack himself up with as many stimulants as possible.
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Jason Statham to star in Hong Kong action movie from Kurt Wimmer

Jason Statham is one of the more consistent and prolific action stars working in Hollywood today, with many entries in the genre under his belt. As such, it makes sense that he's now been cast to play the lead in a Hong Kong action movie, written by Kurt Wimmer, which is as yet untitled.

Hong Kong action movies tend to be quite stunt-intensive, with a general inclination to do things practically (though to a lesser extent in recent years). Jason Statham is a very logical choice for this kind of filmmaking, since he has Mixed Martial Arts training, and a lot of action experience, preferring to do as many stunts as possible himself. Obviously, some are going to be too difficult or too dangerous for the star to do them all himself, so he's worked with numerous stuntmen over his career, who he has tremendous respect for.

The Wrap describes
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25 great movie performances by actors in multiple roles




From Thomas F Wilson in Back To The Future to Nicolas Cage and John Travolta in Face/Off - when actors play multiple roles...

The dramatic use of actors playing multiple characters is a bold and rather theatrical device that has its ups and downs. It goes at least as far back as Captain Hook being played by the same actor who plays the Darling children's father in stage productions of Peter Pan, a technique largely adopted in film adaptations of the story, too (hello to Jason Isaacs).

It's used a lot in cinema too. Done well, it's impressive, but when it's bad, it's Jack & Jill. Whether used in comedy or drama or outright horror, there are countless examples of actors delivering terrific performances in more than one role at once, and that's before we even get past Cloud Atlas. Still, we've had a go at totting up 25 of the best.
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What's New on TV, Netflix, Digital, and DVD/Blu-ray This Week: September 14-20

  • Moviefone
At a loss for what to watch this week? From new DVDs and Blu-rays, to what's streaming on Netflix, we've got you covered.

New on DVD and Blu-ray


Watch "Downton Abbey" star Lily James rock that iconic glass slipper in Disney's live action version of the classic fairy tale, which is out on Blu-ray/DVD/Digital HD combo back on September 15. Cate Blanchett, Richard Madden, and Helena Bonham-Carter co-star in the family favorite, directed by Kenneth Branagh. Bonus features include "A Fairy Tale Comes to Life," "Costume Test Fun," "Staging The Ball," "Ella's Furry Friends," "Ella's Childhood," an alternate opening, and the Disney short "Frozen Fever."

"Furious 7"

Take one last ride with Paul Walker and company when the blockbuster finally arrives on DVD and Blu-ray on September 15. The Blu-ray has tons of extras, including all-new extended edition of the movie, plus more than 90 minutes of exclusive bonus features,
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Watch a montage of Jason Statham punching people

Since his debut in Guy Ritchie’s 1998 film Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, actor Jason Statham has emerged in the past few years as one of the leading action heroes currently working, with his popularity being proven by the fact that the Transporter series, which he headlined for the first three films, has gone on to a tv show adaptation and will be rebooted in theatres next weekend with The Transporter Refueled. That’s not the only action franchise Statham has headlined, however, as he has also been the leading man in the Crank films and been a part of the Expendables franchise and, more recently, the Fast and Furious franchise.

Action heroes often have to throw lots of punches onscreen, and Statham has been no exception in this regard. Now the youtube channel Burger Fiction has put together a compilation of the numerous punches Statham has thrown onscreen
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The top 10 Brucesploitation films

Many films tried to capitalise on the popularity of the late, great Bruce Lee. Here are our ten favourites...

1973 was the year that kung fu broke in America. The release of the popular Five Fingers Of Death (aka King Boxer) in March set the fuse and when Enter The Dragon (the first Hong Kong martial arts film co-produced by a major Us studio) followed in August, it exploded.

Although Bruce Lee was billed as a co-star in Enter The Dragon alongside John Saxon because casting an Asian actor in the lead role of an American film was unheard of at the time (and would remain so until 1982 when Sho Kosugi topped the bill for Revenge Of The Ninja), it was Bruce who captured the public's imagination. His amazing look and style, his astonishing talent for acting, writing and directing, and his unparalleled martial arts ability made him an icon for
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100 Essential Action Scenes: One vs. Many Fights

Sound on Sight undertook a massive project, compiling ranked lists of the most influential, unforgettable, and exciting action scenes in all of cinema. There were hundreds of nominees spread across ten different categories and a multi-week voting process from 11 of our writers. The results: 100 essential set pieces, sequences, and scenes from blockbusters to cult classics to arthouse obscurities.

You know an action hero is the baddest of badasses when he or she walks in and the room goes silent. The drug lord’s bodyguards, the mastermind’s henchmen, or even the foolhardy pack of drunkards outside a roadside bar stand at attention, ready for a challenge. It’s just one person. This shouldn’t be too hard. Seconds later, they’re on the ground nursing bruises, or worse, stumps where their arms and legs used to be. The One vs. Many Fight is the chance for the hero to prove
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The odd places It’s A Wonderful Life has turned up

Clips of It’s A Wonderful Life appear in all sorts of TV shows and films, some predictable Christmas fare and some you might not expect…

Thanks to NBC’s long-standing tradition of airing Frank Capra’s 1946 festive fantasy drama every 24th of December, It’s A Wonderful Life has become a Stateside Christmas institution. The film’s story of a small town family man facing financial ruin being coaxed back from suicide by an angel who shows him how important he is to the world is now as festive as overspending and overeating.

Its ubiquity means that It’s A Wonderful Life is one of the first ports of call when shows and movies want to inject a festive feel into their fictional worlds, hence it having been subject to more on-screen references, quotes, parodies and homages than you can shake a jingle bell at. The Muppets, The Simpsons,
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Dallas Comic Con's Fan Days 2014 Event Report

  • Cinelinx
Dallas Comic Con's Fan Days 2014 wasn’t as hectic an event as May’s monstrous blow-out, but it still provided plenty of fun for attendees. Held back at the familiar Irving Convention Center, it was better organized than in the past and only had some minor issues.

The biggest draws of the week came from the media guests. After folks got over the disappointment of several canceled appearances, there still found plenty to do. A mini-Goonies reunion occurred with Corey Feldman and Ke Huy Quan sitting mere feet from each other. Sean Astin was in attendance as well, completing not only that partial reunion, but a Lord of the Rings one with fellow guest Elijah Wood.

Having met Corey Feldman years before at Texas Fearfest, I wanted to catch up with the busy former Lost Boy and Goonie. His new movie The M Word is about to come out on DVD for one.
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No Country for Old Men Who Kick Ass

This weekend will see the release of The Expendables 3, the latest in a series featuring all your favorite action stars from the 80s and 90s in the same movie. This series is a one trick pony – all your favorite action stars from the past reuniting to relive their collective glory days – but it is a trick I’d happily watch for seven more films. I remember when the first film came out I told my dad I went to see it and loved it, and when he asked what it was I just named the cast. He remarked that that movie would sound cool if it was made in the 90s. I replied oblivious to the dig with “Yeah, it’s awesome, right?” – The fact that these were all action heroes past their prime was the point.

One of the reasons why I enjoy writing and thinking about the
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The top 25 greatest Jason Statham films

How do you rank perfection? Duncan has a go, as he lists the top 25 Jason Statham films...

For regular Den Of Geek readers, it will come as little surprise to see this list come round. We've chosen our favourite Statham films before, but such is the productivity of the great man, it was decided that a mere top ten was no longer large enough to contain his ever growing body of work. Last time I mentioned updating this piece to the man himself back in 2012 due to his insane workload, he cracked up and responded, “My productivity is overwhelming! 'Have a fucking day off!'”

Since this list has now expanded to encompass 25 of his movies, it seemed only right to include multiple sequels, with his big trio of action franchises all spawning some thoroughly entertaining fare worthy of mention, though I’ve tried to exclude the personal bias that
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A request for more big, ugly females at the multiplex

Black Widow, Catwoman, Gamora: handy in a fight, but how about a bit more variety in female supers of the DC and Marvel movie universes?

Excited about The Falcon getting to slip into Cap’s iconic stars and stripes? The female version of Thor swinging Mjolnir around? Batgirl stomping Gotham faces with those new heavy yellow Docs she’s got?

Marvel and DC’s recent moves to further equalise their superhero line-ups have meant swapping out a few of the standard lantern-jawed white-dude-types for women and people of colour, and costume upgrades for those who’d been struggling with lycra wedgies since their creation back in more female-fleshy times. Which is great on paper – comic book paper, that is. But we may have to wait before these changes go beyond the page and make the leap into DC and Marvel’s movies universes, too.

Think of the huge array of
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Tom Sherak, Former Academy President and Film Czar, Dies at 68

Tom Sherak, Former Academy President and Film Czar, Dies at 68
Tom Sherak, the longtime film marketing and distribution exec who led the Academy of Motion Pictures Art & Sciences through a period of innovation and change, died Tuesday in Calabasas, Calif. after a long battle with prostate cancer. He was 68.

His family sent a statement through the Academy: “Tom lived his life as an open book. He opened his heart and let the world in, and anyone who was lucky enough to know him knew first hand the power of his love. He gave everything he had to help others, regardless of whether or not he knew them. Tom is a true hero in our lives who has a star on the sidewalk and wings to fly. We love him so very much.”

Academy president Cheryl Boone Isaacs and CEO Dawn Hudson also issued statements: “In the more than 30 years I’ve known Tom, his passionate support of and excitement about the motion picture business,
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The top 25 underappreciated films of 2001

Odd List Ryan Lambie Simon Brew 5 Dec 2013 - 06:54

Our voyage through history's underappreciated films arrives at the year 2001, and a vintage year for lesser-seen gems...

Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C Clarke may have seen 2001 as the year we'd head off to meet alien intelligences in the depths of space, but in reality, its cinematic landscape was dominated by fantasy rather than extra-terrestrials. Rowling and Tolkien dominated the box office, with Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone and The Fellowship Of The Ring earning almost $1bn each, while Monsters, Inc and Shrek thrilled old and young audiences alike.

At the other end of the spectrum of success, 2001 was such a vintage year for movies that we had to whittle our usual selection of 25 films down from an initial selection of more than 40. This is why the decision was made - with heavy heart - to exclude some of our favourite films,
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‘Breaking Bad’ Premiere: The 5 Craziest Things That Happened

The final eight-episode run of ‘Breaking Bad’ kicked off last night, August 11, picking up smack dab in the middle of Walter White’s chaotic life. Between Walt confronting Hank and Jesse having an emotional breakdown, the hard-hitting show had us on the edge of our seats and we were left completely Stunned by what went down in the premiere.

Thank god – Breaking Bad is back! It might not be good for our hearts, but the most intense show on TV returned on August 11, and with only 8 episodes left in the series, we’re already racing towards the finish line. The mid-season premiere definitely made sure we had no time to catch our breath — here are the wildest things that happened in the episode. Oh yeah, spoilers ahead!

Breaking Bad’ Premiere: 5 Most Shocking Moments

1. Hank Loses His Mind

What would you do if you found out that a person you considered
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InsideTV Podcast: Dean Norris promises 'big Walt-Hank showdown' on 'Breaking Bad'

InsideTV Podcast: Dean Norris promises 'big Walt-Hank showdown' on 'Breaking Bad'
Dean Norris just might be the most important man on television this summer. His new CBS series Under the Dome just premiered to over 13 million viewers. Plus, he returns as perhaps the key player for the final eight episodes of Breaking Bad on August 11, for when we last saw his character, he was on the toilet finally connecting the dots that his brother-in-law was involved with the blue meth making the rounds in New Mexico. Well, Norris called in to the EW Morning Live show on Entertainment Weekly Radio (channel 105 on SiriusXM) and confirmed that a big Breaking Bad confrontation is indeed on the horizon.
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NKotB, Aerosmith & More To Perform At Boston Benefit Concert

Aerosmith, New Kids on the Block and Jason Aldean are just some of the many acts who will be performing at the ‘Boston Strong’ on May 30 to pay tribute to the victims of the Boston bombings.

Following the horrific events of the Boston Marathon on April 15, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and Boston Mayor Thomas Menino have organized Boston Strong: An Evening of Support and Celebration, which will be held on May 30 and will benefit The One Fund Boston. Read on for all the details!

‘Boston Strong’: NKotB & More To Perform

Aerosmith, Jason Aldean, Boston, Jimmy Buffett, Dane Cook, Extreme, Godsmack, The J. Geils Band, Carole King, New Kids on the Block, James Taylor, and Steven Wright are all set to perform at Boston Strong.

“Like so many other proud Bostonians who have been extremely generous, we are honored to step up and do our part to help the victims and their families,
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